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How To Protect Businesses Against Physical Security Threats

Hey guys, and welcome back to the SecurityQ, your source for business data security Today on the SecurityQ, I want to talk about how you can protect your business from… Read more »

Exercise Counts More If It’s Hard

– [Narrator] We all wanna be healthy, but it seems like every diet and fitness regimen just boils your life down to confusing, overly-scientific numbers. – Heart rate? Body mass?… Read more »

Physical vs Cash Settlement Options

Hey everyone. This is Kirk, here again at optionalpha.com. And in this video tutorial, we’re going to cover physical versus cash settlement for options trading. As always, we’ll get right… Read more »

Teaching Physical Education to Digital Natives

“Okay! Three minutes left! Three minutes!” (Teacher) “PE is… of course, I’m biased…” “It’s good for you! Very good.” Given that physical activity is key to a healthy life… (Teacher)… Read more »

Physical computing: HowTo control LEDs, electric motors or servos through GPIOs

In this video I would like to explain how to amplify digital signals, so that you can control homebuilt peripherals by computers or microcontrollers. Furthermore simple input functionalities are treated…. Read more »