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Teaching Physical Education to Digital Natives

“Okay! Three minutes left! Three minutes!” (Teacher) “PE is… of course, I’m biased…” “It’s good for you! Very good.” Given that physical activity is key to a healthy life… (Teacher)… Read more »

Physical computing: HowTo control LEDs, electric motors or servos through GPIOs

In this video I would like to explain how to amplify digital signals, so that you can control homebuilt peripherals by computers or microcontrollers. Furthermore simple input functionalities are treated…. Read more »

LA Fitness Bronx Tech in the Field

How’re you doing? This is Pat with Central Jersey Security Cameras here at LA Fitness in The Bronx Home of the New York Yankees! We’re gonna do it again this… Read more »

How Fitness Trackers Work | How Things Work with Kamri Noel

KAMRI: Hey y’all. It’s Kamri, and I’m playing with my Fitness Tracker. These things are amazing. And, 10,000. I’ve always wondered how Fitness Trackers work. They’re on my wrist, but… Read more »

6 Components of Skill Related Fitness – #physed 101 – #003

Ok, today we are going to continue on with our physed 101 series. We’ve already had couple videos in the series. The first one was the FITT principle and the… Read more »