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Fitness First Let’s Get Personal – Wen

生命猶如一個樂團,而我們就是當中的指揮家 生命猶如幅畫,而我們就是當中的畫家 生命猶如一套戲,而我們就是當中的編劇 我係 Wen — Fitness First 專業教練

My Tricks: Dumbbell Bench Press

Hey, everybody. I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com. One thing I enjoy doing is that I really like to share the secrets that I use to not waste energy before performing an… Read more »

Lower Body Workout | Level 2- BeFit in 30 Extreme

welcome back BeFitters we have got a really great routine for you today. It is going to focus on your butt, legs, and back are you ready BeFitters? BeFit Team?… Read more »

Fitness for Nerds

Good morning Hank and welcome to fitness for nerds I’m your host and nerd John Green By the way you should be doing this. This is your first stretch. This… Read more »

Fitness First Let’s Get Personal – Ron

enduring and in life the real opponent is yourself the more you sweat in training the more prepared you will be in the ring I believe that to live is… Read more »

Iowa State graduate helps build a fitness community for women

In a dark corner of the basement of Beyer Hall there’s a gym strictly dedicated for members of the Iowa State Weight Club. This is a gym for serious power… Read more »