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Announcing a new Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

– Hi, my name is Doug Baer and I’m the CEO at Brooks Rehabilitation. We’re excited today to announce that we will be building a new 60-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital… Read more »

Life after surviving an Indy Car crash

[Announcer] This is the track they call the tricky triangle because each of the three turns can ruin a racers day. It’s a tough track because all three corners are… Read more »

How much exercise is too much? | Tim Noakes | TEDxCapeTown

Translator: Cathrine Ulstrand Reviewer: Emma Gon So you see what I don’t understand is why I have to go through all this pain. But when I do see something I… Read more »

Hip and knee strengthening exercises

Hi, I’m Dr. David Ness and today we are going to go over some exercises that will help you strengthen your knees and hips, and this is really good for… Read more »

How To Make A Chain Keeper For Less Than $2 | Maintenance Mondays

– Now, we get sent in loads of your homemade chain keepers for the hacks and budget section of the GCN Show. I’m a firm believer that a chain keeper… Read more »