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Full Body Boxing Special 90min

Full Body – 90min Boxing Special Equipment: Dumbbells, Tubes, Softpads, Chair, Towel, Something to drink, Hi, I am Daniel Gärtner. Welcome to my full body cardio workout. Boxing Special. It’s… Read more »

Sandy’s New Life – Pass the Ball – LA Fitness

My name is Jen. I’ve lost 45 pounds, and now I’m passing the ball. My name is Sandy Acre and I was over 180 pounds. I’m glad to say I… Read more »


What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to Rockboyz Fitness. We’re back with another one. Check it out. Nutri Ninja has put out a new model. A lot of people have been… Read more »

Talking with Dan Majerle @ LA Fitness

[intro music] Joining us is Dan Majerle. Dan, what’s the first thing that strikes you about this new LA Fitness club? DAN: Ah, just the atmosphere. I mean, it’s nice…. Read more »