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TIPS – Deep breathing exercise (companion to anxiety video)

Hi. My name is Carol Squires and I’m a social worker with the National Institutes of Health. Today we’re going to be doing deep breathing exercises that hopefully will be… Read more »

A Grounding Exercise To Help Control Your Anxiety

– Hi everyone. Melissa Carter here again, Associate Director of Global Spiritual Life and Head of Mindfulness Education and Programming. Are you ever walking around the city or on the… Read more »

Comforting Softly Spoken (ASMR) Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation with Rain Sounds for Relaxation & Sleep

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Often, we may inadvertently use repeating affirmations in a negative way telling ourselves that we are ill, we are afraid, or poor or useless And each time we tell ourselves… Read more »

GUIDED MEDITATION – Simple Breathing Exercise

This is an exercise in calming the breathing prior to meditation. The aim here is to simply forget you are breathing, Not to force it, but become unaware and relax… Read more »

How to Stretch for Back Pain 2: Cat Cow Stretch

How To Stretch For Back Pain 2: Cat Cow Stretch. Picture a cow in a pasture or a sleeping cat—could their lives be any more relaxed? Since stress aggravates back… Read more »