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ASL Practice Exercise: Distinguish these Similar Signs by their Parameters!

Hi! So, you already read about handshapes, location, movement, etc. — the different parts of a sign? So do you understand? Now, we’ll test and see if you can recognize… Read more »

Passive Voice Exercises – English Practice

Welcome back to part 2 of this lesson on the Passive Voice. In this part, you are going to practise what you have learnt in part 1. So, if you… Read more »

Yoga: Optimal Exercise for Aging | UConn

The research that we’re focusing on is looking at the role of yoga in combination with higher protein intakes. As we get older there seems to be a noted reduction… Read more »

Yoga Treats: For Good Mornings & Great Breaks

Stand with your feet apart. Line up the outside of the feet with the outer edge of the mat. Let’s pause here for a brief moment and bring our focus… Read more »