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2015 – Episode 1: RAJI UKEMI FITNESS © “Moving with gravity”

The idea popped out of the mind and the body of Jaff Raji, who has been my teacher and master, as well as collegue and friend for quite a long… Read more »

Easiest Way To Measure Your Body Fat!

What’s going on nation? Now a lot of you guys are always asking me What’s the [best] way to measure your body fat percentage? and the go-to has been for… Read more »

Training 3 : The Fitness Ball

Hi, I’m Jeremy Parisi. Today I will talk about the Fitness Ball. The interest lies in build muscles all over the body with simple ball. And we can also stretch… Read more »

Ejercicios de Fitness: Cómo usar una gymball Parte 1

hey guys hi Holly welcome and today I’m going to show you my AB & korek society’s using the exercise ball from Avon one of the reasons why I love… Read more »