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Physical and Emotional Safety

[MUSIC] NARRATOR: In this segment, you will have a chance to think deeply about how both physical and emotional safety is needed for effective learning. We will hear from educators… Read more »

Kinesiology and Physical Education | Waubonsee Community College

Kinesiology is the study of human movement and traditionally students who explore kinesiology usually enter fields such as strength and conditioning, personal training, coaching, sport management. Some of those also… Read more »

Seattle Public Schools Effective Physical Education Showcase

NARRATOR: Hearts pounding, muscles straining, minds racing, these are the elements of today’s physical education. Seattle Public Schools has a long history of Physical Education being a part of the… Read more »

Layering Elementary Physical Education Instruction

♪[theme music] Go on Diego, run up and smash it! [voice off camera] The activity we were working on this week was volleyball and there’s a game that we learned… Read more »