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Male Body Image: The Naked Truth

I have people message me on Instagram, saying, “You’re really slim. I like your hair. “The only problem is, I’d break you.” I’m walking on the beach. Everyone’s just turning,… Read more »

How To: Smith Machine- Overhand-Grip Bent-Over Row

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My Tricks: Dumbbell Bench Press

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How To: Ball Crunch

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My Tricks: Dumbbell Incline Chest Press

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How To: Incline Chest Press (Hammer Strength)

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Old men in fitness prank | F&B Acrobatics | English Subtitles

50 Years later… What happens if you don’t save money for old age in youth? It surprises you over night. To show why save for pension, We made Filip and… Read more »

How To: Prone Leg Curl (Cybex)

Hello Everyone I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com if you’re looking for a great way to target your hamstrings in the gym We’re here at the Cybex Prone Leg curl machine now… Read more »