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The Morning Walk: An Invitation to Freedom—The Work of Byron Katie®

(birds chirping) This is a silent exercise. Walk in silence. As you walk, look at everything you see as though it has no name. See it as though you have… Read more »

The Power of the Morning Walk — vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda

I’d like to share one of my very favorite tips with you for staying youthful and healthy. This one involves a traditional Ayurvedic Rasayana. Rasayana means a “rejuvenative”. The story… Read more »

16 Hours In A CrossFit Gym

(gate clanking open) – [Voiceover] Why do you have to get here so early? – [Voiceover] Because we want the gym to be bumping before everybody get here. – [Voiceover]… Read more »

Yoga Treats: For Good Mornings & Great Breaks

Stand with your feet apart. Line up the outside of the feet with the outer edge of the mat. Let’s pause here for a brief moment and bring our focus… Read more »