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If there were ever a definition of the classic mass monster freaky bodybuilder.. Here’s your guy, Markus Ruhl. Markus is just one of those guys that the fans go crazy… Read more »

Yoga: Optimal Exercise for Aging | UConn

The research that we’re focusing on is looking at the role of yoga in combination with higher protein intakes. As we get older there seems to be a noted reduction… Read more »

How to Build Muscle without Gym with Calisthenics/Bodyweight

The key to building muscle optimally with calisthenics or any other discipline is this chart. It shows you how difficult exercises should you choose to increase your strength, muscle mass… Read more »

ASK A TRAINER: What’s the Best Way to Preserve Muscle Mass While Trying to Cut?

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How To: Glute Bridge

What’s going on Nation? And welcome to the glute bridge demonstration video now This is a really great exercise to help tighten up that rear end Build some muscle in… Read more »