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When is the ideal time to go grocery shopping? – Quick Tips – LA Fitness

[Intro Music] If you’re hungry, don’t go grocery shopping. Grocery shopping, while hungry, can lead to poor food choices. Attempt to shop when your appetite isn’t doing the thinking for… Read more »


My dad was my biggest fan, He got buried with an animal t-shirt on, that’s how much my bodybuilding meant to him and how proud he was. He would always… Read more »

Fitness Fanatic Gorges On Monstrous 4000 Calorie Junk Food Meals

BLAKE HORTON: What’s up guys! Giant McGriddles time. Let’s go. BLAKE HORTON: It’s like you are an unchaperoned child in the kitchen, allowed to make whatever you want. COMM: 34-year-old… Read more »

Success Starts Here – Member Testimonials – LA Fitness

[Music Playing] I think it can add 15 years to your life…by just taking care of your body… One of the best things that has happened to me…is that LA… Read more »