Our Superstar Ronnie – Christmas Charity Campaign

Hello all, a really warm welcome to our Affari world. We’re really pleased to invite you in today to support our friends at Fujitsu with their charity partnership this year… Read more »

ASL Practice Exercise: Distinguish these Similar Signs by their Parameters!

Hi! So, you already read about handshapes, location, movement, etc. — the different parts of a sign? So do you understand? Now, we’ll test and see if you can recognize… Read more »

Vocal exercise – Speaking #3: Tongue twisters part 1

Red leather yellow leather, red lorry rellow lorr… [LAUGHS] Tongue twisters are great articulation and brain exercises. They help you coordinate your muscles of articulation and your breath. Start slowly,… Read more »

”You surprise me, man” ((LEVEL UP))

((MACEDONIAN)) Greetings! ((MACEDONIAN)) What’s going on today? ((MACEDONIAN)) Good, what’s up with you? ((MACEDONIAN)) Good, very good hahahahhahaha ((MACEDONIAN)) I’m learning Macedonian now and some other languages ((MACEDONIAN)) Bulgarian, Macedonian……. Read more »