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How to properly stretch your forearm.

Hello again, my name is Dr. Stefan Wilson, here at Chiropractic, Sport and Muscle Clinic in Calgary, Alberta, and today we are going to show Aly how to stretch the… Read more »

Physical Activity Guidelines — Introduction

I’m physically active, primarily for my health, but it also brings me joy and peace of mind that carries over into all aspects of my life. I’m physically active because… Read more »

Why Exercise Is Hard

Hi, this is Alex, from MinuteEarth. You’re probably sitting down right now. Or maybe you’re standing. But it’s unlikely that you’re watching this video while playing baseball, or going for… Read more »

Physical Activity Guidelines – Getting Started

If you’re thinking about adding physical activity to your life sometimes getting started is the hardest part. It seems everyone can come up with an excuse not to be active…. Read more »

Exercises for sciatica: piriformis syndrome | NHS

EXERCISES FOR SCIATICA PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME My name is Sammy Margo and I’m a chartered physiotherapist. I’m going to look at exercises for sciatica caused by piriformis syndrome. Piriformis is a… Read more »