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Improve Your Neck, Improve Your Hamstrings

Hi everybody, Dr. Cobb of Z-Health. What we’re going to look at today is a 30 second neck exercise that can actually improve your hamstring flexibility. Hi guys. One of… Read more »

20 Minute Full Body Flexibility Routine! (FOLLOW ALONG)

[Music] what is that my body a warrior’s welcome back to another video and another full body flexibility routine be to the first volley of flexibility routine was something I… Read more »

How To: Seated Leg Press (Cybex)

What’s going on guys? I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com If you’re looking for a great way to target glutes, quads and hams we’re here at the Cybex seated leg press, now… Read more »

How to Develop Hamstring Strength – LA Fitness – Workout tip

[Intro Music Playing] If you’re lower-body needs an extra push, add this to your routine. Performing this one exercise will work your glutes and hamstrings while stabilizing your hips. Lying… Read more »