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3 Minutes Intense Abs Workout

– Are you ready for this three minute, intense ab workout? I hope you are because it is going to burn. If you wanna know the best diet and training… Read more »

Home Exercise Routine

Hey you guys, welcome back to a Happy Healin’ Vegan. I’m April, personal trainer and vegan transition coach. And in today’s video we are going to do a home exercise… Read more »

Picking a Partner | Psychology of Physical Attraction

Why do we find physically attractive people so appealing? Because physical attractiveness is a sign of overall health and fitness. Most indicators of health are externally visible. And when I… Read more »


Stop going forward, what are you doing? He has to lean forward. Arghhhhhhhhhh (Sexy Music) Oh my god bro, you have that crazy look in your eye like you’re about… Read more »