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Picking a Partner | Psychology of Physical Attraction

Why do we find physically attractive people so appealing? Because physical attractiveness is a sign of overall health and fitness. Most indicators of health are externally visible. And when I… Read more »

15 Day Challenge – Workout 2

Hey guys, Kaytlin and I are back with a day two work out for you. If your upper body is feeling sore from yesterdays workout don’t worry, cause we’re working… Read more »

I Tried Period Yoga Pants

*intro music* Hello friends, and welcome to another video. It’s that time again. Time for another period video. And this month I’ll be taking on another strange period product, period… Read more »

15 Day Challenge – Workout 13

you guys can I was so excited gave you guys have class work out to be decided to be opposite points after the twins today so the special day a… Read more »