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Why You Shouldn’t Go To Yoga

(relaxing music) – Um, excuse me, is this beginner’s yoga with Agnes? – Oh, no I’m Lily. Agnes unfortunately is out sick. But don’t worry, I’m a real teacher. Okay,… Read more »

Women Try Extreme Yoga

– [Selorm] Ghost twerk on a friend. We’re doing yoga, yogi, yogi, yoga. – [Maya] Eww, I don’t want you booty juice. – You know what, I don’t have juice… Read more »

THE GYM (Do’s & Don’ts #4)

Sup girl. Sup girl. Sup SHUT UP Cartoons Ah, the gym. Nature’s largest fun house mirror. Choose your avatar. Initiating simulation. Wassup bro! Nice choice, Jimmy. You’ve picked the “Bro,”… Read more »

IMPOSSIBLE ACROBATICS CHALLENGE! PRO vs NOOB Spin the Mystery Wheel || Gymnastic Tricks

Love working out? Or does your fear of getting an injury often get in the way of things? It’s time for the Impossible acrobatics challenge! See this wheel? It’ll reveal… Read more »