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Your Friend Who Thinks Going to the Gym Fixes Everything

(upbeat music) – I’m definitely the Kramer of the group. – No way, I’m Kramer. – No, I’m Kramer. – Tao, who’s Kramer, Raph or me? – Michael Richards is… Read more »

August 14th: The Blenderized Happy Meal (and Leg Waxing)

[Intro music] You don’t happen to own a cat, do you? Well, almost owning a cat doesn’t do me any good. Yeah, I have a bit of a weird question… Read more »

Exercise Counts More If It’s Hard

– [Narrator] We all wanna be healthy, but it seems like every diet and fitness regimen just boils your life down to confusing, overly-scientific numbers. – Heart rate? Body mass?… Read more »

Make Nut Butter in the BioChef High Performance Blender

How do you like yours?…. Crunchy or smooth. Did you know that you can make peanut butter in your bio chef blender? In a matter of minutes………no well we are… Read more »