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Snapping a Steel Rod 1000x slower – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav: Hello there, the Internet, I’m Gavin. Dan: I’m Dan. Gav: We’re the Slow Mo Guys, and we’re filming something I’ve never seen in slow-motion before. Dan: I’m not sure… Read more »

Introduction and gentle warm up exercises | Move more with MS

I’m Don Thorpe and I’m here to help you get active. MS active together is an initiative put together by the MS Society, to help people with MS get more… Read more »

Lenovo Yoga 730 and Flex 14 hands-on

(upbeat music) – Hey, This is Jake with the Verge and we’re here with Lenovo’s new Yoga 730, which I have right here in front of me, and the Flex… Read more »

3 YEARS at the GYM…But I’m Still Skinny

[Music] the fields are here done with exams three years of training at the gym but I’m still small I started the channel to be a relatable channel a channel… Read more »