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NROTC at Rochester: 75 Years of Service

[Capt. Nathan York] The University here has had a really long history producing officers to be commissioned in the Navy and the Marine Corps. [Instructor] “Buddy group number five!” [Capt…. Read more »

Physical and Emotional Safety

[MUSIC] NARRATOR: In this segment, you will have a chance to think deeply about how both physical and emotional safety is needed for effective learning. We will hear from educators… Read more »

Physical Geology – Introduction: What are Rocks and the Rock Cycle?

>>In the last two videos we talked about minerals. Well, minerals, when they group together, form rocks and there are three types of rocks. Igneous rocks form from molten rock…. Read more »

Using Drones – Physical Geography BSc

Geography. Using Drones on the Mountain Environments Field Course We have expertise in using drones for environmental monitoring We enable you to develop skills using the latest equipment and technology… Read more »