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If there were ever a definition of the classic mass monster freaky bodybuilder.. Here’s your guy, Markus Ruhl. Markus is just one of those guys that the fans go crazy… Read more »

People Try Classic Physical Comedy

– All right. – All right. – One, two, three! – One, two, three! People try classical physical comedy The Double Take James Finlayson was famous for his comedic double… Read more »

Yoga: Optimal Exercise for Aging | UConn

The research that we’re focusing on is looking at the role of yoga in combination with higher protein intakes. As we get older there seems to be a noted reduction… Read more »

15 Day Challenge – Workout 2

Hey guys, Kaytlin and I are back with a day two work out for you. If your upper body is feeling sore from yesterdays workout don’t worry, cause we’re working… Read more »