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What I EAT in a DAY as a MODEL | Healthy Model Diet Plan DAY 3

Hi Vanderfits and welcome to day three of our seven-day model diet plan I’m so excited for today’s. So let’s get started with the first thing which is of course… Read more »

Diane Darcy, RD, “CCM-Healthy Diet,” AA National Patient Conference 2019

I would like to introduce Diane Darcy who is here from outside of the Angioma Alliance family. She is the only speaker who isn’t a typical member of our science… Read more »

How to eat a heart-healthy diet

Hi, I’m Andrea Ho And I’m Daphna Steinberg, and we’re Registered Dietitians in the Schulich Heart Centre at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Healthy eating is an important way to maintain… Read more »

Strength training explained- Hindi with English subtitles

I have talked on many subjects including anabolics, supplements, training and nutrition I also want to educate the youth who want to get into the fitness industry Because fitness certifications… Read more »