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Physical Activity Guidelines – What Counts As Aerobic?

All these people are engaging in aerobic activities. What does that mean? Well, “aerobics” — what is also referred to as “cardio,” is any activity that gets you breathing harder… Read more »

In-Home Cardio Workouts : How to Do Side Hop Exercises

Hi, I’m Kyle Brayer. A nice cardio workout for your in-home training session would be a side hop. Side hop is a great basic movement that is going to get… Read more »

StairMaster Workout Tips : Indoor StairMaster vs Outdoor Stair Workout

We’re going to talk about the difference between indoor steppin’ versus outdoor steppin’. Might sound a little simp, silly to you, but I remember when I was like eighteen years… Read more »

In-Home Cardio Workouts : How to Do Squat Thrust Exercises

tHi, I’m Kyle Brayer, and your next in-home cardio workout would be the squat thrust. Squat thrust is about a four count movement, with an optional push-up in the middle,… Read more »

6 Different Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home

Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser and these are six cardio exercises you can do at home. Simple, yet effective. You can do them any time, any where. We’re… Read more »