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How To: Glute Bridge

What’s going on Nation? And welcome to the glute bridge demonstration video now This is a really great exercise to help tighten up that rear end Build some muscle in… Read more »

How To: Barbell Incline Chest Press

What’s going on nation? Today i’m going to talk about the Barbell incline chest press, now a lot of people think in the gym that, when they do this exercise… Read more »

How To: Burpee

What’s going on Nation? Today I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a burpee now the burpee is a very popular exercise And it’s often used in… Read more »

How To: Rope Hammer Curl

What’s going on Nation? I’m gonna demonstrate for you how I do a rope hammer curl Now the way to do this exercise is the same as the dumbbell hammer… Read more »


Something happened today at the start of my workout that really pissed me off and it’s starting to get me to realize that the whole Gym industry the commercial gym… Read more »