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Male Body Image: The Naked Truth

I have people message me on Instagram, saying, “You’re really slim. I like your hair. “The only problem is, I’d break you.” I’m walking on the beach. Everyone’s just turning,… Read more »

We Tried 5 Weeks of Ballet Fitness (Cardio Barre) • The Test Friends

– [Voiceover] Lift those heels like you got six-inch stilettos on! – I’ve never worn stilettos! (upbeat electronic music) – I’m interested in Cardio Barre because everyone says it’s super… Read more »

How to do Plyometrics – Workout Tip – LA Fitness

[Intro Music Playing] Want to be more dynamic? Then add a plyometric exercise to your routine. This exercise starts basic and advances into a more power and agility packed movement…. Read more »