WWDC 2019 Keynote — Apple

(Applause) (Music playing)>>FEMALE SPEAKER: Don’t stay up too late.>>MALE SPEAKER: Come on.>>MALE SPEAKER: All right.>>MALE SPEAKER: Yes.>>MALE SPEAKER: Woo. This is good. (Music playing) (Applause)>>TIM COOK: Wow. Thank you. Thank… Read more »

Fitness-Tracker im Uhr-Design! – Withings Activité Pop – Review

Smartwatches gewinnen immer mehr an Beliebtheit, übernehmen immer mehr Funktionen des Smartphones und sind mittlerweile schon einiges mehr als nur eine Uhr. Das es aber auch ganz anders geht, zeigt… Read more »

XIAOMI Mi Band 1S – Il miglior FITNESS tracker

Hello friends PensareMac, today I’ll talk of what I think it’s the best fitness tracker business. Not the best way absolute because its flaws definitely them, but from the side… Read more »

Smartwatch for $50?

What is up guys, Welcome to CLEARHD, My Name is Ome, And today we are going to review Willful SW018 Smart Bluetooth watch. This is a great smart watch with… Read more »