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In-Home Abdominal Exercises : Oblique V-ups in Abdominal Exercises

I am Kyle Brayer and your next in-home abdominal workout will be the oblique v-ups. So Kerri is going to lay down on her side on our ab mat. She… Read more »

THE GYM (Do’s & Don’ts #4)

Sup girl. Sup girl. Sup SHUT UP Cartoons Ah, the gym. Nature’s largest fun house mirror. Choose your avatar. Initiating simulation. Wassup bro! Nice choice, Jimmy. You’ve picked the “Bro,”… Read more »

Inner Thighs Workout Exercises : Leg Lifts for Inner Thigh Workouts

In this segment we’re going to start out with your body in somewhat of a plank position. Therefore I’m meaning your hands are down in front, feet are out behind… Read more »