Suunto 3 Fitness – How to record an exercise

By recording an exercise with Suunto 3 Fitness, you can view real-time stats on
your watch, such as heart rate or distance and see an exercise summary after your training. You will need: Your Suunto 3 Fitness and phone with Suunto app
installed to use connected GPS. Scroll up to exercise in the main menu
and press the middle button to select. You can either exercise
according to your 7-day training plan or follow your own exercise routine
by choosing from 70 different sports. Cycling it is. For outdoor sports like cycling, you can use your
phone’s GPS to help track your pace and distance. Just open up your Suunto app, make sure the watch
is paired and leave the app open in the background. The GPS icon will turn green
when your watch and phone are connected. When your watch has found
your heart rate, you’re ready to go. Keep your phone with you while exercising. View training stats like heart rate, pace or distance
in real-time just by pressing the middle button. To pause or end your exercise, press the upper right button. Resume if you want to continue or
press end if you have finished your loop. Scroll through the exercise
summary and learn how well you did. Nice ride! After your training, make sure to clean your
watch with lukewarm water and mild soap. Perfect! Now enjoy your training merits.

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