Status Fitness Media Production Studio in Los Angeles, California

hi I’m glad you’re here so I’d like to
introduce you to this the brand new status Fitness media production sensor
as you know my background is in media production as well as fitness so it
makes perfect sense that I paired up with status fitness magazine a
publication but over the past 14 years has been going from strength to strength
and is also the official magazine for the Arnold water search the biggest
model search of its kind in North America and look speaking of which
Rodney Jiang the editor of status fitness magazine who I’ve known for the
past 10 years we have a shared interest in media production in fact that’s why
status Fitness is getting into the professional media space which is this
and look the reason we put this together is because influencers coaches trainers
who have a huge audience a huge worth of knowledge often struggle to provide
high-quality content in the right format so whether it’s apps social media
content video content for their private platforms this is where it all goes down
so let me give you a little tour around the facility starting with this a
training center or a gym and look it looks like a full gym that you can get a
workout in and you can but the main purpose of this is really for production
and focusing on particular exercises from such an image we can control all
aspects from the lighting camera angles we’ve got cranes JYP’s gimbal sliders
plus we can move everything out of the way and have one piece of equipment in
here at a time to really break down the particulars of the exercise and the
trainer given that advice so this is really the main fitness part of the
center let me show you around to what is probably my favorite area here and that
a kitchen state-of-the-art all high-end appliances a great center island with
this gorgeous waterfall down which means we can stand here and cook and present
without ever needing to turn around super cool look the main benefit of the
kitchen is that we all know that nutrition is such a huge part of fitness
and it’s one thing to be able to demonstrate exercises and workouts but
getting in the kitchen and really breaking down everything from meal prep
recipes supplementation looks great it can all be done here and we have all the
cameras and equipment to film overhead to film close-up and to get that full
view looking like you know all of those food programs that you see on the TV ok
kitchen gym area we’ve got some cardio here nice area it’s kind of lounge
whilst we’re filming but let me show you the heart of the center which is the
podcast room which is where we’re going to be getting all of the top names in
the industry will be talking to me and we’ll be finding out everything that
they’ve got going on including showcasing them here in the status
Fitness media production center so follow me let’s take a look all right and this is a podcast room
what I like to call Mission Control because this is also where I do all my
editing and production here as well but look with the podcast room this is
really where we get into deep discussions with the biggest names in
the fitness industry coaches chefs trainers competitors models they’re all
gonna come in through here you’re gonna sit right there and we’re really gonna
get down into the nitty-gritty about everything from their training their
philosophy on the fitness industry tricks of the trade what they’ve been up
to and showcase all of that here on the TV screen so very media savvy here as
well okay let’s head back out into the main center again here at the status
fitness media production Center the basis for this is really to create high
level professional content or fitness professionals coaches whether we’re in
the kitchen the gym area the podcast room and just in general all under one
roof high quality professional media under the Status fitness brand so if
you’re watching this you’re interested in finding out more about how to get
down here how to get content created for yourself I’ll include all of the follow
up information that you need to connect directly with myself and brodnik in the
description of this video and you know if you haven’t already subscribed to the
channel not just from my fitness content but to get a sneak peek at all of the
inside behind the scenes and the main content alright so on that note you’ve
seen the production center you’ve seen the gym you’ve seen the kitchen you’ve
seen the podcast room maybe one day you’ll be down here yourself as either a
guest or doing production but for right now I don’t have to show you the door
because I need to get my sweat on here in the training center after all I’ll
put too much blood sweat and tears in not to enjoy a good workout so catch up
with the guys soon take care you

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