Start Calisthenics with This Workout | THENX

Start Calisthenics with This Workout | THENX

– What’s up, calisthenics athletes. It’s Chris Heria, welcome to another
video of official Thenx. For the last couple of videos, we’ve been covering the
introduction to calisthenics. How to get started with calisthenics if you’ve never done a pull
up, push up, dip in your life we teach you the basics
and the progressions to master the basics. Now we’re gonna take
everything that we learnt from the introduction
to calisthenics series and apply them into today’s workout. This whole body work out and to make things more relatable, I want to bring up on our camera guy. Kevin, take the camera
from this guy for a second. (upbeat music) Kevin here has been training with us in the Thenxs fitness studio for the past couple of months and he is just about gone through the introduction to calisthenics as well. We’re gonna put him and
myself through this work out. Let’s do it. (hip hop music) Alright, so let’s get started. So today we’re gonna be
doing a whole body work out. That incorporates everything we learnt from the how to start calisthenics series. Kevin is gonna be doing
it without weights, just calisthenics and I’m gong to be doing weighted calisthenics to show you guys that once you’ve mastered
it without weights, it’s time to add your weight on to advance your calisthenics training and get to the next level. We’re going to do all the
exercises that we learn from the how to start calisthenics series. The L-sit, pull ups, dips, push ups pistol squats and we’re going to max out every single one with perfect form and once we break our form, we’re then gonna work down
the previous progressions. The first exercise
we’re gonna do is L-sit. We’re gonna max out our
L-sit as long as we can with perfect form and then
we’re gonna go into L-sit single leg switching. From there we’re gonna
go into tucked L-sit and then we’re gonna go on to leg raises and then knee raises. You’re ready Kevin? – Yeah. – Let’s do it. (hip hop music) When you can’t hold anymore you can then bring in one leg keep that leg up, bring this one in tight and then when you can’t
hold that one in, switch. When you can’t hold that, switch. (hip hop music) Good, now just hold it. (mumbles) Good man. Let’s move into leg raises. See what we’re doing here, now we’re keeping that time and attention on our muscles too. Normally people just stop,
move on to the next exercise. We keep holding on when we go
down the whole progression. That’s it. When you can’t do anymore,
go to knee raises. Bring those knees up. (hip hop music) Nice. Damn Kevin, that’s pretty good man. Let’s keep it going. The next move we have is pull ups. So as you can see we’re
working down our progressions and doing this of course
is gonna build endurance and getting us to stay on there, working out longer on the bar and of course if you’re
working out longer on the bar you’re only going to get stronger. Now we’re going to go into pull ups. We’re going to start with
the hardest progressions, Kevin you see can go with pull ups. I’m gonna go with weighted pull ups then I’m gonna move
down, take off the weight go on to pull ups. He’s then gonna go into jump negatives, jumping pull ups and then
finish off with the Australian so we’re gonna max each one, work down the progressions. You’re ready to do it. Let me put this on real quick. (hip hop music) Alright, let’s start. Let’s go for it. (hip hop beats) Alright, moving on. So that’s right I take off
this weight right here. I should literally feel super light. (hip hop music) Alright, let’s move on
to some Australians. Ready? Let’s do a couple. (pop music) Hold the last breath. Come down as slow as you can. Alright, Kevin you’re the man. Let’s keep it going bro. Let me bring this actually. I’m gonna need this. Alright, so moving on we have dips. Now we’re gonna max out our dips, after that we’ll go into jumping dips and then we’ll go into
behind the back dips. Alright, let’s go for it. (hip hop music) Alright, you’re ready bro? Let’s go for it. (hip hop music) Alright, take this off. (hip hop music) Alright, let’s move on. This is killer. Even if you’re doing it without weight or with weight, it’s pretty tough. Alright you wanna get on this side? Behind the back dips. Let’s go for it. (hip hop music) How you doing Kevin? You good? There we go. Oh man, alright. Next we have push ups. Keep that perfect form guys. Keep those elbows in. Let’s go for it. So we’re gonna go from these push ups, max out these push ups and then go on to knee push ups. Ready? (hip hop music) Okay now I’m starting to feel them, I’ll do a couple more. (hip hop music) Alright, moving on. Alright next we have pistol squats. The progressions to that of
course will be pistol squats, assistive pistol squats, explosive squats and then just normal squats. I’m gonna start by assistive, holding on to here
because it’s pretty tough. Kevin over here is gonna start with the seated assistive pistol squats and we’re gonna max them out, you ready? Let’s go for it. (hip hop music) Alright, switch it up. (hip hop music) You ready? Alright let’s go on to the jumps. Jump squats baby. We’re almost done. You ready? Let’s go for it. (hip hop music) Alright. So there you have it. Oh my God. This thing feels like 100 pounds. Oh my God. That’s how you increase your reps. That’s how you get your foot
in the door calisthenics. That’s how you start calisthenics. You wanna build you your reps, start focusing on your perfect reps, your perfect form. Start focusing on your
time and your attention. Keep going without stopping and focus on working
down your progressions because that’s how
you’re gonna get the most out of your work out and that’s how you’re gonna get the most out of your muscle and of course don’t forget
your isometric holds if you can’t rep anymore
and coming down negative. For Thenx complete Thenx workout programs, weighted calisthenics, weights and calisthenics, calisthenics work out programs that’s gonna get you in the
best shape of your life, it’s easy to start but it’s gonna take you
a long time to master. Sign up right now. become a member. Download our app, Thenx App. Search it in the app store to take our work out and
programs with you everywhere. If you guys need an extra
push during your work out, don’t forget to hit us up and purchase Thenx ignite, Our brand new pre-work out that’s gonna have you killing your sets. Thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll be back really soon. Don’t forget we post every
Sunday 8 pm eastern USA time. Thank you guys so much, we love you. (hip hop music)

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