What up guys and welcome to my channel
and Jon Sheppard fitness. Today I am doing a review on Squat Wolf
newest range the warrior range so let’s get into it and see what they are like. This is probably my first ever review on
a company who’s actually sent out products to me free of charge. If
you haven’t heard of them obviously their up-and-coming brand trying to compete
with the obviously gym shark and Alphalete and all the rest and I thought why
not send him an email to sent some and straight away email you
back choose a few products and review him and don’t have to pay for so I am
now going to review the products the one product I did want to review didn’t come
here and they sent two pairs of shorts in instead of actually a pair of Joggers
so I’m gonna review their three products today I’ve emailed I’m saying if you
send some joggers I will do the review on them separately so hopefully they do.
So then the actual packaging it comes in is like so as you see it is is very good
quality and with a zipper thing on and obviously the product inside delivery
service it came quick when actually I wanted the stuff it came you know except
for the little mix-up with the clothing bought that happens I’ve had that with
Gymshark I’ve had that with alphalete you know the never calm or they send the
wrong product so he doesn’t mean a bad company let’s let’s review the first
item the item and what I wanted and I wanted one of these for ages which was a
hoodie but the harmless one so they’re very quite hard to actually find the
only ones I actually liked the look of where the under Harmour ones from the
Rock they’re so expensive my fault no I’m not gonna get one of them my saw
these do so I said I love one of them this is a squat wolf pearl white
sleeveless hoodie and first impressions it is nice I mean I wear medium and if
you can see it absolutely fits perfect just not too tight how I like it
right there if you can see at the top he’s got that classic fashionable thing
where everybody seems to have now on their products all right you’ve got the
logo there which is actually rubbery so just want to make sure I don’t iron over
there it’s it’s smooth material as well you know it’s it’s elasticated so this
is not gonna fade in the wash you know it’s obviously got that feeling of a
cotton and spandex mixed together and as you can see it stretches and flings back
so when you’re actually moving it’s not going to affect your workout I will see
the gun show looks great yeah on the back is obviously tapered
down as well so it fits your waist and movement is brilliant obviously it’s got
a hood and the hoard is fine I would say it I’ve got quite a big head and it fits
over my head so that’s quite good you know it’s good from there it’s not
peeking it’s also got split side so when you do move it does not get tight on
your hips the length is fine obviously I am a
medium and I’m five foot nine I think if you were a bit taller it might be a bit
short on you I don’t know yes I don’t really know maybe laughter haha order
size up I do like this top I will definitely be wearing this for the gym
he hasn’t got no jaw strings which is quite good because there’s no point in
your strings on these and it’s nice you know I fancied some white because it’s
makes you stand out make sure when you come especially when you’ve got a tad
it pings out and that’s why won’t you want it to ping you want to ping right
so if I was going to give this one a review out of 10 I probably give
it a eight out of ten right the prices of this company are
quite expensive if you’re looking for something cheap you know I wouldn’t come
here that’s the one fault about the whole company is they’re quite expensive
but of course you’re paying for the quite the quality and this is really
good quality so then let’s get onto the next top I’ve got and that’s a string
string I’ve had it in black obviously it is very similar to go to the sleevless
hoodie it’s probably got the same effect of the rubber name squat wolf on that on
this on the chest it’s got the emblem on the back and the Machine down the back
cutoff is in a normal place and it also fits perfect what it looks like the
quality again is very good I mean it’s obvious stretchable and it’s it’s not
super light but it’s not super heavy it is nice it feels like it will last and
that’s the main thing when you’re buying gym stuff you gotta realize what you can
what material and if you’re buying cotton it’s gonna fade but with this
sort of material it’s not gonna fade it’s always going to stay how it is it’s
always gonna be this color and the only thing that’s maybe one of four parties
your emblem but that will happen with any company’s logo so I would say this
is really nice in the same category as Jim shark and hopefully and I have got
no complaints at all I can’t see no dodgy stitching at all I cannot see any
bit like it’s gonna fall off and I would give this again I would give this eight
out of ten the last fine item which I’ve got two pairs of which oh well in it
last item is the shorts and I would say you can’t see them from there so
I’ll go back they say these shorts are really nice
I’m not a big shorts person obviously I’m in England actually for for this
review sunny well UK is not very good for weather we have
like five days nice weather probably sometimes we have more but most of time
I’m wearing joggers if I go to the gym I decided to get some white ones because I
knew I was gonna wore that so I could go all in white or black and white
which you can see which you can see goes really nice but these shorts are so nice
and light obviously white a bit see-through but wear some pants
underneath and you’ll be fine so well see this drawstrings about the name it’s
got splits down the side so when you’re squatting and as you can see they
actually me squatting then and bending over with no problem they’ll ride up
that much and the pockets are not zipped that’s one thing I’m big and a biggie
about I look I’m zips on everything because obviously when you go to the gym
you want your key say for your phone or something import and wallet and you know
if you haven’t got a locker it’s you want it to not fall out because it’s
happened before but as you can see well as you can see they are fine
they’re perfect they’re nice and light I mean for a day like this what I’m
wearing now I feel quite like sporty I actually feel like it I actually felt
like a athlete now purchase from them again
I would I would definitely because I actually like their products I’m not
sponsored by them I’m not getting paid for this
or nothing the quality is worth the money
obviously I see people spending a fortune a gym shark alpha Lee just
because of the name of the people who are represented obviously squat will
have got nobody who I know who represents him and that’s why you
probably don’t hear them but they are really nice quality clothes and I think
they’re durable I haven’t been through the whole range which is a shame because
I everything good to actually test a whole range you know of different
materials and joggers and normal t-shirts because then I could say the
whole company’s the whole company’s clothes obreon what the stuff I ordered
today it’s worth it so if you are interested in getting any of their
products I’ll leave the website down below in the
description and it’s quite well thank you very much for sending these products
hopefully we can arrange something that some other time you know maybe I can get
some board shorts from you for my competition of body power next year you
know good advertising for you and thank you for people watching today if you
like this video please give me a thumbs up if you understand I feel not
subscribed subscribe to me and if you’ve got if you’ve ordered for this company
before let me know down in the comments and what you actually fall about it do
you actually think they’re any good or not anyway I am now going to go because
Liverpool are playing and I need to watch them play because I’m a livable
planet see you again goodbye you


  1. Kevin Clements Post author

    Jon nice new duds. Give us another review after 6 weeks or and give a 2nd look and how they stood up to wear & washing. Did the logo hold up as those crinkle up sometimes

  2. Amauri Poyntz Post author

    sweet new clothes jon they look like they fit you really well and that sleeveless hoodie looks like it's comfy too 🙂

  3. Dogg Pound Fitness Post author

    Seems like some pretty nice clothes you got there. I'm not allowed to wear sleeveless hoodies at my one gym, instant termination of membership lol. Is this a British company only or are they worldwide? And get a discount code man, start making that YouTube money bro!!!!!!

  4. Flexbullet Fit Post author

    I personally like the black one better. Let’s you show more and no hoodie which I’m not really a fan of. Shorts are nice too Glad you introduced us to this company man 👊🏾👍🏾💪🏾


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