Hi, I’m Marielly and welcome to Ponquecitos and Cakes today we’re going to make a strawberry smoothie and a chocolate smoothie First of all let’s talk about the difference between a Smoothie and a smoothie smoothie as such carries frozen fruit and the portion of the liquid is very small so it makes a super creamy and delicious texture to enjoy apart from that his presentation is very beautiful and elaborated instead a shake, is the pulp of the fruit without freezing to which we incorporate milk or fruit juice or some type of ice cream subscribe to the channel and activate the campaign to receive notification of all my videos chocolate and fruit smoothies are definitely healthy desserts ideal for tea and breakfast how in them he looks so nice when he has a presentation combined with other recipes I did not want to wait a week to share these other two recipes with you one of them is the chia pudding and the other is the whipped cream of coconut that will serve to make some spectacular topping so today instead of a recipe you will have three, in different videos since each of them you can make it separately to enjoy individually or together to make a spectacular smoothie so let’s go with the recipe Strawberry smoothie, chocolate smoothie and smoothie bowl, of the amount of ingredients needed for this recipe along with the answers to the most frequently asked questions is in the blog of Ponquecitos and Cakes you left a link in the box description of this video to perform this preparation you You can use a glass blender or you can also use a food processor The first thing we must do is to wash our fruits very well and cut them into small squares so that at the time of realization, our blender and our food processor will not clog Now, we separate them into small bags and take them to freeze in this way. Fruits always ready to use at the moment you want to make your smoothie Among the decorations that we can advance are the chocolate figures that we can make with chocolate or silicone molds and melted chocolate then we allow to harden until the moment of its use Strawberry smoothie The Strawberry Smoothie is luxurious decorating with cut strawberries the inside of our glass for place them inside the glass or bottle place a tad of honey and press our strawberries for a few seconds and once are placed where we want to take it to refrigerate for about 10 minutes or until the time of use To prepare our smoothie we place the frozen bananas in the blender or food processor also known as bananas or cambur, frozen strawberries and a handful of raspberries, in this recipe you can substitute the strawberry, for the blackberry, for the raspberry or for any type of fruit that you want and coconut or almond milk If your blender or food processor is not of a very strong power You can help by turning off and removing all the mixture and continue liquefying as many times as you think necessary the result is a bright and delicious dense cream a trick if you want your pink to be much more intense is to add a few pieces of frozen beet to our preparation and so you avoid having to put some kind of food dye now we can serve and decorate with pieces of freshly cut strawberries This smoothie to make very dense with it we can recreate a small topping but if you want a topping perfect of those we do with the pastry bag then we should place the whipped cream of coconut that will achieve us that effect that we are looking for cupcake style, this cream can be colored and flavored to your liking we can also include the chia pudding that gives it a texture and a color change that makes it much more beautiful you can combine flavors and colors to make them even more appetizing in this combination I have placed strawberry smoothie, coconut milk chia pudding Mulberry smoothie and a vanilla-flavored coconut whipped cream topping to which I have colored pink Chocolate smoothie To decorate our glass or bottle we must freeze it for 10 minutes and submerge the mouth of the glass or jar in the melted chocolate clean the splashes and let it dry either at room temperature or in the fridge This smoothie bears: frozen banana, sugar-free cocoa powder, coconut milk or almond milk We liquefy well until all the banana is completely undone and the cream is shiny and silky We can decorate with chocolate figurines or pieces of chocolate of the flavor of your preference the preparation of this smoothie, being dense and extra creamy, will allow you to to become a Smoothie Blowl that is nothing more than serving it inside a bowl and decorate it to enjoy with fruits, with chocolate chips with nuts, with nuts, with oatmeal, with seeds, with whatever you want and thus achieve a spectacular smoothie bowl in the Ponquecitos and Cakes blog I’m leaving you some extra recipes for your Smoohies bowl in some of these recipes I use frozen yogurt so you can use ice cubes to freeze it and have it the ideal size to use it in the blender We can also use chocolate or ice molds to make beautiful decorations with chia pudding for our smoothies Smoothies should be made right at the moment we are going to enjoy it I hope you like the video recipe today and if so remember to like and share with your friends subscribe to the channel and activate the campaign to receive notification of all my videos and remember to go through the recipe video of Pudin de chia and the whipped cream of coconut that are delicious and you will surely like it see you in nothing with another recipe bye

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    Mil gracias por vivitarme!!! 🌸 Espero te guste estos SMOOTHIES y SMOOTHIES BOWL 😊 Te dejo los link a las otras recetas para que logres un smoothie espectacular:
    Besitos x 10000000000000000

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    que riquísimas recetas marielly. ya voy a meter a la nevera mis plátanos para hacer mañana estos ricos smoothie

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    Qué linda!! Tienes mucha gracia y tu carácter es alegre. Hoy mismo preparo mi smothie❤

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    Como todos tus videos, fantásticos! Me encantaron los tips de pegar la fruta al vaso, las figuras de puding de chía y otros que diste en el video!😉🤗

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    Marielly me encantaron tus creaciones!!! Muy hermosos todos…me haz motivado para hacer y vender…Saludos bonita desde Tijuana México 💕🎉


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