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Interviewer (Shilpa Reddy): You said many
times Shi-va means that which is not… then again there is sadh…, you know Aadiguru,
Adiyogi, the Shiva who lived in Kailash,
who lived in Kashi. What is that like…what is that which is
not and what is this Shiva whom you talk as Adiyogi? Sadhguru: See, Shi-va means that which is
not. When we say that which is not, we are talking
about a dimension which is not physical in nature. Because our perception, our sense perception
is such that we can only perceive that which
is physical. See, right now you can see my hand because
it’s stopping light. You can’t see the air because it’s not
stopping light. Though the air that you breathe right now
is more vital to your life than my hand, isn’t it But you can see this,
you can’t see that. In other words, our senses are geared to see
only what is required for our survival process. Anything more than that if you want to see,
you need a certain enhancement of perception. So entire yogic system is enhancement of this
perception. Yoga is not a philosophy,
it is not an ideology, it’s not something that you believe in or
disbelieve in. It is something that you use to enhance your
perception, to sharpen your perception in such a way, you can see things that you’re
not seeing right now, you can hear things that you’re not
hearing right now. See, right now the meteorological department
is saying, “day after tomorrow it’s going
to rain.” You look and see, does your eyes
say that? Interviewer (Shilpa Reddy): Not at all (Laughs).
Sadhguru: No, it doesn’t. But I’m telling you, there are many birds
and animals here which all know that day after tomorrow
it’s going to rain. Ants know it’s going to rain
day after tomorrow. But you don’t know.
Why? Interviewer (Shilpa Reddy): They’re probably
experiencing something different? Sadhguru: Is it a fact, in the evolutionary
process, as human beings we have the most evolved neurological system?
Yes? But they know and we
do not know. Simply because most human beings have burdened
themselves with too much thought and too much en..
emotion. They have not learnt this fundamental, how
to handle their thought and how to handle their
emotion. So our own intelligence has
become an impediment. That we don’t even see things that an ant
sees or an elephant sees or a tiger sees or even
a dog sees. If you can’t find out something, you bring
dogs to find out today, isn’t it (Laughs)? Because they… they seem to smell it out
better, they seem to know things better than you. Interviewer (Shilpa Reddy): Right. Sadhguru: Because of that, we created
instruments. Because we have an intelligence which is of
a certain kind and which is still new to us, … in evolutionary scale, it’s still
new to us. Because of this, we came up with tools, mechanisms,
instruments. So, we can’t see up there what is there
so we put a telescope. Now, meteorological department is not run
by the ants, it is run by human beings. They themselves cannot see, but they made
instruments which will see. Yes? The ants may be able to see by themselves
for their survival. We are not able to see because there is too
much thought and emotion going on. But, now we came up with instruments which
will see for us, which will hear for us, which will tell us things which we ourselves are
not able to do. So in this entire process, what is visible
and what is not visible, what has a physical structure and what does not have a physical
structure, we started exploring all these things. But the fundamental of our science, or the
pursuit of our science is called as physics. Physics is the only real science, rest is
all offshoots of that. So when you say physics, you have clearly
stated, you only want to study that which is physical.
This is a folly. This is the biggest mistake we’ve made. Now we are saying, “Only if it’s physical,
it can be studied and it exists. Anything that is not physical does not exist.” Is it a fact that your physical body is an
accumulation? Interviewer (Shilpa Reddy): Yes.
Sadhguru: Over a period of time you accumulated. So, if only this is real, you as a person,
you as a life is not real, this is what we’re stating. I’m saying, this is where the fundamental
flaw is. So Shi-va means that which is not. So we are talking about in some way accessing
that which is not physical or which is not in the purview of so-called physics or the
modern science as we’re talking about it. Today, modern science knows that there seems
to be something beyond. So now they’re saying your logic won’t
get you there, so they’re inventing something called
as fuzzy logic. But still it’s not enough because still
you’re trapped in your own setups. Because it’s physics. You are only willing to accept the
physical as reality. That means your very life is
not a reality. The life that you are is not a reality, only
your body is reality. So we have developed an entire culture based
on this. When you say Shi-va, in a way you’re transcending
that limitation. Of cultural limitations, scientific limitations,
the mindset limitations that people have. Then where did he
come from? If you grasped certain things and you got
a… certificate. You have grasped certain aspects
of human body. We will tell you,
“Oh, she’s doctor.” So, how did you become a doctor?
Because you perceived something. So now, a yogi came. He never bothered to introduce himself, so
we call him the first yogi. Adiyogi means the first yogi.
Because he never told us his name. Then somebody said, “But he’s Shiva because
he’s grasped that which is not.” Because he has grasped that which is not,
we also call him Shiva. So, right now in the popular culture he is
Shiva but in the spiritual culture he’s Adiyogi. Because for him… for us, he’s a yogi.
That’s why we’re interested in him. Because he experienced that which is not,
we also call him Shiva. Now, if you look here, the male members of…
the people who are sitting here, more than seventy percent of them, their names
are some expression of Shiva. Have they realized something, have they seen
that which is not? No. But they are capable.
So we know they are potential Shiva. So we… we call them also Shiva.
We may even name our dog Shiva, okay? We don’t think it’s an
offence. Because a dog does not know that which is
not, a dog is not a yogi, the dog is not going to realize either
in his life, but we know he also comes from the same source
as I came, as you came. He also comes from the
same source. So we don’t think it’s a improper thing
to call our dog also yoga. Sadhguru: Some people are getting very offended
that I said this. They can get offended, because I don’t think
– maybe they use the word ‘dog’ as a derogatory term – I don’t think there’s anything
derogatory about being a dog. Most people are… trust a dog more than the
human beings (Both laugh). So as far as I am concerned, I can even call
a grasshopper Shiva. And I do. If I see a tree,
I say Shiva. If I see a rock, I say Shiva. If I just look into the
empty sky, I say Shiva. If I see a moon, I’ll say Shiva, if I see
a star, I say Shiva. So, are these rocks going to realize that
they’re Shiva? No. They may not realize, but I have realized. That’s a big difference

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