Samsung Gear Fit 2 Apps

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Apps

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Apps. What is up guys my name is Mario and on this
video we are going to review some of the apps you should have in your Samsung Gear Fit2. Weather
The Weather App is one of my favorites. This app will provide you with basic weather
information such as current temperature, the day’s highs and lows, and other additional
miscellaneous forecasts. Further down it will show the next day’s
partial forecasts by the hour and at the end it will also show the forecast for the next
six days. This app will only give you a few settings
to adjust. You can set the Units to Farenheight or Celsius. If you are concerned about your battery life
you can program it on how often you want it to auto refresh, do keep in mind that you
can manually refresh by clicking the refresh icon on the very bottom of the app. Also, you will be able to turn on and off
the current location feature which will use the GPS to keep the app up to date with your
current location. I big disclaimer: Once you install this app
you will not be able to uninstall it completely. You will be able to uninstall it from the
Samsung Gear app, but the app will just keep showing up in your watch. So make sure you really really want this app
before you make the decision. I was able to get rid of it by fully formatting
my gear fit2, which means I brought the watch back to original settings out of the box. MapMyRun
Next we have an app called MapMyRun. This app will allow you to leave your mobile
device at home and use the built-in GPS technology of you gear fit2 to track your heart rate,
pace, speed, distance, and track duration. What makes this app special is that it will
show the real time map in your gear fit2 as you progress. After your workout completes, it will sync
up all the data which can be accessed later by any of your other devices. This app will also offer other perks to keep
you motivated like showing you the routs and data from other users in your area, it will
even create a customized rout for you to take on your next workout. You can share your data across social media
with family and friends if you like. There are many more features I could not cover
here, which will be worth your time checking out! Many people reported having issues syncing
up this app to their phones, but there are also many other users reporting they are able
to use this app with no issues. I personally was able to sync up and use the
app with no issues so far. FitEvolution
Third we have FitEvolution, which will allow you to have a personal trainer in your gear
fit2. This app will provide additional workouts
compared to the default app that originally came with the gear fit2. You can plan ahead different types of pre-programmed
workouts which you could follow through a guided daily workout feature. You can also pick several freestyle workouts
and check your history. The gear fit2 sensors will try to pick up
the posture and movements which will in return you will be getting a real time sense of direction
from the app on what to do next and when to stop. It doesn’t always work 100% but seems to
do a decent job. The GUI will give you a sense of direction
with an initial posture image of the targeted muscle and workout. Workout Trainer
Fourth we have the Workout Trainer. This app will give you a more professional
sense of path as you will be getting real time video direction on your phone and a pulse
sensor direction through the gear fit2. You will be able to preselect the workouts
you want to plan and schedule ahead of time. When you are ready to go each day you just
initiate the planned workout from the mobile app. You can also keep up with your fitness history,
work in groups with family or friends, and you can get in touch with a professional trainer
through the app. I won’t go into every feature as you can
see in the display, but some of the features are free to try and other you will have to
pay. Spotify
Another app that you want to check out is Spotify. From the Gear Fit2 watch you will be able
to view and select your playlist, Songs, Albums, Artist. The feature mainly works as a control remote
for your phone which will allow you to skip the track, play, or pause. When it works it is pretty smooth and responsive,
but I experienced many instances where the app would give me an error stating that the
gear fit2 was not connected to the phone or was not able to connect.. The same issue reported by several users. If you are a Spotify user you should definitely
check it out . If you currently own a Samsung Gear Fit2 you
probably already know that almost every app that didn’t come with the stock software
will have bugs, but since we are now stuck with the gear fit2 we try to make the best
out of it. If you decide to give any of this apps a try,
make sure to ensure your gear fit2 is up to date by going to the Samsung gear app, Settings,
click on update gear software, and download updates manually if any are available. Once you ensure your gearfit2 is up to date. Head down to the Samsung Galaxy Apps and check
them out for yourself. I tried installing some of these apps before
ensuring my gear fit2 was updated and was encountering several issues, but many of those
issues were fixed after the update. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns,
or opinions in the comment section below. I would like to know which one is your favorite
app so make sure you share that with us. Don’t forget to hit that like button if
you enjoyed this video; also consider subscribing to this channel if you enjoy tech reviews. Thank you for watching and I will see you
on the next one.

63 comments on “Samsung Gear Fit 2 Apps

  1. Nico El Chicano Post author

    Looks really cool that's great so you don't have to pull out your phone just to skip a song! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What next, sunshine? Post author

    🙂 Everytime I am here I am smiling big time. Seems like your getting so much more super pro with every video! 🙂 Totally liked this one and again the close-ups, angles! 🙂 hava good week! Best, WNS

  3. David Herrera Chiang Post author

    I just got a gear fit 2, I installed Spotify from samsungs app, it installed but the name changed to "Spotify old" whenever i launch the app from the band it says " please update the spotify app from your samsung gear app, but when i go there it says it's the most updated version, any help? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still get the message, I can bypass the message but it's annoying. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  4. Dustin Higgins Post author

    i cant seem to get mapmyrun on my gear fit 2…its like i can only use default fintess apps. how can i get it to show up on here?

  5. Haziq Post author

    Do it have any have that synchonize with our phone google map @ waze by showing directions on the watch?

  6. Phil Nolan Post author

    Great video Mario. It is your personal experience that matters the most in a review, but it is also great that you have done some research to find out where others have experienced problems.

  7. Red Adonis Post author

    **can I leave my phone at home and go for a run and use the gps tracker and listen to music? also what's the battery life like on one of these?**

  8. danielle padovano Post author

    you did not mention making or receiving phone calls or texts – are these possible with this item?

  9. Chuck Garrity Post author

    Wonder if any of these Apps will be available with iOS? At the moment, only the weather app is available.

  10. Chuck Garrity Post author

    The Gear Fit 2 and the Pro ONLY have the weather app at this time when using iOS unless you count adding the Alarm and different watch faces. However, with the latest firm wear and using iOS, it's a great sports watch. In addition to vibrating when you have a phone call, it also shows texts that you can read ON the watch. No replies though. Min is very stable in maintaining the Bluetooth connect with the phone nearby. My holds the Bluetooth when the phone is downstairs and I'm upstairs. The GPS works great, step count agrees with other devices, instant pulse, and a few other nice features. The Gear Fit2 Pro is now reduced to $149 from $199. If you can find a Gear Fit2, it's available for $119 or less.

  11. Taiyo Weber Post author

    I am looking to buy a gear fit 2 pro, but is there a browser that I can download make google searches?

  12. Kathleen Stevens Post author

    Thank you for all the information – I really was happy with my Samsung Gear Fit Pro 2 – that was until the sensors stopped working – I bought the device in France while on holiday and back in South Africa after two months things went wrong. I am told that the motherboard need to be replaced as they do not only replace the senors – this is like buying a second device due to the cost and the face that Samsung does not provide worldwide guarantees??? Why on Earth NOT? f this glitch had not happened and the guarantee had not defaulted I would still be a Samsung fan

  13. Saf Kassim Post author

    Wow your video keeps getting better and better Mario! very proud of you I've seen how far you've come 🙂 Much respect from Australia

  14. Aleksandar Pejovski Post author

    Cool review. Are there apps where you can record your workout. Like enter how many reps and what weight. Like an excel? Long time ago, I write on paper at the gym. Like example: Date #### Name of work out #### Weight ### Sets ###

  15. MayitoTek Post author

    Hey guys, I did an updated video on how I got spotify to work on the gear fit2. Many of you mentioned having issues installing and using it.


  16. TheKSProduction Post author

    Does this work with the dexcom app? It tracks blood sugar. But idk if this can support the dexcom app.

  17. Phil Nolan Post author

    The annoying thing about the Spotify app is that every time I put my watch on the charger Spotify opens on my phone.

  18. Maria Lala Post author

    I want to buy gear fit2 pro but I have a few questions:

    1. How can I download music?
    2. How can I download apps?
    3. Does it have alarm app and calculator app?
    4. Will I get the notifications even when I forget my phone at home?
    5. Can I answer the calls and the messages?
    6. Can I listen to music without my phone nearby?

    If you know the answer in any of these please reply

  19. sam abbas Post author

    I've gear fit 2 pro
    But after the samsung update
    All the sensor has stoped about worck
    Plz someone has any answers for this prob??,

  20. Russco Post author

    I'd like to thank you. I have been struggling with insomnia for years, but after listening to your monotone voice I was asleep in minutes

  21. Bryan Vella Post author

    I've been looking around for a while now. Is 8fit (app) available on this watch? would appreciate if anyone can look into it before I buy this watch.


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