Running a Successful Muay Thai Gym in Philadelphia

Running a Successful Muay Thai Gym in Philadelphia

What’s going on? I’m Shane Fazen. I’m
Vinny V. And this is Hidden Gyms. In a world where the sport of MMA is growing,
the competition is strong in the gym industry. We’re here to highlight the
best of the best gyms, coaches, and fighters, and put their name on the map.
The diamonds in the rough. Welcome to Hidden Gyms. I love the space, wide open to the ring. Guys, we’re here at Stay Fly Muay Thai in Northern Liberties of Philadelphia meeting up with our good friend, Justin Greskiewicz. There he is! What’s up, boys? How you guys doin’? Stay Fly Muay Thai. How long have you guys been here, J? How many members do you have? And what do they pay a month? Can I ask you a personal question? What do you pay for rent at this place? Sadly, we pay $5,000 a month for rent. Something seems off here, coach. You’re absolutely right, young buck. He’s
got… I mean, the math just doesn’t add up. He’s got…his rent is $5,000
a month and with 70 members at 125 a piece he gets maybe 8 or 9 grand a
month in revenue. But that just doesn’t… I mean, that’s not even including utilities
and just day-to-day the overhead is way too high so he’s not making any money
and he’s not ashamed to admit it. He needs our help and he wants our help.
It’s a classic case of he’s an excellent Muay Thai fighter, he’s passionate about
Muay Thai, he’s a world champion. He lives and breathes Muay Thai… but he knows
nothing about how to run a business. And that’s where we’re going to help. Agreed..
so first things first we need to increase the member base. He’s got 70
members. Getting from 70 to 100 members would make a huge difference in his life just
that right there. So we need to see if he’s got an email list – people we can
reach out to that inquired in the past or former members. And we need to
generate new leads. The king of social media should be able to help that out. Alright, Justin. So, we gotta get you some members. You have an email list we can reach out to? Not really, no. How about phone numbers? No, not really, no. Alright. That’s a challenge, but it’s nothing that we can’t handle.
So, the past in the past, but from now on every single person that comes in here,
everybody that peeks through the window: name, phone number, email address and you’ve got to enter it immediately into your system, so it’s not just some piece of
paper that you misplace. These are valuable leads! This is how you’re going
to grow your business. Every person that expresses any kind of interest. Exactly,
so this way if you have any kind of promotion, any sales — you send out that email blast to everyone on your list… boom, that’s a new member for you. And
that’s fine that you don’t have an email list — we’re going to build it up — I got a
plan. Man with a plan! So what I plan to do is make an exclusive video that’s only available on Justin’s website. In order to get access to this video, you
have to supply your email. So this way we’re building up his email list and
his potential customers. Additionally, I came up with an easy-to-follow posting guideline
for Justin’s Instagram. This way he stays relevant with his current members, but
also reaches new prospects. Justin doesn’t have any employees and he
doesn’t have enough money to hire any employees. So what we’re going to do is
we’re going to show him a way to up his cash flow. We’re going to have him bring
in a bunch of private training revenue, we’re going to give him a simple system
on how he can get and keep clients, and then with that extra money he brings in
from private training, he’ll be able to hire other coaches other trainers so he
can then feed the clients to, so he doesn’t have to… Right now he’s
teaching every class, he’s opening and closing the gym, he’s handling all the
phone calls, he’s doing everything… sweeping the mats, okay! He needs some help, but first he needs money so we’re going to bring in some private training
revenue. Justin, I gotta tell you: you’re worth more than charge. And that’s super common. It’s really uncomfortable for a lot of people to
charge what they’re worth. You can go online, and in a couple of hours take a certification to become a personal trainer and there’s folks out there charging more than you do now, with just a couple hours from some online course. Okay, you’ve traveled the world; you’ve got invaluable experience that you can teach people stuff that nobody else can teach them. I want to help you clean up that process. I think the first step is: when
somebody approaches you they say, “Hey, do you do privates?” I want you to say, “Yes, I’m glad you’re interested!” And then offer them a 30-minute introductory session. In fact,
what I think will be super beneficial will be you guys suit up; take Shane and pretend he is one of your members. He looks up to you, he’s impressed by your technique, he needs a little extra guidance. He says, “Hey, I wanna do some privates.” You say, “Great, we’ll get in the ring for 30 minutes and move” around.” Do some padwork, you teach him some advanced techniques.
at meetings let’s do a little Like, we’ll do a little role-playing. I want you to sit down to try to convert him, based off what you showed him, into a paying client. You guys… you guys both up for that? Hit the pads a little bit? Right now? We’ll actually get in the ring, and then we’ll sit down and go through the sales process. And you’ll give him a hard time. We’ll give you a hard time But it’ll be okay because I’ll be in your ear. Let’s suit up and get in the ring? Let’s do it! Now for the awkward moment… So give me all your money! *laughs* No, uh.. You see.. perfect. And that’s great. And this is Shane, but assuming it was somebody that you can already tell from working out with him a little bit that he’s got a sense of humor, that was a genuine belly laugh. If you can get the person to laugh that’s good because it relaxes them. Yeah, for sure, yeah. *mumbles* Okay. So, you could do just one session once in a blue moon for a little bit more. It’s a little bit more. Just to do one, I can do for $70 a session. But if you wanna get four sessions… It’ll be $200 for the four sessions,
so you end up saving $20 a session for each one. Cool, I mean I really enjoyed it. It’s definitely what I’m looking for. I do this for self defense, so I liked how realistic it was with creating angles, distance, punches and kicks… Really enjoyed that, but I didn’t realize it was gonna be $70. That’s a little steep for me. I’m not sure I really wanna do this consistently
so maybe not right now. Ok, so I’m gonna do the sales whisper in his ear. One of the first things he said, right.. Listen, whenever you get jammed up, ask a question. 100% of the time. So he’s giving you a little bit of resistance. And again, everybody always thinks, “Oh that’s more than I thought it was gonna be.” No matter what. Across the board… training, whatever.
Everything always costs more than we think. So he was like, “That’s more than I expected.”
You’re gonna hear that 100 out of 100 times, almost. He started talking about self defense,
so I would ask a question. Don’t just assume you know why. You can assume:
“Self defense is important so you don’t get beat up.” Say, “Why is the self defense aspect especially important to you?” So, why is the self defense especially aspect important to you? True story: I got jumped on my way to my old gym
by a bunch of kids, younger than me. I thought I could handle myself,
I thought I knew how to fight. Then I got beat up.
My pride was hurt more than anything. And that’s why I’m here today. Ok, that was easy. We got right to the root of
it pretty quickly. Shane’s a very open guy and I believe in
a real scenario, he would’ve given that honest answer. And I’m the same way. And some people, you’re
definitely gonna have to ask more than 1 question. But it’s all about getting to the real reason. There’s always a deeper reason, right? And if you
can get them focusing on that… Do you legitimately think you could teach somebody…Shane or somebody just off the street… enough to defend themselves in a
situation like that. Do you legitimately think you could teach somebody that? Yeah, depending on how many guys and whatever, if that’s a good idea to do… You don’t wanna.. I’m not gonna fight 10 guys. I mean… maybe… *laughs* I heard you’ll fight anybody, anytime. But, I definitely think that I can help people build the self confidence and the skill set
to defend themselves. So based off of that story that he said, it’s your responsibility to get him as a client. So, $70 is a lot of money, but not for something like that. Not to make sure something like that
never happens again. He would pay $10,000 dollars. If you could just kind of show him and
paint the picture… Show him the results. So what would you say? I would ask another question. I’d say, “Well, how did that make you feel?” Well, how did that make you feel? Pretty terrible. I couldn’t sleep that night,
and I don’t ever want that to happen again. And now we’re moving closer to…
So I would ask another question I would say, “So, that’s really why you wanted to…” So, is that really why you’re here? You wanna learn some self defense and ensure nothing like that would happen? Yeah, and other benefits that come with it.
I wanna get in shape, I think Muay Thai is a beautiful art
and I want to be able to with smash someone with an elbow if that ever happens again. Alright, I might ask him one more question, like, “Based off of what I showed you today, do you see how I could help you do that?” Getting him closer.. Alright, so, based on what we did today,
do you think that I could help you feel that way… to feel safe for that? Absolutely. It almost felt like I was in a fight. I got my heart rate up, adrenaline was pumping, I was out of breathe by the end. That was great. Alright and here’s where sometime I’ll say – you’re like the doctor and you prescribe. I think we’re already ready here.
You’re getting good emotional things. He’s agreeing with you that he knows you can help him. He came in today, he showed up for his first session,
he didn’t have to pay for it. Now we just move right in and say…
Basically, this is where you prescribe. You say, “Look, based on what you’re
you’re telling me… Let’s do four sessions for $200. You
save a couple bucks per session, it’s not a big commitment, and we’ll see where
we go from there. What do you say?” And you have to make sure you ask, don’t imply. There’s a saying in sales that there’s an “implied offer”, which is like, “So, I think we should do it.” Like… do what? Tell him specifically, “Here’s what I think.” You don’t want him to buy one session for $70. Let’s have you do that and see if it
comes out naturally. Alright, so you’re thinking about doing
between once a week or twice a week, what works better for your schedule? Do you think you could commit to 2 times a week? Yeah, my schedule’s pretty open right now.
I work for myself. I could probably make two a week. Alright, well if you want to,
get a package of four for the next 2 weeks. We’ll get 2 sessions this week,
2 sessions next week. We’ll schedule them in so that
it makes sense. Let’s get you locked in on a pack of 4? Sounds good! Success!
Just like that. Seriously. If you could do that without Vinnie
standing next to you… Perfect. The next day we held a free seminar at
Stay Fly Muay Thai, which I promoted across all of my social media
to bring in as many people as possible and hopefully sign up new members. It was an absolute success.
The place was packed. Justin, Vinnie, and myself put on a
1-hour seminar, had everyone sweating, having a good time and training great, American Muay Thai. Are you a personal trainer or aspiring
gym owner looking to take your business to the next level? Avoid common mistakes
and make a killing by downloading our digital PDF Hidden Gyms: Blueprint for
Success in the Fitness Industry. Learn both the digital media strategies and
the brick-and-mortar operations in our easy-to-follow activity book. Click here
on-screen or at the link in the description below and get one step
closer to achieving your dream job.

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