Royal Marines Fitness Challenge | Walters & Shieff

Royal Marines Fitness Challenge | Walters & Shieff

Welcome to Walters and Shieff. Today we’re down in Devon, at
the Commando Training Centre, trying our hand at
something different to see if we’ve got what it takes
to become one of these. [MUSIC PLAYING] (DAMIEN VOICEOVER):
Becoming a Royal Marine begins with the job interview
from Hell, a grueling four day assessment to see if you’ve
got what it takes to even stand a chance of making it
through some of the toughest military training in the world. (TIM VOICEOVER): So
we were thrown in with some potential
recruits, about to undergo their
gym trials– a pass or fail test of basic fitness,
to sort the men from the boys. Hey there, guys. Hi, lads. I’m Damien. I’m Tim. How do you guys
feel about this test? Nervous. Got to do it. Got to be done. We’re going to join
in with you guys so– [LAUGHING] We’ll see who’s lagging
behind you at the back. We’ll be like, ugh. (DRILL INSTRUCTOR
VOICEOVER): We’re back to the Royal Marine’s
fitness assessment, which is the multi-stage fitness test,
difficult thing for them to do. It’s a good chance
for us to look, in an enclosed environment,
at how they perform. This is the first step
from civilian life over to the Royal Marines. Everything hurts, and
every last rep hurts. When you’re pushing
yourself all the way, it’s a pretty
miserable place to be. [MUSIC PLAYING] Should have definitely gone
to the toilet before this. [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] Keep running. [INAUDIBLE] (DRILL INSTRUCTOR
VOICEOVER): Freeze! My arms are gone. My legs are gone ready, and
we’re two rounds into it. Good. I can’t feel my arms or legs. It’s hardcore, yeah. Psychologically, you see how
much of a challenge it is. They don’t tell them
what they’re required. They just say, go
until– it’s got to test how much your
mind is in it, you know? [MUSIC PLAYING] How are you off on it? Horrendous, is one. It’s pretty hardcore, isn’t it? We’re lucky, because we,
kind of, get an inside view, and not assume the pressure–
we don’t need a career out of this. So we, kind of, push it
as hard as we can, but, whereas, some of the lads
in there, you feel for them. I did– [INAUDIBLE] after
[INAUDIBLE] their training, because we’re into it. Yeah, when I got
sore at the sit ups, I just thought, and I felt down. They were [INAUDIBLE] coming in
here and that’s like this war. You know, this is
my life’s goal. If I got shot down on
that, that’d be a big sore. You have to have trained
for it, like physically and mentally push
yourself, before you even step up to this. Congratulations, lads. We’ve finally got scores there. You probably would have,
just about, been successful. You just missed out on the
maximum amount of pull ups. You come off at 15,
the tape stops at 16, so you were a whisker away
from maxing out there. Definitely wasn’t
going to get 16. That was a great challenge. Thank you. Yeah, really enjoyed it. Thank you very much. [INAUDIBLE] Thank you, too. (TIM VOICEOVER):
Hard though they are, the gym tests off a lad
straight off a city street. For the potential recruits
that make it through, true life gets tougher. Much tougher. (DAMIEN VOICEOVER):
For our next stop, we got a chance to
meet some of the lads on their fourth
week of training, who are just back
from a night exercise to find out how they
were getting on. What did you
guys sort of feel, to make you want to come
and join the Royal Marines? Purely the whole
lifestyle of it. The traveling, honestly, it’s
something different each day. You’re not stuck in an office. Physically challenged,
mentally challenged. Probably more the
physical, obviously testing yourself mentally, as well. What about helping
people in the long run, that come into it when– it’s
important to have people like you out and preserving, and
looking after the world, in a way. People– –Humanitarian
work that we do, and that played a big
part in it, as well. The natural disasters
that happen– it’s a great feeling to be able
to go out and help others in the world. Do you think that,
when you first start, there’s a certain attribute
that, kind of brings that kind of person
to Royal Marines, or do you think you
develop that along the way? You do have to have that
little bit of personality, that will spark in you at first,
but then once you get there, and everyone’s got the same
spark, you can [INAUDIBLE] The camaraderie helped,
like between [INAUDIBLE] (VOICEOVER): When you’re
up late doing admin, and everyone’s absolutely
shattered, you need that. You guys mentioned early on
about the mental side about it. I mean, does that play a big
part in this whole thing? It’s massive. I think, more so than
just– as physical as it gets– that ends after
a short period, you recover. But mentally you’re
always thinking, what’s the next thing I’ve got to do. You’ve always got
something on your mind, or you’re in a situation that
you’re not used to, something that’s– You never sit still longer
than, so, for half an hour at a time. Once you commit to
the Marines, you have to do the first
four weeks, right? And then after that
point, you can drop out. Any of you guys
iron up that door? Not yet. Definitely, no. (DAMIEN VOICEOVER): In the next
episodes of our Royal Marines challenge, we go out alone, as
I get to try out the mountain assault. (TIM VOICEOVER): I
go to Hell and back on the endurance course. (DAMIEN VOICEOVER):
And we show the Marines how to do the assault course,
Walters and Shieff style.

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  1. thefunrunner Post author

    I highly dubt that they couldn't do more push ups then they did. betya Damien could do 100 i 2min. they down played it.

  2. Gabriel Beauchemin Post author

    Tim Shieff, I amsurprise you accept to go there. You know Marine are not ethics. Don't your values contradict with it?

  3. theendlesssuffering Post author

    Marines, army etc they are all weak. They don't compare to a real dedicated traceur or martial artist.

  4. inuYasha666 Post author

    Que ha pasado con flowshow ya no habéis vuelto a subir otro capitulo la serie esta acabada o es por falta de clips? Espero respuesta gracias

  5. ReanimatorHW Post author

    This is awesome training for an individual I wish there were something equivalent to military training that didn't require you being a potential killer.

  6. Inklan Utterfield Post author

    Can someone more knowledgeable than myself please let me know what Shieff meant when he said that you have to do the first four weeks and then you can quit? Surely, the marines aren't allowed to keep you there for four weeks against your will, are they?

  7. Yo Mom Post author

    Чот слабенькие эти двое. Моя бабушка больше подтянется и отожмётся пздц

  8. Mellen Man Post author

    Those numbers they pulled don't make sense.. I can do 44 push ups to a beep timer and also 10 pull ups, and 111 in 2 minutes. There's something sketchy goin on here espeacially livewire bc he can rep out those handstand push-ups

  9. jcalpha103 Post author

    …If you are going to make a promotion, montage the hard bits and add some flare…this is contrived and boring

  10. Bluekid Post author

    wait how is my fitness better than theres but tim has better……..are you guys ill in this video… you are way better freerunners than I am 

  11. smellmyclock Post author

    i can do 21 pull ups and 100 sit ups woo, and run 3 miles in 18:23, maybe its cus im young xD

    anyways cheers from america! well fight by ur side brothers

  12. Lu C Post author

    Please don't promote the Marines any more. I don't care how much money they're giving you and I know you have better ethics than this.

  13. alancbishop Post author

    My father was RMC SBS 40, 41 & 42 for 9 years. This will be interesting to follow. Tomorrow – 14th Feb, will be his 10th year deceased so this is homage, respect and gratitude to the most amazing frogman I have ever known who taught me all that I know and a genuine gratitude to all RMC, especially to those who privately wear the small black frog – god bless you all, my fathers friends…

  14. Macey Rickard Post author

    i thought the press ups and the sit ups where bleep test and pull ups was balls out effort till yyou quit must of thought wrong

  15. C.S. K. Post author

    Tim, they allow you to have that long hair & you're not wearing a jersey? You're not fully immersed in this.

  16. upper cut Post author

    Our PTI in 1979 was one Cpl Perrit, this man was a freaking Animal, On our passing out, we went for some Wets as you do, needing the heads, I went to the nearest, only to find some Poor Guy Spewing the contents of his stomach, down the Urinal Wall, stay with me, Perrit was there, he said, don't waste that, then proceeded to scoop up & eat, the warm Puke, naturally, I didn't feel much like Pissing.

  17. Gideon John Post author

    just subbed! it would be awesome to support eachother. I think youll really enjoy my content. drop a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

  18. KaiserFlynn KUK Post author

    I have been to lympstone cos my dad is an ex SBS royal marine. It was a RMC family day


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