Rowing Machine: 30 Minute Follow Along Workout

Rowing Machine: 30 Minute Follow Along Workout

– Well, that was fun, and sweaty, and I am eaten alive
by mosquitoes out here, all for you, because I love you. Because you guys asked for more of it, we’re bringing it to you. What are we bringing
to you, you might ask? Another guided workout. (funky music) What’s up, guys? And welcome back to another
episode with Dark Horse Rowing. We are here with another guided workout, because you asked for it, because you love it, and because we love bringing it to you. This, guys, is a workout
of our own creation. This is an inverted pyramid
of time and stroke rate, yet another one for you
to follow along with so that you can have some fun, as well as some guidance in your workouts. This workout is four on,
three on, two on, one on, two on, three on, four on, a little V-shape, if you will, on time, with equal rest to the
previous work period. Four on, four off, three on, three off, two on, two off, one on, one off, two on, two off, so on and up. The stroke rating is going
to be 22, 24, 26, 28, 28, 26, 24, meaning you are going to end your final four minutes
faster than you did your first four minutes, why? Because it’s fun, and why not? So, I am going to be
setting stroke rate for you, telling you when to get
off, rest, what to do, so on and so forth. All you have to do is
follow along with me, and you’re gonna have a great workout. Guys, make sure that you have your phone turned horizontally. If you have your little Monet mounted top for your phone and monitor,
make sure you pull this guy out and put your phone in it. Make sure it’s not hitting the lock button so it doesn’t lock on you, and then just turn that screen, hit play, put it on top of the
monitor, follow along, and we’re going to have a good time. So, guys, enjoy this workout. If you have comments, questions, please make sure you toss
them in the comments below, and if you’re here for the first time and you love this content, make sure that you hit
that subscribe button, and if you really enjoy it, make sure that you hit
that little bell next to it so that you get alerted
whenever we come out with a new workout or video. Guys, have fun inside this one. Let’s get going. (upbeat pop music) That was 22 strokes a
minute for four minutes. And now, rest. Okay, guys, hop back on the machine. We’re gonna take off
again in about 40 seconds. I want you guys to be thinking about jump on top of the pressure here. Make sure that you’re nice
and strong into the push and that you’re getting
ready to be on the machine, getting ready to go, so take these next 30 seconds
and start getting warmed up. (upbeat pop music) Three, two, one, good. Three minute rest. Bring your heart rate down. I suggest spinning out, nice and light, just keep moving. Grab some water. Groan if you like, supposed to just not stop moving, though. Alright, guys, this
next piece, two minutes. Stroke rating 26. I want you to dig in here. With that stroke rating higher, you’re gonna thinking a
little bit faster at catches and quick through the drive, so make sure that drive
is nice and snappy. Getting the hands away, settle in with me at 26. You should be good to go. Notes on this one, really think about
pushing through the legs. Make sure you’re watching
what my body is doing. There’s no early hip opening. It’s a brace through the trunk and then a push through the legs. Got 30 seconds. (funky pop music) Five seconds. Two, one, geez. Two minute rest. Two minutes. Okay, gang, one minute, 28. This is where you turn it up. Alright, we’re dialing it up a notch. On the way down, when we head down or up, whichever way you wanna
see it, down and up, we are going to be holding
28 for two minutes, so anticipate that, learn
what this 28 feels like, ’cause you’re gonna take
this after your one minute and you’re gonna head
right into two minutes with that same stroke rating. We’re gonna still have a rest, but you are gonna have to
keep that higher rating. 30 seconds, let’s… (ethereal pop music) One minute, coming back here to 28. Getting ready to go, 30 seconds. Two minutes, 28. (techno pop music) Whew. Nice job, guys. That was two minutes, 28. You’re gonna rest three, sorry, rest two. Then we’re gonna come back at a 26 for three minutes. Alright, guys, 26 seconds. It’s gonna be three minutes at a 26. 20 seconds, get on. (upbeat pop music) Alright, guys, three minute rest. We’re coming back for four minutes at a 24. Get ready to go. Alright, guys, 30 seconds. This is your final four minutes. It’s going to be at stroke rating 24. Settle in. Think about this one rhythmically as opposed to super explosive. I want you to really get
comfortable with pacing here, so I’m programming this little
longer piece here at the end. Now that you’re tired, you should be able to settle in a little bit smoother. Follow along with me, set the stroke rate with me. You’ll have a good time. Hop on, strap in, start spinning. Join me in about 10 seconds. (funky pop music) Three seconds. Two, one. Nice job, guys. That was really awesome work. That’s the end of this piece. Probably should appreciate what you did, how hard you worked, nice job. Feel free to come back to this
as many times as you want. That was a fun little inverted pyramid, four, three, two, one, two, three, four, equal time rest. I’m getting eaten by mosquitoes out here. Equal time rest to the
time you just rowed, so four minute on, four minute off. Three on, three off. Two on, two off. One on, one off. Two on, two off. Three on, three off, four on. Stroke rating during the
same, 22, 24, 26, 28, then 28, 26, 24, so you’re actually ending at a higher rate that you started at, and that’s kinda the fun of this. We had a little bit of trickery involved, and we made sure that you
had a little bit of fun and make it more dynamic for you, so this has been another fun
workout with Dark Horse Rowing. As always, if you guys enjoyed this, please hit that subscribe button, and if you loved it, if
you really just loved it, hit that little bell icon next to it to make sure that you get alerted every time we come out with a new video here on Dark Horse Rowing. Guys, we love you. Thank you so much. We will see you on the other side.

60 comments on “Rowing Machine: 30 Minute Follow Along Workout

  1. Lucien Grondin Post author

    I'm confused about the heels. Should I raise them or not? This video suggests it's ok to raise them ?

  2. נעם יוגב Post author

    Great workout!
    How can I scale it up? faster stroke rate or shorter rests?
    Can you please make future videos continues do we won't need to pause and play?

  3. Steve L Post author

    A good training piece for the sprint season but would be 100% better if you just did it all in real time including the rests as it would make for a great 1 to 1 when training by yourself.
    As for the location! I thought is the US, you guys would have some where more inspiring than a car park which you share your ergo space with a bike and car. I hope you didn't have to pay to park the ergo 😎

  4. John Post author

    Shane , I struggle to get my stroke rate below 28 (with a damper setting of 4-5) ……I've been sculling for 2+ years and have been using a Concept2 Dynamic Erg ? I'm short 5'7.5 (on a good day) and have a good understanding of the stroke but can't get stroke rate to 22-24 on the ERG. Any thoughts or tips are appreciated and kudos to you on Dark Horse Rowing !!

    PS: I tried on a Concept 2 static and the results were very similar.

  5. MrHollick Post author

    Have been waiting for this! Thank you Sir!!! Next time I would rather hear commentary from you or just the ambient noise and the rower instead of music added to the video. Like the 10-minute build video. Then it's like you're right there with us! With the added music its seems less like we are being led. Just my two strokes worth 🙂 Enjoy it just the same!!!

  6. Rik von den Hoff Post author

    Great challenge to get back after holiday! Thanks for very infotaining videos! Keep it up!

  7. AL k Post author

    Hello … thanks so much for this great video. I’ve been using your first guided workout since March and have lost almost 20 lbs. I have a very silly question please . How do I set the stroke rate on concept 2 machine ? Thx v much again

  8. SOCAL GAL Post author

    👍TY for the workout! I liked the background music can you tell me the name so I can DL

  9. Shirley Swanson Post author

    I have been rowing on and off for 10 months. I’ve been looking for a fun guided workout and I am pleased to say I have finally found it! Thanks Dark Horse Rowing!

  10. Matt Siel Post author

    You gotta be kidding me; THAT was a workout??? It felt like a cold warm up. I’m used to doing 5 sets of 250 meters, 45 seconds or less per set with 2 minutes of rest between sets. This felt like…a waste of 30 minutes🙄. Was this for beginners or first time rowers?

  11. guy bailey Post author

    Hey Shane, two questions – what type of what watch do you use to talk to your phone? and what are you looking to measure – is it working heart rate?thanksGuy

  12. Savin Lin Post author

    If I could like this more than once I would. Really sweating over here!! Love these guided workouts, so much easier to keep pushing thru when it feels like you're working out "with" someone. I saw you offer programs, do they include videos like this? I would definitely be interested in a series. Thanks again! 👍

  13. Raphael Bennett Post author

    This was excellent. Thank you Shane! I hope to have the opportunity to come learn/train with DH some day.

  14. Kentropy Post author

    This was excellent, thank you! I really appreciate the follow along workouts. In particular, a 10k or hour long row would be awesome. Thanks again, DHR!

  15. curiosity saved the cat Post author

    Great, this is nice! Maybe you could incorporate the rest periods into the video, so there's no need to put it on pause. Perhaps an on screen clock/timer would be a good idea? Just a suggestion. These video's will make a nice workout even better, thanks!

  16. Rebecca Woods Post author

    I am new to rowing (but not to working out) so this might be a very silly question. I noticed that you are out of breath, but I am not. I have increased the resistance to about 3/4 max, and I am on a Kettler R 220. Is there any other thing I need to do to make my workout more intense? Thank you for your excellent instruction videos.

  17. thekepple1 Post author

    Ok, I have an idea! Do these guided videos 3 to 4 times a week and have an option to join for 4 dollars a month! That way you make money and those that use the YouTube join feature get more of these videos! Bam! 🙂

  18. Rudi Cuevas Post author

    Are you still using the LiveRowing app? Just bought a new Concept 2, trying to find the best app. Thanks

  19. Jose Ferreira Pinto Post author

    Thanks for this WOD I just re-started my erg training. Your videos are an inspiration. Pls continue.

  20. Fett auf der Kette Post author

    Thank you very much for the guided workout. It’s very motivating to row together. I am looking forward to the next session and more guided workouts.

  21. Simon Baker Post author

    Great workout thanks! For me, it would be good to see your 500m split's to give me a target to work towards and know I'm working hard enough 🙂 Either a snippet from the memory at the end or in real time. Love you work!!!

  22. Ambi PeaceLove Post author

    Oh, YAY! Just found this video! I got a rower in February… been working out on my own… it was cool. But these videos make it a REAL workout for me! Thanksssss!

  23. enfuegomateo Post author

    Thank you for these. I first learned to row doing CrossFit years ago…and all that was was to get on the erg and go as fast as possible. I’m really digging getting into stroke rate and learning to settle into those rates. Mentally I have to break the thought process that you have to go all out to just get a work out in…. these workouts are helping!

  24. Ryan Kelly Post author

    What do you recommend in terms of power on each stroke? Do you just pull as hard as you can or do you have a certain wattage range you're looking to stay w/in depending on stroke rate? Would love to hear your thoughts, I love the videos you put out, keep them coming!

  25. Rob van der Wel Post author

    I love your videos, keep going and keep ‘em coming!

    I notice you lower your hands during recovery, so that they barely go over your knees. Not all trainers do that. Is that a trick of some sort to make sure you recover arms first? Or is there some other logic behind it? Thanks!

  26. Teslanomics with Ben Sullins Post author

    Good workout, felt slow in the first half but got pretty tough towards the end

  27. magikchristian Post author

    Third time coming at this and always fun. Incorporating med ball wall and floor slams (light reps) in between for extra fun! Thanks my dude. Dark Horse is LEGIIIIIT 🙏👍

  28. Orchard Makeup Post author

    Great video, would love you to let me know if I have to set up my monitor in anyway as just starting out. 😊


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