Road to the Games Ep. 18.03: Tennil, Bethany, Thuri

Road to the Games Ep. 18.03: Tennil, Bethany, Thuri

Tennil Reed had five top-10 finishes a year ago. She’s already got seven in the first eight events this year. Unbelievable job by Tennil Reed. She’ll find herself as the points leader as this massive here in Madison is making their way to the colosseum for Event 9, coming up in a bit. I wouldn’t say I expected to be in first place, by any means. I wasn’t shocked, either, because that’s what I wanted. I wanted to win. I wanted to be in first. I’m so excited for that! I’ve always wanted that! I’ve always been so close! Last year I was in
2nd a few times but I could never get to that 1st place spot. So I did it this time. Pat: I’m loving Tennil Reed-Beuerlein, not just because of her places, but because of how she’s getting them! This is her second year at the Games, which I think is your most important year. We know who you are. Some athletes under that pressure focus or fold. She is focused and competing with reckless abandon. Tennil: I felt so much more prepared, you know. Finishing workouts on top–I felt so empowered. Just strong. I don’t know, it’s hard to describe. It’s like the best feeling in the world, though. You’re just like, “I’m on top.” Okay, so this is the glorious part about having a dog: Oh, actually it’s not that bad. Maddie’s a Yorkie-poo and I got her right after the Games and unfortunately, right now, she’s really sick. It’s 2 a.m. and just imagine how I feel at this time. I’m looking at my carpet I’m just like, “This is not happening. This is a dream.” -Meanwhile, honey, you slept right through…
-I slept right through it. All of a sudden, it was right at that point that I was like, “I’m going to lose it!” I hear him snore so loud! And I’m like, “That guy is in there sound asleep and I’m dealing with this crap!” -You feeling rested? Did you wake up?
-No. Don’t act like there’s not some snorage going on on your side of the bed sometimes, either. -You’d sleep through a hurricane! [laughs]
That’s true. -What happened?
-She pooped again. She’s getting all excited and all her insides are moving. Oh my gosh. I’m so tired of her pooping. Put a diaper on her! But I named her Madison after Madison, Wisconsin. After the Games, because she’s my little prize puppy. The last event was over and I walked out to Tyler and I go, “Where’s my puppy?” [laughs] He’s like, “Are you kidding me? You just get done with the Games and your first sentence is ‘Where’s my puppy’?” -Tyler, who makes a better peanut butter and jelly sandwich? -I don’t know. Daddy does. -Tyler are you going to do the Open?
-Um, no. -But you guys met at CrossFit, right?
-We did. -He does CrossFit, but he doesn’t compete at all.
-It’s a loose definition of “does”. He is like the best husband ever. He helps me with everything, he’s super funny. Equal parts Rich Froning and Humpty Dumpty. That’s the other side. It’s not pretty. I definitely married him for his CrossFit skills. I don’t like to tell all this stuff to him in person because he likes to joke and rub it in my face. You asked me how 18.2 went. I think I finished in the top-3 in the region. And then my alarm went off, I got up, popped in the shower, got ready for work and I was out of there. He considers running in the outfield and catching some balls as cardio. That’s his cardio every week. She’s the nicest human beings you’ll ever meet in your entire life and then comes competition time and there’s this glaze that comes over her face. And I’ve lost her for four days. See ya on Monday. -I’m nice to you.
-Nice-ish. I will say this though, he supports me 100% all the time. But he hasn’t watched any of my Open workouts. Did you even watch any of them last year? He told me he’s at every single one of Brooke’s! I don’t come to your Open workouts because I don’t want to make you more nervous. If you want me to be there tomorrow, I’ll be there tomorrow. Full body paint or what are we talking? I’ve been eating pancakes for breakfast since he started making this for me. I’m eating toast with eggs and some Nutella and jam. -This is not mine.
-It’s mine. My name is Thuri Helgadottir and I’ve been to the Games four times as an Individual and two times on Team. Announcer: At the end of this year she had three top-5 finishes, eight top-10s. She has gotten better and better by the year. 35th in her first appearance in 2012. 28th in 2015. 19th one year ago. I mean, I’ve been doing CrossFit for eight years now–almost nine years. There’s constantly something to work at. And I love it. Announcer: She picks up the sandbag, carries it across the line. It’s a heat 1 win for Thuri Helgadottir. I was four weeks, recovering from the wisdom teeth. It was horrible. Four weeks! Tried one time to set chicken and potato in the blender, tried to drink it. [both laugh] This is usually the amount of stuff I have
with me every day. Actually, my biggest goal now is top-5 at the Regionals. It’s hard to get to the Games. It’s hard to be in the top-5. Everything has to go 100%. He talks a lot in his sleep. -And moves a lot. Very loud and just some random words. But I was falling asleep so I just kind of woke up with it. I one time accidentally punched her in the face. -Accidentally.
-And it was when I recently got my wisdom teeth pulled. So I was like a hamster. And he had his arm here and he just– Invest weighted vest. -It’s cool because it has the bulletproof…
-No. Oh, never mind. My name is Bethany Shadburne. My rookie year at the CrossFit Games I took 22nd. Announcer: Somebody figured out the pacing here and it’s Bethany Branham, the Games rookie out of the South Regional.
-Bethany Branham in the blue shorts on the ropes has the lead, but here comes Tennil Reed-Beuerlein. They are neck-and-neck. She’s got her tactical vest, too. This is Bella. This is my child. She goes everywhere with me. And she likes to show off her butt. She likes the booty scratches. I started with gymnastics, competitvely. And then I moved into triathlons, half marathons, obstacle course races, bodybuilding, and then, finally, CrossFit. Yeah! I love CrossFit! It’s been the best fit since gymnastics, for me. I did all those things in between gymnastics and CrossFit because I was trying to fill that void. I liked all of those things, but nothing ever really was like, “Yes. This is it.” So with a lot of gymnasts, what happens
is they go like this. They get wide. They get fat. I just had the mentality when I had to quit, “That’s not happening. We’re not doing that.” “Bethany’s not getting fat.” Last year was my first go at it, so I was just like, “I don’t really care what happens.” Whatever happens, happens. But this year I put a little bit more pressure on myself just because I made it to the Games and obviously I want to go back. There’s just different workouts, new girls that show up, and you’re just like, “Wow, I suck!”
[laughs] This year it seems like, “Wow, I’m doing not as well as I did last year.” It’s easy to get caught up in the Leaderboard, but there’s no reason to because who really remembers the Open, right? What really matters is what happens at the Games. -Who won the Open last year for the women? Uh…. not Emily Bridgers… Sam Briggs? Nope? See! It doesn’t matter. -Sara Sigmundsdóttir. We are going to Power in Motion CrossFit. It’s where I do all of my p.m. workouts. I got aerobic work today. Sustained breathing and movement. Feel good. Keep the damper low. And then walk outside, easy, in the sun. I can do that. Easy stuff today. -I actually reached out to Tennil through Instagram.
-Slide into the DMs? She responded immediately and was like, “You just need to move out here.” “You just need to leave. Don’t worry about
anything, just leave.” And I was like, “Okay.” These girls moving out here has made it so much more fun for me. I was so happy to get some more girls out here. We push each other really hard and they’re going to win some, I’m going to win most. I’m just kidding. The Airbike is my favorite machine. -I don’t think I’ve ever heard those words.
-I know. I just like this thing. I feel like I can do this and recover faster
than most people. Like I can go hard and I can get off of it and I’m good. I hate to say this, but I can be lazy. If it’s not across the street I might be ordering Uber Eats. It’s coming to me. I workout hard enough. When it’s done I just want to lay around. Thuri: I have class from 10 to 3 and then I went and ate and then I came here. I have this semester and then I graduate with what’s called Bachelor’s. I’m 27 this July and don’t want to be much older than 30 when I have my first kid. So his plan is two kids with one year in between. -How long have you guys been dating?
-Six months. He has this all planned out. More than I have, yeah. In a lot of countries, it’s kind of frowned upon– “Ohh, she has muscles.” I immediately feel it when I leave this country that people are touching me and people are just asking me, “Do you work out?” and stuff like that. No. I don’t. It could be because it’s kind of cool to be muscular women in Iceland. -Did you do two-a-day training sessions just so you could date her? Yeah. Not at the beginning. -Not at the beginning?
-Not at the beginning, no. -You weren’t trying to impress her? I couldn’t impress her. My goals are to be one of the best. At the CrossFit Games. Climbing Snail. That’s my favorite event. We couldn’t touch the Snail so we didn’t know how it would feel. Announcer: And right now it is Thuri Helgadottir running away with the first heat. Announcer 2: Watch the way she attacks this snail. I felt like I could just push it. Announcer: Thuri Helgadottir figured this thing out extremely quickly and she is your heat leader by a long shot! Thuri Helgadottir all by herself. Thuri Helgadottir basically got a running start at this thing. Shoulder checked that thing! And Thuri Helgadottir will take heat number one! Everything at the Games in 2016 went better than I thought it was going to go. I surprised myself after every workout. I felt like I’m so close to be in the Top 10. Just a few things I have to work on and I felt like I could be one of the best in the world. So I decided to take school off. I felt in the best shape of my life. Then when the Open started, I felt that I miss school a bit. I had nothing except training. When I started school this year, I felt like I had so much more energy. I realize that I might have been training too much. Announcer: In fifth place and going to the CrossFit Games: Tennil Reed. When I heard my name… so many emotions. All that time and all that training just finally paying off. It was like the best feeling in the world. I was so happy. I get to the Games–I’ve neber done the Games before, so I’m just like, “This is awesome.” And then the first workout was a 7k run. It killed my quads. It blew my legs up so much. At that time, my quads were used for everything. I did everything with those things. So that run, right into deadlifts, blew my back up so if you don’t have your quads, you go
straight to your back. I didn’t have either, so it was kind of like–the next couple days were just so hard for me. Why did I want to do this so bad? I wasn’t unhappy, but I was still like, “Wow, I’m glad that’s done. That’s so hard.” After I went to the Games, I knew what
was coming for me. So then I was like, “Oh man…
do I really want to do that again?” So I had to come up with a different goal. The goal that I eventually found was that I wanted to win Regionals. Announcer: And Tennil is moving so fast next to Camille. It’s now become a bit of a battle. How fun is it to watch these two ladies
go head-to-head? And Tennil Reed is just looking so strong and fast. Announcer 2: Reed is going to come in ahead of Leblanc-Bazinet and that is huge for Tennil Reed! Tennil Reed is first to the sandbag. Now that Tennil Reed can take the whole thing here. I had a lot more fun because it’s more fun when you’re winning stuff! Announcer: Most Improved is up next. She won the O-Course, she took second in the Strongman’s Fear. She placed 11th in her rookie year
and now 6th this year. Please welcome Tennil Reed-Beuerlein! [cheering] -How do you feel?
-Excited. Vert Excited. I definitely surprised myself with this finish. I didn’t think I was going to make it so, very surprised! Any time I’m doing something I end up having a lot of stress in my life,
like my personal life and it helps me perform better in a weird way. Like I was the most relaxed I have ever been in a competition, at Regionals. I wasn’t nervous and I think just dealing with so much nerves and things prior to Regionals I don’t know if I just used it all, or I don’t know. I just felt good. I felt good at Regionals and I felt good at the Games. So as people already know, my name has changed. It went from Branham to Shadburn. I also went through a divorce. It’s hard. It’s hard to do–go through that and train your butt off and work full time. It was just a lot going on. Announcer: Branham–less than five reps. She won’t have the event win, but she is going to have a great finish. She wins the heat in 7:03, unofficially. I wanted to make it to Regionals. That was the goal. So when I made it there, I was like, “This is awesome. I made it to Regionals. Don’t embarrass yourself.” Then come to find out I get fourth place and I’m going to the Games. All right, let’s do this! It ended up being a really cool experience and I made it as far as you can go in CrossFit. Got my big Yeti cooler because I always bring it everywhere. Chivalry’s not dead, people! Tuesday night I got asked to be a part of 18.3. We went down from Austin to Houston. That’s where the 18.3 announcement was. -Are you nervous for tonight?
-Yeah. [laughs] I get so nervous. It could be a local competition I’m doing or the CrossFit Games– I’d feel exactly the same way. -Is there a thing you’re hoping it’s not?
-Yeah. Ring muscle-ups. You know the dog was balancing the egg. So I was thinking, you need balance for
handstand walking. But if it’s just the egg… For some reason an egg reminds me of that nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. And that makes me think of wall balls. -You ate really weird at the Games, that’s all I remember.
-No, I ate bagels at the Games. -You ate bagels?
-That’s all I eat now. -Crapped her pants.
-Actually I didn’t! I almost did. That was at Regionals that I did. [record scratch] -You crapped your pants at Regionals? Doing what? The last workout. [laughs]
D-Balls! -And you crapped your pants?
-Yeah. -Was it messy?
-Not that messy! -Are we talking like a shart or…? It’s like a little bit. Enough that I was like, “Ahh shit.” -You changed shorts before you left. -Did you change shorts before you were on the podium?
-No! They wouldn’t let me! -So you were on the podium with shit in your pants. -You probably didn’t change until after the drug test.
-I couldn’t! They literally wonldn’t let me. I asked. Everyone had their own little person that was following them around because they didn’t want you to touch anybody, I guess. And I was like, “Hey dude, I shit my pants. Can I go to the bathroom?” Are you serious? I need to go to the bathroom! They were like, “No, you gotta wait until the drug test.” Got in around 1:30. Had rehersal at 2. Travis Williams. Me and him just battle. Constantly. -Who’s going to win? That’s not even a question. -This gal!
-I’m going to destroy her. -Probably, but I’m still going to say me.
-Fat chance. -Depends on what it is.
-You better hope there’s handstand push-ups. Even then, I’ll still win. -How many people know the workout?
-10 or 15. -How many people knew it a week ago?
-five or six. Maybe those numbers aren’t exact, but something around there. -Do you know the workout?
-I know part of the workout. Part of the workout is fitness.
[drumkick} How’s it going? You ready? -As ready as I’m going to be. Let’s do this. -No chance.
-It’s going to be a run-swim-run, right? -How’d you do on that?
-I beat him on that. That’s why I want that. -She beat you by three minutes?
-Three minutes. I don’t know! I hope it’s not squatting. My hip flexor hurts. It’ll be fun. I’m just here to have fun. And beat Travis. Rory: We are live from Houston at Skyline CrossFit! As you can see, we’re going to have a good time tonight. Later in the show, Bethany Shadburne’s going to hold it down for the women of CrossFit on International Women’s Day. She’ll go head-to-head with three-time CrossFit Games competitor Travis Williams. But first… 18.1 was a triplet. 18.2 was a couplet. 18.3 features multiple movements. The first movement is: the overhead squat. The second movement is: the ring muscle-up. Why? The third movement is: the dumbbell snatch. The fourth movement is: once again, the muscle-up, but this time on the bar. The fifth element is: double unders. Hey do you hear that? Dave: For the first time in the Open: a CrossFit benchmark. Diane! Then you will do 21-15-9 reps of deadlift and for the first time to the Open: the handstand walk. Ring muscle-ups are my kryptonite. You kip should look like this. And not like this. Keep going forward and then lean back with your chest. Reach up with your chest. Curl up into a ball when you get into the rings. Bring your butt up, but not your head. You don’t want your butt and head to come up at the same time. You want your butt like this. Raise your ass and then raise your head. It’s really easy on the muscle-up because the turn over gives it to you. From that position, you’re already going backwards. All you have to do is keep your feet going back and then lean back. -What’s on your shoes? Bella! Since she can’t come, she can still be here in spirit. It takes 52 seconds to do 100 double unders. There’s 800 double unders in this workout, so you’re at eight minutes. With just the double unders. Unbroken. You got six minutes to do the rest of the movements. It’s very unlikely, given that, that I’m going to finish this workout. Kudos to him if he can do all that unbroken. I just want to do well on my muscle-ups. You just gotta chill. You just gotta chill. Stand by… Go! For the second time tonight, 18.3 is underway. Opting for a snatch on the first rep, but not low enough. That’s the gamble you play on the first rep. Scott is 30 years old and is just a master of consistency. I could feel everybody behind me when I was on the ring muscle-ups. I felt like their loudness and their yelling was helping me get up. I think I did better there than I probably would if I were to do it at the gym. Scott Panchik doesn’t let the fact that someone’s ahead of him worry him. Most people aren’t going to finish this workout. That was so much harder than I thought
it was going to be. It was probably, hands down, my favorite experience competing ever. Out of all the things I’ve ever done competing on a floor. That was like the best experience I’ve ever had. Announcer: Shadburne squeezing out one more rep! Williams trying to close it out here at the end of 18.3! And that will do it for heat number 2! As Travis Williams, in Travis Williams-like fashion, came out strong but held on the entire time. That was a good performance by Travis Williams. Tennil: My favorite moment was the clean workout. The year before that, there was a clean ladder and in that workout I got to the last bar and I made one but I kept failing the last rep. So I couldn’t finish the workout and I ended up getting time-capped. Ugh. My legs were just gone by then. So this time, right before I took my last one, I looked up and I could see my mom standing at the end of my lane. She was like, “Come on! You can do it!” And I just ran and jumped into their arms and they were just hugging me. My sister smacked me on the butt so hard, twice! Later she said, “I’m so sorry I hit you so hard.
I was just so pumped!” But it was–it was just such a special moment. -My voice is gone.
-I can hear it, honey. -It’s toast.
-I’m sorry. -I’m trying to yell and it’s just…
-Babe, stop yelling. -I can’t help it, baby.
-I can’t hear you anyways. -You mean you can’t hear us? I can hear you when it’s over and I can look up. But I can’t hear you during it. You should of heard your sisters fighting over who was going to come back here to help you. -I can braid.
-“Look at the water bottle I have.” -“This is really clean, good water.” The thing that makes my sisters and me good at stuff is like, we’re not going to give up until we get it. We get so determined to do stuff. We’re going on a little recovery hike. So that I don’t lay on the couch and
watch shows right now. Because I don’t want my back to get all tight and then the next couple days I’m like, super sore or anything. If I go on a hike and just kind of move blood and stuff I’ll be less sore tomorrow. It’s better for tomorrow if I do this right now. Bethany: I like the more holistic approach to things. As much as I can. That’s why I really like acupuncture. It’s just more of a natural way of healing your body. This is my voodoo place. Everyone sees this on Instagram all the time. Jamie from Rx Acupuncture just does a good job there. We’re trying to mimic more of that clean. I will take Advil if needed, but I’d rather not. If I don’t have to, I’d rather just be able to deal with it without taking anything. I don’t know. I just don’t like taking things. It’s mugwort, so it’s a plant–an herb that is processed to look like this cotton texture. It’s the bomb. -It’s really good for recovery. So this is just softening the muscle and nourishing the muscle. Those ones are to trigger certain points. This is to soften and renourish and help with recovery. -Have you ever smoked weed?
-Have I? -That’s an answer right there.
-No! This is as close as I got to weed. [speaking Icelandic] [speaking Icelandic] He’s decided to go for the first time. That everyone’s coming to swim in the ocean. [speaking Icelandic] Okay, that was awkward because
that was the wrong number. -Who was that?
-David, who’s coming. We’re going to a beach. You can lay in the snow if you want to. -Is this your first time?
-Yes. In the ocean. During winter. We’re going out here. It seems like it could maybe walk a little bit and then we’re swimming over there and then we come up between the stones. If you feel like, “I’m kind of getting sick” or something, you should just go out. Because otherwise you’re going to feel so terrible. You just have to trick you mind. Imagine the sun is out. Blue sky. Warmth. The hardest part is just to get in.
Don’t panic if I start screaming. [screaming in Icelandic] I usually scream when I’m getting in. But that’s the fun part. -Too much?
-Some other day, maybe. Things that seem hard right now, compared to what you’re doing right before you go there– it’s like, the way you look at workouts changed so much. All of a sudden–before the Games,
all of a sudden you’re like, “Let me do an Open workout. Please!” I’d rather do that again, you know? Going to Cryofit! With cryotherapy you’re trying to get all the blood you can into the torso. So this helps it in. That’s why she’s a brat. I let her do whatever she wants. -What just happened?
[laughing] This is the closest I get to dancing, right here. This is the twerk. This is the athletic, CrossFit twerk. This shite girl don’t dance. It’s cold first. Then you start swim and then
it’s just burning. You get really cold and hot. Almost there! It’s just like this. I’ve tried this. I guess it’s too cold now. In the summer I tried to do it–I tried to put my swim cap on and my goggles and try to swim. Also, because I hate swimming. -Whoo!
-He’s all in! He’s crazy! It’s freakishly cold, so you get numb in the face. -Do you run to the hot tub now?
-I run to the warmer ocean, here. You can feel now that the skin is frozen. -Does the skin hurt?
-No, it doesn’t hurt. It just feels like it’s glass. -This is the worst part.
-What do you mean? [laughing] If I feel pain in my knees or something, I just really want to go swim in the ocean. If you’re really tired after a workout and you’re hurting everywhere… I want to go in the ocean and get numb. -She get her butt shaved?
-A little bit. It’s not a lot. We’re making burgers. Colleen brought us some tomatoes and avocados. -What did you bring home, honey?
-I’m not going to tell you what she has. -This is his bag, he brought in.
-“For the dog.” So my pup’s bum is pretty irritated, so I got to put Preparation-H on her butt. We don’t want her to lick it off, so we had to put this around her neck so she ccan’t reach her butt. It’s so sad. Oh jeez. Tacos. I mean, there’s healthy choices everywhere you go. It’s not an excuse not to go out, right? -How often do you guys eat out?
-Probably like once a week. On the weekend. Like on Saturday usually. Joe’s my boyfriend. We have the same outfits every sincle day! We match, some how, some way, every single day. It’s either shorts or a t-shirt or a headband… People get very confused when we don’t match. They think that the world has died and exploded. Can I do two kids tacos? On corn? With grilled chicken? And no cheese? And then can you add lettuce, avocado, and cilantro? I’m scared of like all the things. Like if I can’t really see what’s going on in my food, I don’t really want to eat it. -She has this weird thing that foods can’t touch. -So she doesn’t like tacos with a bunch of toppings on it.
-Well I can mix it myself and it’s fine. At home I can mix all of my food, but I’ve seen all the food, I’ve touched all the food, it’s fine. But if it’s like that and I don’t know exactly what went on in the back? I don’t want to be a part of it. -So if they cooked it here, in front of you?
-It might be different. We met at the gym. We actually knew each other for, gosh, probably a couple of years. We just hit it off over time. You know. It was kind of like once we looked at each other in that way, it was … We were together every day after and have been together every day since. I beat her so many times that I felt bad. It was kind of a charity-case thing. No. That never happened. Looking done! Looking good. -How’s that burger?
-Really good. Just what I needed. -Good job, honey.
-Thanks, babe! -You made a mean burger.
-Thank you. Appreciate it. He opens my car door all the time for me. It’s awesome. -There’s this pizza place here in Austin. One day we’re driving by and she’s like, “Hey, have you ever been to Blazzé?”
“No, what’s that?” “It’s this place right here.”
“Oh, you mean Blaze?” [laughing] Oh shit, my bad. She really doesn’t want it. Can’t you tell? I can tell, but– Oh my gosh. My medal from winning Regionals last year. I put it right here so it can just remind me, every day. What I want to do. I just want this to say, “Champ of the World” Not South Regional. I mean, South Regional is great. I’m happy about it, but I want it to say for the world. When I first heard it announced, I was like
“Man, that doesn’t seem that hard.” Those weights are pretty light. It just didn’t seem that bad. Then I watched those girls do it yesterday morning and saw how hard it was for them, and Colleen’s like super, super strong. She just barely did a 260 clean, and I was like, “Woah.” Everything I said, scratch that. It’s going to be a lot harder than that. Maybe this is going to be harder than I thought. I need to rethink this. That’s why I like to do it on Saturday—because I get a day to watch everybody else go. And it changes. I can see her face, because you’ve been working with someone that long just to see where she’s at emotionally, and that brings off where I lead her in terms of what I say to her initially, when she walks in the door. What I say to her during her warm-up. What I say to her before the workout. So that’s always a precursor. The moving into it the great thing is that she’s such a competitor that when the time comes the clock starts, everything goes black and silent, she’s really executing on what she needs to and just listening to what I give her in terms of pace and strategy, etcetera. Nothing else matters in her world. But that’s the sign of a true athlete. When it was over, I instantly felt that relief of,
“I did it. I did good.” I’m pretty sure I said right after I was done, “Okay, the happy person is back.” Okay, now the happy person is back. Maybe I should tell myself I want to win the CrossFit Games. But I don’t actually feel like that’s actually going to get me to the first place. In the next two or three years I want to
be in the top, top, top. I want to see how far I can push myself. I definitely want to see myself on the podium. And win the CrossFit Games. But I also just want to see how far my body can go. How far I can push myself. If that’s winning the CrossFit Games, that’s awesome. If it’s staying in 20th place but I’m the one that’s improving and getting better then I’m okay with that, too. Yeah, I think I can win the CrossFit Games. For sure. I wouldn’t do this another year if I didn’t think I could. That would be a waste of time. I feel like I can beat them. I feel like I’m going to. I hate sying that, because I love those girls.But I think I can beat them.

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