Reddit Bodyweight Fitness Recommended Routine – My Week 1 Progress

Reddit Bodyweight Fitness Recommended Routine – My Week 1 Progress

– My name is Justin and I am
training to be a super soldier. For the next three months I’m gonna be doing the recommended routine from the bodyweight fitness subreddit. This is my first progress report. The bodyweight fitness
subreddit, in many ways, is like any other part of the internet. It’s got its fair share of trolls but it also has a lot of useful stuff. The recommended routine put
together by the lovely folks at the bodyweight fitness subreddit is one of the more useful things I’ve come across on the internet. Especially as far as online
fitness communities go. It’s basically a bodyweight
workout program for beginners. Now, people tend to have
very different definitions of what a beginner is
and just for the record, I’m not really a beginner in fitness. So hopefully by the end of the program I can give you a fairly
accurate assessment as to this program’s skill level. Alright, now on to the routine itself. The strength work consists
of three pairs of exercises for five to eight reps,
you do the first one, then you rest 90 seconds,
then you do the second one, then you rest 90 seconds, and then you do the first one again,
then you rest 90 seconds, and then so on and so forth. Until you’ve done both
exercises three times. So we have the pull up progression paired
with the squat progression. The dip progression paired
with the hinge progression. And the row paired with the pushup. Now, in case you guys don’t
know what a progression is, it’s basically a scaled down or scaled up variation of particular exercise. Usually based on your current skill level. For example, a scaled
down pull up progression would be, say, a negative pull up. And an example of a scaled
up pull up progression would be the weighted pull
up or the one-armed pull up. So with all that said,
here are the progressions that I’m going to be starting at. We have the weighted pull
up, the pistol squat, yes, I know, I’m a badass, the weighted ring dip, did
I say badass? Oh, yeah. The harop curl and the sumo deadlift. The tuck front lever
and the lever push up. After the strength we
have the core triplet which covers anti-extension,
anti-rotation, and extension itself. These are the exercises
I will be starting at. On the off days I’m gonna
be doing the skill routine. Also found on the bodyweight
fitness subreddit. The skill day focuses mostly
on the handstand and the L-sit. Now that we’ve run through
the entire program, how did I actually feel
after the first few days? Well, these were the numbers
I got during my first workout. I gotta say, the numbers are actually quite a bit lower than what
I can normally do for a max. I’ll be honest, I did find
the 90 second rest time to be kind of challenging
because I’m used to doing three minutes or longer
rests for strength work. Hey, what can I say, I’m a
lazy man and I like my rests. I also haven’t been doing
barbell work for a while and I generally am a little bit paranoid when it comes to back issues so, really conservative for the sumo deadlift. Now as far as the workout goes itself, I did notice that you have to be really strict on your rest times. If you’re not then the workout
is gonna run really long. I highly recommend not sitting there, twiddling your thumbs or sliding into some hot Instagram girls’ DM’s during
your 90 minute rest period, because that 90 second rest is gonna turn into a three minute rest. And that’s gonna turn
into a five minute rest. So that’s it, my very
first progress report for my three month journey
in the recommended routine. Also, just for the record,
I am trying to lean up for a bit to get rid
of this winter padding. So, yes, I will be eating
at a slight caloric deficit. Will this affect my strength gains? Quite possibly. But, hey, man, look, summer’s coming up and looks matter, it’s
the real world after all. I will be checking in every few weeks so be sure to subscribe
to my YouTube channel to keep up with me and, of course, if you enjoyed this video. If you wanna see more of my day-to-day, please feel free to
follow my Instagram page. Which is down there somewhere. So yeah, follow me there, too. Alright, everyone, I
will see you next time. Peace out.

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  1. Geek Climber Post author

    So this is what progression means! Finally understand it lol. I also thought bodyweight fitness means zero equipments, how come you are using pull up bars and gymnastic rings?

  2. NoobStrength Post author

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