Plum Paper – Fitness Section | How I plan my workouts

Plum Paper – Fitness Section | How I plan my workouts

hey guys it’s danielle welcome back to my Channel today I have another planning series for you today with my plum paper planner I’ve done a couple more videos or a few more planning videos so I will link those below but today I’m talking about the fitness section of this planner and how I organize that it’s an extra add-on I wanted to say it’s about five dollars extra but for me totally worth it so let me show you how I organize everything thank you so much for watching like i said it’s an extra tab of the planner and I’ll give you an overshot if i can every month has these two pages so on the left and I didn’t fill this out cuz i don’t want to be so sharing with you tube but you can log your weekly weight and then more importantly than that I think is to measure so you do your starting measurements and ending measurements if you’ve never done this before do it because it’s so much more gratifying than weight and it changes more frequently at least for me another overshot so we have monthly goals we’re in april right now my monthly goals goals for April was to track my nutrition in my fitness pal to complete my workouts and add to short jog per week short for me is 20 minutes there’s a spot for highs and lows which I am honestly not taking advantage of and then reward spoiler alert I’m not getting my reward but I planned to get a new pair of shorts it hasn’t been a great month for me fitness-wise and this is the main area i use on this page Holly Rigsby was my online fitness coach I’ll link her info in the description and so these workouts I put together but it’s based on her philosophy and what she taught me so I kind of split this up into two columns strength two strength workouts and two interval workout her whole philosophy was based on busy moms and shortcuts so every workout is 15 to 20 minutes and focusing on the strength so I go between these two strength workouts for the month of April both are full body so working on lower body squats and deadlifts for instance upper body push up pull you know your biceps and triceps and core so that’s what I focus on I don’t know if you’re interested in me really explaining tthe workout in what it is but let me know if you are and then you need to take a rest in between strength workouts so that’s where intervals come in holly calls this the cardio shortcut so another word is hiit high intensity interval training so I take two intervals to go in between and the month and I change it out but that way you know it’s planned so if you’re if you don’t feel motivation you just say no this is the plan so this is a little easier to explain in the strength so interval 1 for 30 seconds I do jump squats and I rest for 30 seconds 30 seconds of jumping jacks and rest 30 seconds of inch worms and rest for 15 minutes total and then I love to run so I do running intervals so the same usually concept 30 on 30 off for 15 minutes but I’m running at a fast speed either outside or on the treadmill so the whole point of this is it short but really intense so those 30 seconds you are going full on out i’m not sure if you can hear my 4 year old screaming in the background i promise he’s okay okay so this is where you log everything’s a monthly fitness tabs and there’s 31 rows for each day obviously so this is where i kind of write what i did and then there’s a spot for time distance sets and reps I don’t honestly use this for what I do and then really cool there’s a water tracker so eight glasses of water you fill it in I don’t always use this I honestly love water so i usually don’t have a problem making eight cups but today it has been horrible so today’s a day where I really should be using this tracker um I think the only other thing I do which might be helpful to some of you is the days that i go to my actual gym I put a G next to that and that’s because my insurance kicks me back 20 bucks if I go 12 times or more for the month so that way I can kind of figure out how much more I need to go to make sure that I get that refund so let me know if you have any questions let me know if you have this planner and this if you use it any differently maybe I can learn some tips from you if you were interested in my strength workouts maybe I can do a separate video explaining that more but I’m just not sure what you guys are interested in I really appreciate you watching this I’d love to have you as a subscriber and please like this video and have a wonderful day thanks for watching

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  1. Biddy Bop Post author

    I like how specific/measureable your plans are! I take a lot of inspiration from this. 🙂 I love the fitness section too. I record my steps on the tracking page and whether I did my 'dailies' (situps, squats etc) my 'walk' and whether I went on the 'treadmill' in the evening. I use those 4 narrow columns to track 1. green juice and 2 vitamins (just ticking if I remember to drink the green juice and take my vitamins – which I usually forget) and the other two – sleep per night and then sleep average for the week (I am aiming for 7 hours average). I am just a the start of my health/fitness journay with 15 kgs to lose. I have a lot to improve on but I like the quotes "what gets measured, get managed' and 'everyone starts somewhere'. I was excited to see your video in my subs list. Thanks for sharing!


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