Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is a relatively new term
that we find is very important for the development of healthy children and a healthy population.
Physical literacy can be defined in a variety ways, but almost all the definitions world
wide, are generally coherent in saying a child is, or a person who is physically literate
will have very good motor competence in a wide variety of movements, as well as having
confidence, comprehension and ability to adapt the skills for any environment, from being
on snow, on ice, in water, on land, indoors or out. So at the end of the day, a physically
literate person is a person who has a diverse movement vocabulary, they can do a lot of
different skills, they can do it in a lot of different environments and they are pretty
good at what they do. Of course if that is true a physically literate person then can
participate in whatever they like. Rest assured if you can’t throw you won’t play baseball,
if you can’t run you won’t be able to avoid an accident. So it is not just for sport that
physical literacy exists, it’s for physically active leisure time pursuits, like recreation,
it’s for participating in your house in doing different chores, it is for your vocation,
it’s for performing arts, it’s for any aspect of your life. If you are not physically literate,
you limit your participation in society. Physical literacy is a vital component to be added
to literacy and numeracy to make a healthy child.

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