Physical Fitness Test | How to Execute a Proper Push-up

Physical Fitness Test | How to Execute a Proper Push-up

The hybrid push up pull up test This event gives Marines the option to do either push-ups or pull-ups. All Marines are encouraged to do pull-ups as this is a better field test of dynamic upper body strength. Additionally, maximum points on the hybrid push up pull up test can only be earned by doing pull-ups. prior to the hybrid pull up push up test Marines will indicate to the monitor if they will attempt pull-ups If pull-ups are selected
Marines will be tested on pull-ups If Mrains are able to do the minimum amount of repetitions, or more, the performance will be recorded and this event is completed. Push-ups This is a two-minute timed event and can be conducted indoors or outdoors. sweatshirts will be removed during the conduct of the push-up event to observe full extension of the arms and upper arms
above the elbow parallel to the deck. The preparatory command is ready and the execute command is begin On the command ready the Marines will assume the front leaning rest position by placing the hands in a comfortable position deck. On the command begin, begin the push-up by bending the elbows and lowering the entire body as a single unit until the upper arms are at least parallel to the deck. Then return to the starting position by raising the entire body until the arms are fully extended. The body must remain ridged in a generally straight line and move as a unit while performing each repetition. The feet may be together or 12 inches apart measured between the feet but may not be crossed. When viewed from the side the body should form a straight line from the shoulders to the ankles. If the Marine fails to perform the first 10 push-ups correctly, the scorer will tell the Marine to the knees and will explain the deficiencies. The Marine will then be sent to the end of the line to be retested. After the first ten push-ups have been performed and counted no restarts are allowed. the test will continue and any incorrectly
performed push-ups will not be counted. An altered front leaning rest position is the only authorized resting position. That is, the Marine may sag in the middle or flex the back. When flexing the back the knees may be bent
but not to such an extent that the Marine is supporting most of the body weight with the legs. If this occurs the Marines
performance will be terminated. The Marine must return to and pause in the correct starting position before continuing. If the Marine rests on the ground or
raises either hand or foot from the ground the performance will be terminated. The marine may reposition the hands and/or feet during the event as long as long as a remaining contact with the deck at all times. At the end of each repetition the scorer will state the number of repetitions completed correctly. If the Marine fails to keep the body generally
straight, to lower the whole body until the upper arms are at least parallel to the deck or to extend the arms completely. That repetition will not count and the scorer will repeat the number of the last correctly performed repetition.

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  1. Leslie BearRunner Post author

    if you can't do a 300 pft score, you don't belong in my Marine Corps. did this shit till it hurts and grew from it!!! Buck up, mother's of America!! Semper Fidelis,Marines!!!!!

  2. David Katz Post author

    for a second I thought the chart said "84 Pull Ups" as a max requirement and I was mighty intimidated until I paused and took a closer look

  3. Robert328851 Post author

    How to prepare for service in U.S.M.C? Physically. I just had a physical education class and almost died, so I'm pretty weak…

  4. Stanley Dent Post author

    First of all, if you are in the military and have to go to youtube to learn how to do a push-up, you better find a different carreer. Here's a few thoughts that I replied to some other ignorant douche about the military. I'm sure you dumbasses will enjoy it: The fucking uninformed, ignorant fucks that do ZERO research or investigating as to what the ACTUAL purpose of the U.S. military is are at fault, along with people in power actively deceiving them. If you allow yourself to be deceived you are just as guilty. If I tell you it's ok to shoot and kill someone, then you and go do it, whose fault is it? If it sounds like I'm pissed it's because I am. I am tired of the war-mongering, I am tired of the ignorant masses continually letting themselves be deceived when the truth is right in front of them, I'm tired of our government killing innocent people, I'm tired of how our country is now viewed in the eyes of the world because of ignorant sheep believing what the lying, cocksucking government tells them. And no, if we had "A well regulated Militia" because it is "necessary to the security of a free state." Show me where it says create, arm and fund terrorists across the globe then sound our men and woman out to be killed by them? Where the fuck does it say American soldiers are required to guard and cultivate poppy fields to secure 80% of the heroin trade to fund black ops programs? Where does it say American soldiers have a duty to overthrow soverign nations because they don't align with Western interests? I.E. Central banks, natural resources, gas pipelines etc… So I will reiterate: You stupid uninformed sheep should IMMEDIATELY quit the U.S. military, apologize to the American people for being a douche bag and then find a real job. Any questions?

  5. Matthew Alexander Post author

    Welcome to the Marine Corps, where the opportunities are equal… just not the standards #FeminismIsCancer

  6. ian alderson Post author

    do you have the option to do chin ups or pull ups? because chin ups are considerably easier do to the fact your biceps help

  7. Mildly Amusing Channel Post author

    Hey guys, I've got foot drop in my left foot (peroneal nerve damage), can anyone recommend a substitute for running/walking that will strengthen my legs/lower back/core? I find I'm unable to run for longer than twenty minutes comfortably due to my lower back becoming progressively skewed, thanks to the dropped foot. It's much better than it was initially but my running and walking is still very unbalanced.

  8. John Webb Post author

    Chin-up (palms facing you) are much easier than pull-ups (palms facing away from you). Are chin-ups allowed now? Just for women?

  9. stan broniszewski Post author

    I know I'm too old to enlist (52 years old). I'm lucky if I can do two pull-ups in perfect form.

  10. Project: DG Post author

    2:02 is this guy stupid? He is saying no and he still keeps doing it wrong. I swear he's so dumb…

  11. Commander Starstrider Post author

    Notice how his head is facing down, to where his nose almost touches the ground. I fucking HATED when some instructors/judges would tell me to lift my head to a forward facing position. That is not correct 1, and 2 it would close the windpipe making it harder to breath thus less air thus more fatigue and less push ups.

  12. Hhbg Nbbn Post author

    I'm not able to do push-ups even after training for 2 years please tell me why I've also looked up tutorials but they won't help no matter what I do 🙁

  13. Orangeman Cometh Post author

    This video is disseminated by the United States Marine Corps. As such, it is made freely available to all citizens of the United States. If you are not a citizen of the United States, let it be known that the only legal way to get the information contained in this video is to have CNN describe the contents of the video to you. Thank you. That is all.

  14. Demarcus Credit Post author

    This is the Army PFT brief. They just replaced Soldier with Marine and Marching Surface with Deck

  15. c m0808 Post author

    If we're going to do push-ups for a test, we MUST do them the same way as the Army grades their Soldiers so as to prepare our Marines for Airborne and Ranger School.

  16. Bert Dahlman Post author

    Blah blah just do the fucking pushups. God dam only the Marine Corps could make something so easy so fucking complicated.


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