People Read Strangers’ Worst Heartbreaks

People Read Strangers’ Worst Heartbreaks

– “My boyfriend cheated on me
with my cousin about 3 years ago. They’re still together and I have to
see them at every family gathering.” Aw, that’s so messed up! – “I have loved the same
girl for the past 6 years. I see her from time to
time and we fool around, but to me, it’s more than that. I’ve been feeling the same
heartbreak for 6 years.” – “I dated a guy for almost 2 years. I was so in love with him,
I changed myself to his liking, not realizing that he
never felt the same for me. He dumped me, and when I ask why,
he refuses to tell me. He left me in the dark to this very day.” I can relate to that one. I had someone do something very
similar to me when I was in college. Ended up getting back
with his old fiancée. Didn’t tell me about it. I wish I wouldn’t have put so
much of the blame on myself, because at the end of the day,
it was something going on with him. I feel like so many people are so
hard on themselves in relationships. – “I was in a long-distance relationship. Everything I felt was real,
and I believed it was real for him, too. We each kept a journal to write letters,
and when we saw each other again, we would read them
out loud to each other. It was something special. But his friends didn’t
believe in our relationship, and pressured him to burn his journal. They recorded it, and sent the
video to me,” Jesus Christ… “It was tormenting and traumatizing.” I’m astounded by the cruelty… exhibited by people sometimes, like… You are far better off not being
associated with them at all, whatsoever, because it’s going to take years for this person and their friends
to discover what is at the root of their own pain that’s causing them to, like,
want to hurt other people this way, but you dodged a bullet here, I think. – “My worst heartbreak would have to be when my
great-grandma passed away 5 days before my 24th birthday. I usually get a picture with her every
year for my birthday, but not this year.” – “My father was never a religious man, but when he had liver cancer
and was at the hour of his death, I saw him pray to a god. I had never seen him so scared in his life,
and it broke my heart.” – “My best friend died in a car crash. My last words to her were,
‘I never want to see you again.’ It will continue to haunt
me for the rest of my life. I wish in her final moments,
she knew how much she meant to me, and how much she changed
my life for the better.” I think that,
that makes me want to, like, call up, like,
some of my friends and be like, “Dude, like, I love you.
Like, do you know that?” They’re probably gonna be like,
“What are you talking about?” But, like… really, just… letting them know.

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  1. Jubilee Post author

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  2. Charles Gravelle Post author

    my girl accused me of cheating on her so that she could break up with me and hook up with guys that she had actually been cheating on me with for months

  3. zsazsa dhysha Post author

    My last relationship last for 3years and 9months. And here I am almost one year later, my ex happily married with the girl he texted when he was still with me. It hurted me so bad, although I already had a bf that love me more than my ex did.

    I tried to open up to my bf and then he just hug me. Thank God I met him after my last toxic relationship.

  4. pabx zzz Post author

    she was dating this person for a good 6 years then one day he said I have fallen for someone else. and just like that he left her without even saying his sorry he just walked away.

  5. Aqui_ BLOVER Post author

    I liked my best friend and he knows I like him since I confessed but even tho he knows he still chooses another girl over me even tho we've been friends for 2 years and that girl just popped out of nowhere, I think he liked her because she's beautiful and smart and here I am being so imperfect. It hurts me the most.

  6. Atiya Hunt Post author

    Mine was;;
    When I was with my boyfriend. He broken up with me after i was raped by a stranger…. I guess he didn't like spoiled goods… I will never be the same 👑💫

  7. Yuri 101 Post author


  8. Yuli 1_26 Post author

    I'm always the fling or friends with benefits. The girl with great thighs, perfect for a distraction and a good time. I never let them do what they wanted with me, but this one guy wrapped me around his finger and dipped me in poison. I was a re-bound in my first relationship. An on and off fling for the guy who dated on and off my best friend without telling me. When I found out from her..I confronted him and he guilt tripped me into staying. I told him of my past serious flings (2). I told him of the guy who left me on read after I said I love you and blocked me, I told him of the guy who spent 2 minutes of our phone call making excuses to hang up. I used to talk 4-7 hours daily with him. But it was always about him. That's why it probably didn't bother him when he texted me happy birthday dummy and then blocked me on my sweet 16. I start Jr. Year tomorrow. I have choir with him this year. Wish me luck.

    That's what I get for believing in someone who couldn't bother making an effort to believe in himself and try hard enough to be a good person.

  9. A. L. Michael Post author

    I’m always wanted for sex/company but not for love. And I know you’re not supposed to measure your worth based on people, but it hurts knowing that I’ll never find anyone who loves me for me.

  10. natalie grantham Post author

    My biggest heartbreak was 2015 on June 3 my grandpa died and my last words to him was I love you bye bc I left with my grandma to drop off my older cousin its was raining and I wanted to play in it and I did but my grandpa said to get out of the rain bc it was bad and I didn't hear him saying that then he was gone to this day I still blame my self for his death and I dont know why

  11. Lizzie Post author

    My worst heartbreak:
    Me: falling in love with him
    Him: deception of love but really just lust

    At first I guess I believed that he had true feelings for me .. we would be high sitting and chatting about the world for hours .. it felt amazing like somebody truly understood me for once.. our connection was solid as i believed

    Months went by and I could feel his coldness growing towards me . Unbothered short text message replies.. no more deep conversations.. pure physical stuff .. it felt like I had been reduced to just a “hookup” . The love was gone I could feel it .. I know I have to move on at this stage but my heart is broken.. left in the dark with questions but no answers … blaming myself 🤔thinking what did I do wrong.. I feel insane as if I was just hallucinating the entire thing the whole time maybe .. you know it’s bad when their with you in your presence but u can feel that they’re not really with you inside anymore.. it’s gone.. they’re gone.. and now I just have to suck it up and move on 🤔💔hmm


  12. Dominique De Avila Post author

    my worst heart break was when the guy who i was so in love with who lived an hour from me said that loving me hurt him too much knowing he can’t see me and be with me and knowing that i’ll see some guy and forget about him and so he said he had to move on.

  13. Kelli Birges Post author

    My worst heartbreak was when my mom passed away four years ago, she passed away one day before her 43rd birthday. I never got to say goodbye

  14. Starlight .9080 Post author

    My bestfriend was also my bf and when he left me I lost my childhood bestfriend and the love of my life when he cheated on me with his ex

  15. cici Post author

    The one about the journal burning… that was so messed up and cruel I hope that person is living a happier life now away from him

  16. M’s Life Post author

    Mine: When I was younger, we were driving to the hospital in Michigan to see my dads dad aka my grandpa bc he was sick. We were about an hour away when my dads brother/ my uncle called him and told my dad he passed. He was expecting to hear good news and had the phone on speaker. I think it was the only time I’ve ever seen my dad cry, he was silent, but I saw the tears. I never got to meet my grandpa, that was going to be the first time.

  17. Shaijoon Kim Post author

    I had a heartbreak a year ago couse my boyfriend(ex) cheated on me and I always see them EVERY single day and when I fell inlove again which is recently I got heartbroken AGAIN couse he and his ex are together again which is ALSO recently. But Im happy for him since its his happiness

  18. Astray Boy Post author

    So you've been in love and now you're heartbroken? Cheer up. At least you had a chance to hold his/her hands even if it's just for awhile. Consider yourself lucky…

    Because I never had that chance with the girl I really loved. Not even an inch of sentence… not even a dust affection… not even a stripe of love. 🙂

  19. sir you Can't do that Post author

    My worst heartbreak is my whole existence as an incel living life as an insignificant husk of a human being only left out to drown in my own misery and emptiness and die with a broken heart shattered into a million pieces

  20. Louragan Post author

    To me, she was the love of my life; living in china, far away from my home in France. I’ve worked hard for 8 months gathering money, just waiting for that moment I would go and stay with her finally.

    She cheated on me and left me for another french guy.
    So… suddenly.

    As some says, things aren’t the same after.

  21. kelsey sewell Post author

    My worst heartbreak was when my mum came up to my room and said "(brothers girlfriends name) is pregnant and (my big brothers name) has been gone for 4 hours. I immediately broke down in tears and had a panic attack, my chest was tight and I couldn't breathe so I texted my best friend and she helped me and called me. We then got the police involved and he was found 7 hours later on the side of the road 15 miles from my house in a bad condition as he took 2 boxes of tablets. I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy, knowing your brother is in pain and you don't know where he is or how to help him. Suicide isn't a joke and I hate much depression and anxiety has become a trend everytime I hear about it I think to that moment when my heart broke

  22. Annabelle Lee Post author

    My best friend moves away in 2 weeks. I just cant imagine living without her in my life. I've been crying for 3 days straight. I'm gonna miss her so much.

  23. Hunner Christian Post author

    I once loved a girl so much that it hurt to think about her.

    She then told me that I didn’t love her.

  24. everything bagel Post author

    my worst heartbreak- i am the only one in my family who never saw my real grandpa. he was sick for years and years until he died on new years. i never got to see the real side of him, just the sick side.

  25. Swag Master Post author

    My worst heartbreak was when my boyfriend of almost a year forced himself onto me then once it was done said that he would drive me home because he “didn’t want to look at me anymore”

  26. phAstEr 17 Post author

    When I was young I was an easygoing kid. I talked to everyone, I was friends with everyone. Time passed and everytime I did that I was mocked or bullied about it or my appearance, and when I was twelve a that part of me disappeared and just an stoic mask remained as my personality. In the inside I am still outgoing but I never do that in fear of being judged, bullied or mocked again, I know this is very little compared with the situations that other people have endured but it feels good to let it out.

  27. Frater 8302 Post author

    My Worst heartbreak was when I liked the girl for 2 straight years thinking to myself that it would change that I could make it far, yet she never gave a straight answer 2 times that I confessed and the next day i find out she was talking to some dude. I bought her roses and took her to homecoming thinking I would make it. Never did and till this day I wonder what could have gone right. I forgive her but I will never forget the pain that she caused me of wasting my time.

  28. Celty Rain Post author

    See I was somewhat okay until the girl came on there and read about the 24th birthday and her grandma.

    My grandma passed away this year and my god the chills I got as well as the tears.

    That hurt.

  29. mixmaster Post author

    My worst heartbreak is happening now I am so in love with this girl I think the world of her and I wanna be with her more than anything. But im just helping her out with another guy and they want to hook up. This girl means a lot to me and has helped me through so much and I'm just so sad that I can't tell her that cause it will ruin the friendship we have. Cause last time I opened up with her I lost it and I spend so long trying to bring it back

  30. Callista Eugenia Post author

    Liking the same guy for 7 years and then I decided to stop because one girl told me that she's his girlfriend. I gave him my first and last gift for his birthday and he never once used that.

  31. nam sae in Post author

    My dog had her last breathe on my lap. It still crushes my heart that I can't do anything for her anymore but to see her suffer. I do really hope she appreciated the last hour of her life with me.

  32. Rina Nur Amalina Post author

    I am in love with the same person for almost 12 years since I was in elementary school. We sometime get separated bcs of we were doing our own things, but we always ended up finding each other all over again. I always had dreams about him every single month to this day. We both knew that we had feelings for each other we both know that either him or I always in our priority list of each other but we never really together. He is very religious and very wealthy and i am the opposite of that.

  33. Su Acar Post author

    My worst heartbreak was when my grandfather died. I knew that he passed away all along and my brother didnt know. He thought our grandfather was alive and we were gonna meet him that day. I put my happiest mask on all day so my brother wouldnt undertsand. That evening we cried together the whole ride to our grandmother's house. Holding those emotions for hours was the toughest thing i have ever done. I was 12, my brother was 10.

  34. Aknur Lukpan Post author

    I feel so bad for the person who had her bf cheat on her with her cousin. Who ever are you, you are better than both of those assholes put together.

  35. prettyquiche Post author

    i was in love with a man who get hooked on meth 2 years into our relationship. he assaulted me, broke my nose and teeth. i never saw him again.

  36. little cheeky violinist Post author

    I think that all people should tell their friends how much they care, cause maybe it could save their lives.

  37. Florence The idiotic person Post author

    My worst breakup was..
    Me and my ex girlfriend had an on and off relationship ship. But when it finally stopped instead of her Telling me her friend had to do it.

  38. Leidy Bach Post author

    When my father told me that I could never have a girlfriend ( I'm a girl) while living under the same roof as him. ( It really hurt because I thought he was supportive and helped him with everything because my brother's left and we live on a farm)

  39. Crystal xoxox Post author

    My worst heartbreak was when my best friend and I had a massive fight and we “broke up” I hated her so much but losing her was worse than any relationship breakup I could imagine.

    She was always there when I needed her, she was the only friend I made in highschool and for a couple years after. I didn’t care that she was my only friend because she was all I needed
    8 months of hating your best friend is the worst kind of pain :/
    We ended up talking again and worked everything out and are better than before.

    I wanted to delete every picture of her, I got angry at people whenever I heard her name, I moved town back to my family to get away from it all, and everything.

    Now I’m SO glad I didn’t delete the pictures of her/with her. My reasoning was because it was a happy time, and I’ll have the memories in my mind so I should still have the photos to remember the fun time

  40. Pickle Rick Post author

    Finding out my girl was gonna have a baby boy then a month later have him pass away. Been five years and I still cry for him. What could've been

  41. jaylovesanime 24 Post author

    "Its alright, dry your eyes, send a prayer, to the sky, I know that its hard to fight. But you must believe that it gets better"
    ~ Better by An Artiste I Dont Remember The Name Of

  42. D Valentine Bernabé Post author

    I had my first heart break and it's horrible every time the 29th comes by i get so sad that i wont be with that person again.😞

  43. Dana van der Looy Post author

    i feel like i have betrayed my parents.

    they have told me that it is ok to be gay a million times but im still afriad to come out.

  44. swirlyxbo0 Post author

    Was in a 5 year relationship. 1.5 years together and 3.5 ldr. He was an international student so he had to go home to el Salvador. I'm from the states. I wanted to get married so that he could have a greencard. He thought I was too young and didn't want my family to think he was using me. After 2 years, he moved to ireland for work. We saw each other 2 times a year. We were great in the beginning and then the past year all we did was fight. We hurt each other with our words. We couldn't fix it since we weren't in the same location. He told me he was gonna propose to me last year when we came to visit, but we got into a huge fight. We were trying to fix things, but they aren't things that can be fixed through distance. We were at a standstill and I fell out of love. I really wanted to prove that long distance worked. I'm still heartbroken about it. I still care for him, but it's just not the same like how it used to be.

  45. Dank Hazzy Post author

    in my first relationship, i didnt know the difference between manipulation and love. I thought what she and i had was love, but it wasnt. It never was

  46. Victoria Parmelee Post author

    My worst heartbreak was the day my mom signed her rights away for me, but not my brother. And when I asked her about it later, she said she and him had a special bond because he was her first kid. I was lost.

  47. Ha' Nee Post author

    i have no friends. everyday i have to see people hanging out with other people and i have to watch them.

  48. Bareen Aziz Post author

    My worst heartbreak is that the loveS of my life are all celebrities 😔😔😔😭😭😂

  49. Brianna Rodriguez Post author

    mine was when my grandpa died before i got to visit him in mexico i hadn’t seen him for 2 years now i’ll never get to:(

  50. The weird kid of 1738 Post author

    It’s crazy that this stuff breaks people hearts, I mean I can understand it, but as for someone who is sensitive, a 4 year friendship along with a 1 year relationship, breaks me such a verbal abusive relationship, so much things have been told to me, no one should have to go through that much pain so I wish my story was on this video.

  51. Yumie Salazar Post author

    My worst hearbreak was when my brother try to raped me back in my eight grade and I couldn’t even cry for help.

  52. Aishwarya Nautiyal Post author

    People consider this a heart break??. A heart break is an incident that is so difficult to handle that you suppress every random thought which could possibly connect your thought process to the memory. It’s at the back of your head constantly and you are always aware and alert not to by mistake think about it.. for years.. you know you will not survive if you even let the memory come to the foreground… always alert.. you wake up forcibly before your dreams lead you to the memory..

  53. William Hare Post author

    That last one is why I always make sure to tell my friends and family how much I love them every chance I get. You never know when everything can turn upside-down and I never want to live my life wondering if the last thing someone I cared about heard me say to them was so negative (no blame to the person whose story that was. It’s not their fault, it never was, and it never will be. I hope one day they will be able to get through that and stop feeling that sense of guilt).


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