People get head start on New Year’s fitness resolutions

APPROACHING… MANY ARE ALREADY SETTING NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. ONE OF THE MORE POPULAR ONES… LOSING WEIGHT AND JOINING A GYM. W-N-C-T’S EMILY GIBBS SPENT THE DAY AT ONE GYM WHERE THEY’RE ALREADY SEEING A SPIKE IN MEMBERSHIP 0:14 0:22 0:30 0:44 NO, THIS IS NOT THE PARKING LOT FOR A MALL OR SHOPPING PLAZA. THIS IS THE PACKED LOT OF A GREENVILLE GYM. nats PEOPLE ARE ROLLING IN READY TO BEGIN THEIR QUEST TO BE FIT. “my 2018 fitness goals consist of dropping some extra pounds and toning up for the new year.” “Im going to try to make it to the gym more often. I think I’m making it once every month.cause I’m exhausted.” FITNESS CONNECTION HAS BEEN “RUNNING” NON-STOP.. “So we started having surges in membership increases earlier last week and its been continuing this week each and every day…more and more each day.” nats “weights.aerobics maybe and a little bit of racquetball.” WHILE SOME MAKE IT THEIR RESOLUTION. “my news years resolution is to work out a little bit more, exercise a little bit more.” .OTHERS KNOW THEY SHOULDN’T SET THE BAR TOO HIGH. “Do you usually set a fitness resolution?… No, no cause that lasts a month.” WHICH IS WHY ITS IMPORTANT TO MAKE RESOLUTIONS THAT ARE OBTAINABLE… “the best way is to set realistic goals, set goals that maybe you’ve tried to achieve before.” “nutrition is a huge key on how you are going to be successful. We have fitness consultants and personal trainers.” AND ONCE THE HABIT OF GOING TO THE GYM SETS IN. “starting more with cardio and respiratory type workouts.just getting back into shape. Getting that heart rate up! Working your way into some higher goals.” MANY REALIZE THEIR GOALS BECOME A NEW LIFESTYLE… “I want to feel good about myself and spend some time with me. Have great instructors.that’s it, its my me time.” EMILY GIBBS, 9OYS. FITNESS CONNECTION SAYS THEY HAVE ALSO SEEN A SPIKE IN THEIR OWN MEMBERS COMING

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