Pediatric Physical Therapy for Babies #42: Almost Walking

Pediatric Physical Therapy for Babies #42: Almost Walking

Hi! My name is Amy Sturkey. I am giving ideas of things to do to help
a child learn to walk. This is Colton who is walking. It’s a secret. He is walking but he is supposed to be pretending
that he is not walking. He keeps forgetting his role. Anyway, another idea is to have them hold
onto something a little more unstable. Last time we tried a spoon. This time we are trying a wash cloth. Could you hold onto that? Here. RIght here. Right here. Right here. Oh! You hold onto that. He says, “I don’t want it.” Hold onto that. Then you walk them. He is holding onto the wash cloth (preferably
without my hand) Hi! And then I hold this side. It gives an unstable support for him to hold
onto and walk. I am going to hide my arm so you pretend like
it is not there. Come on. Let’s go! He said, “Get rid of it!” And we walk together. Hi! Let’s go. Pretend like you are walking. Thanks. So that is another idea to work on walking
supported before they walk. Right? Thanks. See you next time.

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  1. Pediatric Physical Therapy Exercises Post author

    If you have any questions, concerns, or want to tell me how this helped you!!!! please leave a note here. I love hearing your stories.

  2. Mira Miverna Post author

    Hi amy ,, in your #40 video about learning to walk , i have a question about the way we bring both of child’s hand up high , is that ok to do that ?? I have a 10 months old baby that can stand still and start to walk while i support her ..


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