PE Podcast #67 – Overwatch on Switch? New Online Resident Evil Game + Sold Out Chicken

Maybe everyone hears ya everybody can
hear us if really yeah I’m positive are you like a hundred percent sure hi
guys hey everybody and I’m gonna sit here and I don’t think I told destiny
kind of like destiny who’s our guest will introduce but destinies we’re gonna
go ahead and blame you for this podcast starting I already played you OJ in the
go I’m blaming honor we’re gonna throw it to the fire here on our first podcast
no I’m joking I’m joking we had a lot of stuff technical stuff that we have to
take care of beforehand what’s up everybody my name is OJ welcome back to
other piggy podcast number 67 Baron is I’m at a swingers party so
that’s the reason why be here but we got some awesome you’ve got some awesome
people here so it should be a lot of fun I want to start out first with my guests
here first time on the podcast destiny destiny how you doing today I’m good
what’s up guys I’m destiny I am the self-proclaimed Nintendo Queen yes
that’s the name that I said that you got me Tendo Queen first person though a lot
of people said you just claimed that and I’m just like you should definitely play
Nintendo Queen I think you should yeah you don’t got to change your name to it
but that should just be like Nintendo the Joey like through that like little
thing in the air and then we have like this whole concept idea of a thing to do
around and about it so there’s something coming okay so good stuff and Destiny’s
channel all the channels you guys can find them I actually did some work
before and you guys oh yeah oh yeah okay okay
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say 11,000 so congratulations Congrats on that one um so make sure you
guys subscribe next up we got shadow Fox shadow Fox how you doing today I am well
how are you I’m doing good man it’s always good to have you here you’re
right front and center in the middle there man
oh wow that’s thank you I appreciate it no problem you have you almost have as
many games as destiny in your background so it’s okay more books and programs set
on sue next up is Abaddon Abaddon how you doing today my man chillin chillin
man ready to chill I’ll play some Astro
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today my boy very much least I’m doing good finally have my voice back after
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so we we out here live in the best lives also about to hit a thousand on tick
tock and if you make fun of me that’s okay I understand so we’re going to I’m
gonna do up this real quick cuz we’re gonna add
Baron into the call guys okay so let’s Jack it up Jack it up a little bit
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yeah what’s a what quest I request that we talk about some video gamers at this
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totally not on here so I mean I tried to Adam but whatever then I sent you a
friend request accept it and then and then we could add you in anyway let’s go
ahead and start up here with the topics here this whatever what this podcast I’m
over watch on the switch looks like there’s gonna be some overwatch action a
little bit of a elite that went down because there was an official overwatch
case that was just kind of put out there from I think power a on Amazon so yeah
you don’t make cases for games that are so there are nerve game on the switch is
there an earth game there’s nerve products for the switch yeah but but
nerve is a that’s a you know like a but nerf made games remember the week they
had some nerve that’s the we’d get some ps4 Xbox one so yeah
yeah so yeah anyway we’ll get we’ll go over donations in just a bit there we
got a couple donations we’ll get that in so I wanted to get your opinion destiny
I know you have every game in the world back there so I’m pretty sure you have
overwatch back there somewhere right Oh obviously yeah so what do you think
would you like overwatch on the switch do you even care at this point three
years later not really I personally I’ve had overwatch for the PlayStation I
started playing overwatch when it first came out and I prefer overwatch on the
PC then on a console and just just the way overwatch works it doesn’t feel like
it’ll be something comfortable to like have the switch in your hand and play it
I mean for some people that may be their thing but I personally for like if
you’re gonna like if you’re like hardcore overwatch the PCs the way to go
but if it’s like casual game it then Xbox and Playstation but the switch I
don’t think it’s gonna work too well hmm now people are saying that there’s an
echo so we don’t hear the echo Inara and are you playing your thing with volume
on your end no I’m I’m not it’s not playing at all I don’t know we have two
mics running at the same time in OBS or something there’s only one mic and the
monitors off on the mic going like to the to the stream and you know now gun
16 I’ll get it to hear that so I was gone okay cool all right so so yeah so
that’s it go ahead continue yeah I don’t think it’s gonna go well I mean I’m no
doubt that people are going to buy it because there are some hardcore
overwatch people out there our core overwatch fans but I just don’t think
it’s gonna be comfortable if at least we’re gonna play it competitively cuz I
don’t even see how that at work I think that’s unless you play it with like a
pro controller like the pro controller and put it on your TV why not just play
it on your place that’s true um that’s true well Shadow Fox what are your
thoughts it should be everywhere I too have played the game on PC however
I mean yeah how else is the game going to get more money or
garner a bigger following which has a lot of users out there so I say why not
I’m in addition to that server side you can make things as fast as you want to
be for what whatever client is connecting so it doesn’t really matter
which are which are what your gaming input is going to be as long as that’s
programmed in nanoseconds to anticipate what the user is going to do so I mean
it’s really really at this point it’s really up to them and their
implementation whoever’s going to court it is we know full well that the
original developer isn’t going to do all the artwork and for to a Nintendo
platform because that seems to never happen anymore like screw that
let’s find a poor house go yeah pretty much pretty much all right
would it be a game that you would pick up or that you would want for switch
no no I’ll probably pick it up for Swift no not just not just a habit
I would only and I mentioned this before I mentioned this on probably Twitter
yesterday but I think that time is kind of come and gone on it originally should
have been a Wii U game be honest with you and nobody wanted to develop for it
so and and the biggest advantage would have been there cuz you’ve been able to
see your map at all times but here we sit and switch is popular so now they
want to run to it but I mean everybody that wanted that they already got it
so I mean there’s still more people there but as far as I’m concerned
no all right and Avedon I know you were a big overwatch guy so that’s on this as
someone you know kind of destiny fer to play it on the PC to PC is definitely
the best version to play it on seeing it possibly come in to switch I looked on
the website and I actually saw I didn’t see activations name one now oh so I
kind of brought my interest to probably go back to playing it eventually but um
I would say console wars on shadow Fox was saying um I probably won’t get it on
a switch because there are just so many other options so I guess paladin’s on
the switch and kind of what that destiny was talking about it’s there’s just so
many other alternatives you could play if you could play this game with
pro controller and on your TV you might as well play for the Xbox one or the ps4
where you have a much better console experience from TV to controller now for
people who want to play a tabletop and have it go pro bachata like that that’s
an option um but at the same time you have again
paladin’s which is a free game and it plays very similar to overwatch so I
would say the poll from this that I would take is and this is far stretches
is like Stretch Armstrong reaching right now the best thing I would say out take
from this is the possible of having tracer and smash that’s that enough
Stretch Armstrong region right now so I would say that’s like probably the only
thing I would look forward to it but oh well there we go so honestly look
looking forward I would say this game is something that I would personally pass
on for the switch unless my community wants to say they want to play overwatch
more on the switch Knight one has a PC guys nothing another thing to consider
as a youtuber who plays with their audience
not everyone has a super-powered PC and I take that into consideration when I
play a game so that’s the only thing that make me get it for the switch okay
I do have one alibi for that though um extreme land party situations I guess
that’s about the only scenario where Cassie is like that yeah like when I did
the ad for it originally and those persons who got guys were planning how
they were gonna play in a tournament like that kind of scenario I could
possibly see but that’s gonna be very rare amongst the core audience they’re
gonna sell the game – yeah Jordan I’m not sure I know we didn’t you didn’t do
content back then when overwatch was coming out and at least in the in the
normal way that you’re doing now so what’s your what’s your thoughts on this
alright so like I’m very similar to to destiny I ended up playing it on the ps4
first when it came out just because the hype everyone’s like oh overwatch it’s
the next thing sounds like ok I’ll check it out and I really enjoyed it I got
decent at it on console but it you know still on the console everyone’s like oh
I got to play it on PC and I eventually at the end of that year got a gaming PC
and I was able to start playing it and I played it a lot especially last year
with Alex C&D who he’s back to making countable streaming and he’s been
streaming it a lot recently and yeah he’s the one who I like I played it
seriously with because he’s super into it so I like the game I need to get back
into it well I pick it up on the switch probably
not I mean I don’t see a point if I already own it twice I’m even playing my
ps4 coffee anymore you know I’m only playing it on PC here and there but uh I
think it’s cool that it’s finally gonna be on there for people who only have the
switch and not a ps4 or an xbox or pc so it’ll be cool to see how it runs on
there that’s about it I think it’s just another cool option it’s good to have
options you know if some people get tired of ports I’ve been known to kind
of be like all we’re getting is ports sometimes that’s what it feels like but
it’s not a bad thing ports aren’t a bad thing if you don’t want it don’t have to
buy it but it’s good to have options out there so I’m happy it’s happening
finally if they should have been on there two years ago when there’s only
paladins and then Palin’s getting all the attention that’s when they should
have jumped on their paladin I mean dropped 2018 I think it was like right
around III paladin’s dropped by crisis right around that time III 2018 was it
that yeah I don’t remember yeah that’s what make it a job to compete we play
paladin’s today it’s great it’s actually really good
yeah a lot of people enjoy the game but like there they were basically running
competition list yeah I guess they were the only kind in that you know pseudo
genre and if overwatch drop will bet it would have been like a tug of war fight
but yeah I’m interested to see what happens when overwatch drops and Plus so
to your point it’s like ports not necessarily a bad thing the biggest the
most sold game when a switch is a port yeah yeah so a few of the top out wrong
technically speaking I mean breath of the wild to it technically speaking I
mean obviously it’s a dual release so it is what it is there but yeah I mean like
if the game is good people will buy it I think with overwatch they saw what
happened with Diablo 3 people weren’t expecting that to do as
well as it did and it actually made them obviously not as much as ps4 and Xbox
one but it made them a lot more than they thought because they’ve sold at a
premium price so it made them a lot more than they thought and people bought the
game people bought diablo 3 on the switch even though it’s super old you
know it’s like ridiculously old and people bought it because it’s wizard and
it’s there’s a platform there with a lot of people so it makes sense it makes
sense that way for people who missed it or for people who sold the game i mean
how many people probably sold the game and probably started playing so well
maybe I’ll get it on switch though I mean that happens it’s like 5 billion
used copies of overwatch you go into a game stop they’ve got stacks on stacks
of over and there’s only and there’s always failed so if you’re interested in
getting overwatch I would say if one comes out on switch wait a little bit a
game always goes on sale always that’s one of the games that you’re gonna be
able to find everywhere but it’s it’s the switches in a place where anything
that gets released for it it sells because of people are in a place where
everything that gets released for the switch they’re kind of grabbing and
jumping on because with the way with everything that’s released for the
switches you don’t know what games going to be that game that’s gonna sell in a
few months for $200 more than what you paid for just because there were X
amount of things released or it came with something specific that people were
looking for and now it’s $200 yeah the switch coin you’re pretty on top of it
with the switch collection there I don’t think I have to worry about those
getting away I think you got it covered I think Judy asked I would have a heart
attack if he came into that room rather he’s like oh I’ve got competition now I
think she’s the only one who could beat Dreamcast guy if he said something about
a game cuz he always turns around and grabs it she could actually do it a
hundred percent with every switch game he’d be like oh I don’t have that yeah
that dude literally has like mentally is like Professor X with oh okay I’m like
how do you I can’t do that cuz my damn thing is too far away but anyway let’s
get some let’s go through some donations here let’s see here so shoutouts to
Ethan are what to donations one of them for 199 then another
99 he says Jordan has to finish opening Pokemon cards already finished doing
them film them already there you go Ethan art also says what other games
could Activision Blizzard port excuse me well they already got Spyro coming and
next week finally I think Call of Duty right
there’s that but I don’t know if it’s gonna come to the swish or not what call
duty well the new ones not it’s not coming to this which they just he asked
a question like what games could then I’m like well they could port this if
they wanted to if they wanted to there’s there’s nothing stopping it from being
there’s just the business decisions at this point yeah to Call of Duty Wii U
games to Elsa blizzard maybe they’ll put like Starcraft 2 on the switch honestly
I was hoping Blizzard would um put on the card game I play all the time that I
can’t hearthstone here we go art stuff okay yeah that’d be a good one too I
mean if they had success with Diablo and if let’s say overwatch does well then
this should greenlight Blizzard to go let’s just put everything on there put
the whole library arts just crazy cuz which literally doubles as a mobile
platform there’s no reason for you to not have whatever mobile version of the
game you get not on switch just there’s no reason like architecture wise
everything it’s it would be easier to port from a phone to switch then to any
other platform also shoutouts to blanket 6 with the five dollar donation this is
happy early birthday Jordan thank you so much and unfortunately I won’t see any
of that donation because it takes it’s 30 percent and then OJ’s gonna go out
give me another popeyes chicken sandwich we’re gonna talk about those popeyes
chicken sandwiches yeah yeah definitely my man blanket though we did straight he
said straight cash show me he did stream labs and my man out here oh he did
stream labs Oh respect so YouTube again anything no Jay just copped a quick five
and left to the budget propel fun for me investment for my boys it’s straight
absurd so so shoutouts there so real quick before we kind of wrap up with
this bonier there’s been some rumors and some talk about some new smash character
Nintendo’s gonna you know talk about that there’s been rumors about a
Nintendo Direct so I kind of want to go around the horn before we kind of close
out this whole topic but this whole overwatch stuff so Nintendo Direct
predictions in terms of when it’s gonna happen Tokyo Game Show or TGS 2016 2016
what the hell am I talking about 29 yeah that’s overwatch this one-off thing out
2016 because that’s when they came came out but TGS 2019 is going down earlier
than expected it’s the 12th through the I think 15th or whatever and Nintendo
usually has a direct somewhere in that timeframe it’s up for that one year
those the tsunami I guess so predictions you guys think Nintendo is
gonna have a direct and is there gonna be any type of overwatch character
people are saying tracer or the DVA whatever that doesn’t make any sense but
what I think I like if I choose between them I say tracers more interesting but
if the the leaks and rumors come in through everyone’s like all it’s gonna
be this mech character that I’m like who’s the only met character that would
make sense from overwatch oh diva so I mean it I mean I’m curious I don’t know
I don’t know how that partnership came to be you now bear unfortunately we can
what’s going on me show you something that you might like hold on a sec I
don’t want to hear anything from your swinger ex escapades don’t show me later
please anyway he let me enjoyed just to say hold on hey buddy show you something
this is your favorite right here it’s gonna something with doors hi there
how are you I’ll be with job to say no burn actually came through with some
awesome kind of disappointed it wasn’t Dora now yeah Dora I was expecting to
get trolled but he actually did something that I was legitimately lying
she’s my favorite Nintendo character well she can
Lucina Nintendo characters so thank you know it started today I thought it was
starting tomorrow but all the dragon comes like the like the parties and
stuff yes just the way around it works anyway create a party the night before
it works there your awesome big shoutouts um all right so so Jordan oh
you’re talking about behold what what do you guys think you guys can just kind of
chime in whenever you feel like it in terms of like over overwatch character
and smash or when do you guys think that if there’s gonna be Nintendo Direct you
guys think it’s happening when I’ll say probably a week before links wait like
sometime not next week but week after next and in terms of or watch characters
I was thinking more like Genji or if they want to be do someone like this
different maybe like segata okay no they can’t put in Genji man there’s too many
characters with swords that’s the whole point do you see every card has a story
I don’t care characters with swords we don’t need a new guy who comes in with a
sword as well I’ll take I’ll take Deva in her mech all over I’m coming at this
like I care but I don’t even play smash bros like that but I’m just I’m just
kind of disappointed that somehow me sword characters we got in the game you
would play if there wasn’t so many damn sword characters exactly it’s a
representation where it was more Animal Crossing characters they got like 85
animals in that game throw some more of this game there’s two
you lucky you guys got or you began hey let me get Tom Nook in there what if I
want to go what I want to get Tom Nook alright I pay that guy in mortgage getting the crap beat out of him every
single time now he wants me to buy an island from him and damn right you buy
an island you’re gonna do it – what’s wrong found interest baby compound
interest any destiny any predictions for the Nintendo switch like um Federal
Direct you think I feel like it’ll happen like a week before the light
comes up throw some or some little fire and something that way in terms of like
the overwatch characters most likely will get Deva or trees because those are
like the more widely known and popular characters although I think Widowmaker
would be a little good what a makeover though none of them are getting in it’s
gonna be by less female pilot I’m not appreciate nowadays hate man and nobody
is Miss metru like that’s going on right now
symmetric so yeah Symetra definitely I was saying – between symmetric or to own
a gun yeah Morag from Xenoblade I’d be down from are like from Xena but she’s
yes she’s more I would be good it’ll be great Oh Mike have you heard
her Japanese voice no my gosh you guys go look up more eggs Japanese voice
straight up like she sounds like a man supposed to know the English voice
acting she it’s I mean obviously her voice is a little bit more Stern because
you know she’s she’s like that but her Japanese voice acting is awesome I love
it I actually really like it because I play the game well I played the game way
too many times to count but like I played the game in Japanese a couple
times and I was I was just shocked so I’d never heard her voice in Japanese
but yeah more that would be great but she house by the way she had a sword
so I was like I’m a like I win one I’m Jin before Marengo Jin Oh junk right
needs to be in it junk ran would be a good
– that’s that big old nasty fat new dress no joke the one that looks like
he’s got a peg leg and he’s carrying a tire and yeah oh okay okay yeah no he’s
too ugly to be in there I don’t I don’t want him to be in this out of there
judge I’m looking at him right now let me see I said judgement rat and that
that didn’t pull up good things I gotta add my girl Sabra honestly oh yeah I
can’t be having this budget looking twisted now
I mean ugly got ganondorf discount sweet tooth looking at nah we can’t be pegleg
freaking pirates we probably ready to go nobody got Ridley love in there stop it
get all the Gerudo women what’s you talkin about alright let’s go ahead and
move on to the next let’s go and get more the next topic here because well we
got to get through this new resident evil online game first so we can call of
course right we can’t write so Resident Evil you guys heard about the news right
September 9th evil survivor it’s gonna be a brand new Resident Evil game I want
to set up a destiny Destiny’s our guest here first time
doesn’t eat Resident Evil fan I am like I get back and forth with it like back
in the day as the Resident Evil games are kind of scary I play the old ones
now and they’re not too scary for me and I enjoy scary games I like games to make
me jump and screaming want to punch my computer I don’t know so what was what
was the last Resident Evil game that you really enjoyed then uh the one that came
on the PlayStation the last word and before the one that was switched a
release on the switch hmm okay so those are poor so you’re talking about like
Resident Evil 7 there we go yep okay that’s the first person what it’s the
first person mm-hmm okay yeah okay yeah that’s Resident Evil 7 um all right okay
so you’re someone with the franchise so basically they
announced that there’s gonna be it’s called project you know residence or
whatever it is or something like that or a project something and it looks based
off of some little tiny thumbnails that somebody found on the YouTube channel it
looks like it’s going to be a 4 player online multiplayer Resident Evil game so
like a left 4 dead World War Z project operation Raccoon City or rhabdo don’t
say those words I’m going to say I have to bring it up because that’s what it
reminds me other why don’t I got in my head when you say mine I’m just like
this is gonna be some like it looks like it’s going to be a much better version
of like or not much better but it seems like it’s going to be a bear left 4 dead
or maybe even like World War Z World War Z has RPG elements that’s a good game it
was a budget title it was cheaper than 60 I know it was cheaper than 60 and
people bought it people bought the hell out of that game it did really well on
ps4 Xbox one and PC so I think it’s gonna be like a World War Z type of game
where they’re gonna take like the best of that and I don’t think that’s gonna
better play like that as well yeah anything like operation Raccoon
City that games horrible it’s a flop that game I everyone was excited for
that game that game was awful night was it was so bad I was super hyped for that
game going like III don’t know you know cuz like you know Resident Evil you play
the main Resident Evil games right and then like in the off years like okay
well what’s the you know what’s the offshoot game what’s the dead aim what’s
the you know the other type of Resident Evil that we can play I I’ve always
played the other types of Resident Evil even like Resident Evil Revelations I
mean yeah that’s part of my story but it’s still not like the number ones even
those are good you know like there’s a lot of great offshoot Resident Evil
games so operation Raccoon or just visits cooperate just go back into your
operation Raccoon City what is it what’s the operation right decision yeah that
game was trashed but I guess I mean there are a couple other ones I think
what’s the other light gun game there’s a dead aim was good but then there’s
another light gun game that’s trash on the Resident Evil series but anyway um
Resident Evil looks like it’s going to be that type of game so Jordan I know
you’re a Resident Evil fan so what’s your what’s your thoughts on this one
man I just briefly saw the information before we started the pike
like I saw the screenshots from another group chat and then the information is
just I just heard it from you right here I hope it is like a left for dead or
World War Z because I do think that kind of like coop like horde you know make it
to your destination type gameplay is something that was lacking because like
when we had the left 4 dead games like those were hype people were playing
those four years afterwards and then since you know World War Z came out that
kind of brought that back into the forefront especially after we got that
fake T’s of left 4 dead 3 that came out earlier this year that got everyone
excited but it was fake I think this is if they do it right this is what’s going
to cause people to actually play it and do a lot of like strains with it and you
know build a community around it which may cause valve to go you know what what
if we actually do I left 4 dead 3 so if this game becomes a stepping so good or
not I hope it’s good if this game becomes the stepping stone for us to get
left 4 dead 3 I’ll be a happy boy just because this Resident Evil doesn’t mean
I’m initially excited because Resident Evil is like 70% pretty decent too good
and then 30% awful crap that’s just thrown out there so I hope this falls on
that 70% of good but we’ll see we’ll see all right what about you Avedon resident
you are you I’m not sure if your Resident Evil game never been a
resonable fan okay get off the podcast anyway coming after you I’ll be dog
jumps through a window you have to turn it on everyone that’s the point
I jumped out my window it’s that I’m never playing this game again screw this
game no I’m just messing with you haven’t I’ve done uh your thoughts on
this my man um it’s good for people who wanted like I saw I saw the screen I saw
the scans of it it looks really good visually atleast but in terms of will I
play it there’s never been a fan of it what was
the last president evil game that you played that you just like just I can’t
do this um what was that one that played over mama come on it wasn’t a ps1 that’s
how long ago it was that’s why you bro you gotta play Resident Evil 4 let me
tell you this PlayStation 1 game I played would time around atomic came out
it came out around the same time as Syphon Filter yes run after re re re
Jerry one of those two if yeah it’s already two or III it wasn’t right it
was around that period I gave it a try I was this it wasn’t even the fact that it
it’s not it wasn’t a scary game for me it was just
I mean tank controls the way that it shoots the way that it plays very
robotic is so I can understand that something if somebody doesn’t like
Resident Evil backbend today’s Resident Evil is definitely a
lot different than back vens Resident Evil especially people have something
like Resident Evil 7 or especially Resident Evil 7 yeah I respect I respect
the series like I respect before what is done is just I’ve invested in way of the
series in that time period it’s like look that’s in fact that’s around when I
got into the Final Fantasy games and that’s from there from I got ps2 I
started playing more RPGs overall like the UM well Xenogears collection and I
even I played a game that no one talks about grandi at 3 mmm regular or extreme
I believe it was a it was a purple the purple cover box there’s a box of the
purple cover I had well for everyone there I don’t I haven’t played it in
years but like those are games that I gravitated towards so outside of that
I’m there’s a bear coming back maybe yeah there’s the famous hotel yeah man I think you should check out
because like resident evil 4 and present evil 5 they’re kind of like they’re not
RPGs but you can like level up your weapons so there’s all right RPG
elements and Resident Evil 4 so it’s not just like oh you’re just scared what’s
up you know I like Marvel’s into the line 3 right yes I know that all right
so give me a minute it’s very southern a professional podcast have completely
professional podcaster he’s getting paid for it so technically he’s a
professional yeah he’s our he’s our correspondent shadow Fox your thoughts on this man so
if if they get close to what the first left4dead is I’m definitely gonna play
that but if it’s anything like operation anything series I played all those so
the only one I didn’t finish meeseeks oh and I need to go back you’re finished
playing oh you don’t know you don’t I mean there’s a lot of bad things I hear
about it but I have to know myself to hold the hill if you need to finish it
just watch watch the gameplay just water it’s bad that is the worst resident evil
that’s not a spin on hold up let me just say something real quick the Resident
Evil 6 is a hot mess it is a this little bit definition of a hot mess there’s
alternate campaigns there’s just this weird branching story there’s different
gameplay mechanics thrown in there it’s Chris’s campaign is absolutely ridiculous what they were the thing like
I get I get it’s a Resident Evil game and you’re supposed to be scarce on ammo
but when you’re in the middle of a war zone
why is my still scarce on ammo why is my whole crew
have ammo war that doesn’t make sense just and then the ending of that is like
you just running around from this electric monster that’s stupid when you
play as Wesker son you literally just running away and punching stuff
everything boring and all you play all the Leon’s was at least Leon was good it
was yeah he had some cool missions but they tried to action it up just a little
too much that was my problem with it like all fucking plane crashes and the
fuckin sliding on the plane and then like a car flips he jumps in the sewer
I’m like okay I thought I didn’t know I was watching fast and furious right now
I thought I was playing a Resident Evil game whatever and then he’d play all
those then you get ADA’s campaign she’s like well I was there between them all
look at me I’m running in the background on my own this terrible multiple
developers developed each campaign it really does feel like wonderful yeah
let’s do this another said oh no I got an idea for
this like Resident Evil 6 is not a very cohesive game but at the same time it is
still part it’s coming to switch 2 which is maybe 5 and 6 are coming to switch
life 5 6 comes along with 5 it’s like ah we have to throw it in there anyway sure
you know I will buy it just for 5 because 5 is actually just dumb fun if
I’m is pretty good it’s just a cat the the escort missions are kind of and the
AI is good it is the best co-op experience I’ve ever had with a friend
it is so much fun I played a day one with a friend and made the game that
much better and let me tell you this the best part is when you’re just jacked up
punching a boulder yeah nothing more exciting than just watching Crisco I got
to get over there baller man he’s given that border the one too that was
literally the greatest moment in gay Mike I’m like oh I’m like screaming as
I’m playing that back in the name and that’s the most ridiculous thing that
happens which is fine if that’s their over-the-top I get it that’s fine then
you look at resin evil 6 it’s like oh they like punching a boulder now let’s
have all those other crazy stuff happen like no the boulder is your limit don’t
go past punching a boulder I can I get enough believe that in this universe I
don’t believe anything to happen instead it’s pretty
this man literally did punch a ball to the size of life it was twice his size
tall I can’t believe this is happening right now that last fight with Westar
was a truck that was almost trashed like the way that it played it was a trash
they had to treat him like he was out the journey it was absolutely trying to get behind
him to shoot him because you can’t move a shoot at the same time yeah that’s a
lot of fun it was like I was like Rock’em Sock’em robots but with guns
they it was it was so robotic but it was a chain via the chainsaw battles man
those arms getting so intense in the 5000 yeah yeah just like lock you off it
all of a sudden you’d see one come out of nowhere and you’re like okay I had to
fight one and you’re in that one area I think that’s meant to come out and
you’re like how am I supposed to fight yeah I’ve got my head chained off a
couple times like oh of course I love it – great game I’ve is so good it’s
underrated I feel like people get five like oh it’s to action II it’s not scary
it is so much fun it’s not crap but not scary but it’s fun everybody was gonna
compare it to four so that’s of course yeah that’s the only reason why I like
it’s actually a good game and it’s all right it’s just now and you look back we
get to just talk crap about six which is by with me my little bear a dance he
always does I love for is my favorite Resident Evil game Bobby what are you
buying destinies like everything what are you buying everything what do you
want is it on switch if not what are you of
course they got alternate covers they got the special edition a bundle that’s
fax yeah alright so let’s go and let’s move us shift topics something that’s
actually very important but you guys all need to know about and that is the
chicken sandwich from Popeyes side that’s the trap have you had this
chicken sandwich to order it on uber eats they sold out well then that seems
like sold out how dare you told me that it’s sold out some vital information that you need to
know about then what’s up oh gee we’re break the news sir
yeah sure there’s no more chicken sandwiches for now destiny I saw
something about that that they were like stopping here we go what do you got to
show us Baron three two oh my god oh my god okay directive anyway yeah you serve
Oh chicken posting pictures were like in Popeyes
they had like will be more chicken later or we’re done selling chicken it’s like
a back and forth I guess I’m never gonna get that chicken sandwich marketing
market mark market worthy things wrong with that but I’m gonna leave it alone
it’s it’s so funny that Popeyes one job is they sell chicken and they ran out of
chicken and buns for the chicken sandwich I was just talking that to
something about they were like why did it take Popeyes so long to be like
alright I got this idea worried because and put it in between this bread like
good take just even take their tenders people will accept if you just took the
tenders and put it between the buns if you like we don’t have a full chicken
sandwich but here’s a chicken like sandwich and we’ll take a dollar off or
something oh this specific chicken sandwich does it taste different than
any of their chick better than chick-fil-a’s chicken no no no that’s
the whole thing that’s what people are saying I haven’t had it either because
every time I walk past the Popeyes it’s so sorry we don’t have any I had the
sandwich I had the sandwich III talked about it lies its the royalty over here
got his connections go ahead was your prestigious chicken sandwich I
thought it was pretty good the sauce and the pickles I like pickles though the
sauce and the pickles were really good so I thought it was good I gave it a
eight point five eight eight point five if I thought it was a good chicken
sandwich you know you’re generous you’re a generous person
you’re very kind human being well have you had it yes I have what would you
give in a six point five out of ten and I thought about it afterwards it’s a six
point five out of ten I’m gonna be real with you these chicken sandwich ready
Wendy’s chicken sandwich is literally depending where you go if you go to a
bad Wendy’s than this you go to a good Wendy’s what easy is beating out the
sandwich one with bad Popeyes actually because no I looked at my sandwich I
looked at my sandwich you look about the same as everybody else’s like the
sandwich just cooked through I would say that the senator was cooked well it was
cooked well and the thing that I would say is it’s a meaty burger I wouldn’t
beat me beat burger it’s a meaty sandwich if you like you know
steroid-induced chicken meeting you’re gonna go go ahead again how about that
pop by sideways like this I love it tenders I love look Papa this
chicken sandwich if felt like being real it felt like
they was trying to do something that wasn’t prepared to do that’s just me
being real it felt like it was trying some it was trying to do something that
it’s just wasn’t there Lane it was trying to fight copy everybody
else and it’s show cuz you’re right out you wasn’t prepared for it it was a test
market thing I think there was only like 17,000 of them or something they were
trying to push through okay and then I’ll accept that but I’ll say compared
to chick-fil-a chick-fil-a you get a lot more love in that sandwich a lot more
love in like the stewed chicken you get a lot more love from the person who’s
selling it to you who goes my pleasure Popeyes is like you goddamn fool get the
hell out of here that’s well first of all first of all to be
fair to be fair I ordered both from door – so I didn’t see any one said oh thank
you again spirit easily you didn’t even put in the water in during a fight no uh
the the Popeyes in my area had it like a week before all the other drama went
down and I had no idea that they were carrying it at all I’d go there and I
just get regular chicken and you know and then a couple of days later I’m
looking what is all this foolishness going on on Twitter oh when he’s done
went ham on somebody again and I’m looking at the back and forth from my
life Oh snapping so I’m like okay well I did not know that it was gonna take off
this way and then people were saying look you gotta try you gotta try and I’m
like well maybe I should and then when I thought about going
it was so bad everywhere I actually ended up getting Popeyes from what not
Popeyes but KFC from a co-worker because they’re doing something similar they’re
doing like everybody’s doing the impossible burger and all the other kind
of stuff they have vegan chicken nuggets like spicy and what get ready yes and it
was only it was only have one in my entire state and it was a line going
down the street I’m trying to get them in there pretty good
well I’ll say this if you have tofu that’s like the turkey tofu it’s
tofurkey like it’s it’s fake it’s not even Turkey I love it it’s all they
would not know the difference if you if you ate one and that’s what I want to
try man I want to try it now I got to go to KFC and try these face chicken
nuggets they’re very good so I want it I wanted to try the papaya like okay in
context Cody said I give it a 7 and put some context Oh Jay actually saw me eat
the sandwich I’m him Baron and Mandy because before we went live last we got
ordered my sandwich I finished it in what like what three minutes Oh Jay
might have been quicker than that no but I mean it was interesting because I’m
I’m not sure shadowbox did you watch last week’s
Casas you get a chance no I need to know Manny had plenty of nice things to say
about what happened I was here last week either I’m just as confused you guys you
guys was a very fond of what you’ve said to her that’s all she wants I mean I
didn’t had anything that I said I said it on a video and that’s the beat the
beef the beef will be reunited I want to have both of you guys back on then you
guys can talk about things well is the beef gonna be real it’s gonna be like an
impossible burger where it’s like fake beef it’s the impossible burger is it
good no he’s like mystical foods I just looked at um ubereats for the vegan
Nuggets they did not have yeah my kiss these clothes I wouldn’t even let me
look at it it said Cassie’s clothes right now go away look I made some food
now no I told that so the the pop the KFC in Smyrna Jordan that’s the only
place you can really get it from so if you’re in there you’d line around and
get you one hopefully sometime tomorrow morning but it’s probably gonna be bad
there then too so I’ll buy way for this like the entire state so I might order
B’s from Chinese ooh what kind of way you get from where agencies actually not
Chinese Jaffrey appache steak and shrimp oh now
we’re talking dude I live in the middle of nowhere boy they have decent decent
delivery I just found a decent Chinese place in Manhattan I do I do this to the
opposite of a head when I’m in New York I’m like yeah I do Japanese delivery now
like I usually you’d love Chinese and everything but all right what I taste
some rice thank you see you get it you get it you get watches there’s only one
thing it used to be Chinese for me always then
hibachi beat that out right only one thing that can beat hibachi and it’s
only been good in two areas LA and New York and that is Korean barbecue oh my
god Korean barbecue is the best combination is on the weekends when I go
up there visit friends we get some Korean barbecue have this huge table
with all of us eating and cooking up all night then we go out and go to drunk
karaoke it is amazing it’s the this the best – for a night of your life hey I’ll
scrub attach a video I’m a watcher stream huh so some of your countries in
my video I’m sorry no no it was it was it was interesting I think it’d be great
for us to have another discussion basically yes I okay so I’m gonna
between this podcast and next week’s podcast I’m gonna go back and watch the
old podcast to hear what happen to get caught up and then next week let’s get
Mandy back on with shadow Fox you know I’ll bring the popcorn I’m very excited
really fun time and I’ll just sit here like listen guys just check him a client
I’ll sit back I’m gonna do it because we had we had Mandy versus shadowbox around
1:00 and that was great that was on twitch
though I never brought that over so we need Mandy versus shadow Fox in round
two on here I still don’t get it though yeah so I’m an asshole on Twitter
everybody is really throughout the video I repeatedly told my audience over and
over again like look this is a fan Channel this is her opinion don’t
comfort her like I repeatedly said that in the video so like her I don’t know
what else you want me to okay okay let me get some context man he’s just very
passionate in what she believes it and that she’s just cheap when I’ll say your
passion to the point where you just go you go in like when you go in you go in
you go in and after a while it’s like after the after the conversation is over
it’s like really no hard feelings yeah at the end of day that’s that’s I want
to give I want to give some context there because I watched her podcast her
podcast on Sunday he was going in or on or her guest I was like who is going ham
on who at this point Mandy was going ham on her own guests and but it was all is
all cuckoo that day when he left that topic it was it was done so she’s just
really passionate at the point and she loves patience really fast and I think
that comes off of her being like really mean and no yeah that’s why XY I love
having her here and I want to have her back especially the shadow fox we can
come back we can talk about I think it’d be a good a good section you know in
terms of stuff but I did want to move on to the next topic here and I didn’t want
to get in because I know it’s asshole chain released night so a lot of you
guys are gonna be prepping for that I’m already I don’t wanna keep you guys
the full two hours oh my god dad so I wanted to talk about I know destiny
brought this topic up as destiny owns everything in the world and the switch
light is coming out so destiny switch light I’m guessing your
all three doesn’t mean two of each color well that’s that’s that’s you’re getting
all three times two so see ya so Destler what’s your thoughts on the switch light
in terms of like the system itself were you excited for are you just getting as
a kind of a collectors type of thing I’m getting to each as a collectors thing
but I’m excited because you know I don’t really play my switch right now docked
too much I take full advantage of the portability and I feel like with a
switch light it’s smaller so it’s gonna be easier to toss in my book bag and
just take everywhere I’m excited for it I’m ready I really really like the the
turquoise Cup that’s the color regatta I have that one up pre-order and I got the
Pokemon what I’m pre-order as well nice nice I got I got the Turkish one
the Pokemon one I think I’m gonna get it but I think I kinda want to buy that for
my daughter maybe I think that might be something
that she might want so the Pokemon ones literally just for me to go I got it and
then I open it up on my channel be like wow and I put it back in the box and I
put it in the background and I go now it stays there and I don’t touch it because
I love it and then I play my turquoise what if I even play it at all cuz I
don’t know if I’ll even switch to the switch light it’s just like I just want
the turquoise color cuz I was the only one back in the day when the DSi came
out and they had a turquoise DSi and I’m the only one of people I knew who bought
everyone had like a white one or a black when I’m like oh you you’re the guy who
got the turquoise one I’m like I liked it and now everyone’s like oh I like the
turquoise where were y’all when the DSi came out I had no defense everyone made
fun of me because I got turquoise wait because I was like man I’m gonna find a
way to dirty that exactly and I was like bruh that’s too plain and
then like I looked at my MIDI s light and I was like I have a black one
already it’s like you know I’ll do turquoise it’s different and I got made
fun of for it so uh you know Jay yeah after Shane went down a point on
Metacritic I heard what does it matter yeah it’s me
down to 87 it’ll be a great game I would I would say I stand up for the
ongoing podcasts on how you know he’s gonna whoa
not we but bear who’s eight like 98 90-plus so you know that’s what the
90-plus thing I’m here now I’m here you oh now you see now no distractions right
now no there we go there we go Mara did you read the horse review for a
change did you see it Peter what the worst review for astral
train of course I’ve seen it I paid a no mind cuz it was just stupid I mean it
was the most weight so other people’s opinions are stupid yeah okay I’ll say
this I compared the game to like heaven Dante and he called it button mashing
and we know that game is not but yeah that that review that the new review
that came in that dropped it by a point by the Metacritic that review was
idiotic that review is just absolutely I don’t know how we got that the guy who
does it all the time for like a bunch of games just to fluctuate it he’ll go in
and leave a really good review on a bad game or a really bad review on a good
game just stupid millennion i who does that there’s a guy who does that who’s
like verified who does that I’m like a major thing yeah it gets quite again it
gets hits that’s that’s the really downing because they like how dare you
say this game is great all those people have you even play to you which i think
it’s funny to us how could you say it’s awful like if you played it no but I
know isn’t me because you can tell crappy riding when you see crappy riding
and prob of course is that I read these reviews and it seems like these dudes
like these people on some of these people that like the two ones it seems
like they don’t know what they’re doing in the game they see anime they don’t
see I don’t know regular Western game and they decide it like this they’re not
well written reviews no matter you know what way you try to cut it it’s far my
there’s like a 75 here there’s like a 80 that some of them are better written
than what these ones are but some of these reviews it’s like these two at the
bottom these two there’s there’s 55 normal reviews that people say it’s
great then there’s two ones that are mixed and there’s a 65 a solution is not
a 60 it’s it’s but I mean it’s opinion based and I get it it’s your opinion but
it’d be like I mean what’s like a really great movie like Remember the Titans and
be like giving Remember the Titans like a freaking like to out-of-towners
like that or like it’s like remember the title even if you don’t like it’s like
do that movies not a two out of ten you know it’s not a trash movie you know
so today somebody will be bold enough to give Casablanca one out it’s absolutely
so it would be like Casablanca overrated but that’s not compare Casablanca to a
shame cuz I cuz I was like no I you don’t like compare an apple store just that was nice well I give it like the
original Mario like a – it’s like the ass dude you know I brought ya right now
give me give me access to a site but you guys know everybody who’s here cuz some
people are asking who destiny is it’s destiny for most she’s in the
description all of the users here they’re all there so go subscribe to
their channels everybody’s there in the description yes thank you this is also
exciting and new that if you go over someone’s name at the end of their you
can go to their channel what else shit I got a question yeah we know that what is
it who is this girl in this room right now which we do we just literally just
went over that in detail pink in my chat right now that’s destiny can you hear us
yeah okay how are you wait a minute i think i subbed to you
three days ago you know wait she’s the one that got all those collections on
the wall right yes sir video just popped up on my youtube one day yeah yeah she
saw you and you were talking about how some people was attacking you with some
group on Facebook and stuff like that so that’s crazy and a and OJ I just gotta
say that that was a good choice right always a great choice everybody what you didn’t say that was on me like
three days ago ciose in a row she’s good gotcha gotcha so that’s a plus for me
you’re good destiny you’re good say I knew you guys would all like Dustin yeah
I said I gotta bring her her family’s really nice to my dumb ass let me real
quick let me talk destiny Brook wheeler on a podcast let me just lay barren let
me just remind you we are live we are still alive
I know be on the podcast you stop Agnes I just want to take anything that come
up my mouth personally I joke around I’m a comedian he’s actually a wrestler he’s
actually a professional wrestler but uh definitely you like wrestling know you of all-time all-time incre currently
sasha banks especially that she came out okay
all the time don’t come for me that’s not bad Ricky the guy that wears like a
thong and puts his face in people’s I got a problem with that Oh Jesse yeah I
got a problem with that you see Rikishi put his ass in Vince
McMahon’s was the best you got a point there respect I’ll tell you something I
was better when freakin when freakin stone-cold handed Vince McMahon a beer
and then stone-cold stunned Amenti spit the beer out that was better
I like stone-cold 3:16 oh no let me get this straight hold on
so definitely she’s a wrestling fan right mm-hmm yes stablished nitendo fan
established correct yes either you two a holic that’s confirmed yes so he’s on
this podcast right now four out of four Ben yep doing good destiny you’re
perfect you’re four out of four for all the things that burn just said ten out
of ten all right so I guess we’re gonna we’re
gonna move on to this last topic here that I wanted to discuss with you guys
so it’s a bit interesting especially when it comes to gaming and when it
comes to like lifestyle topics and movies and things like that and that’s
kind of more into what Jordan Jordan is kind of into so I want to get before you
guys go because like I said this is Astrachan released night so about an
hour and a half to watch a train comes out so I want to give everybody time for
that I know our to have taught the podcast is over no the last topic and
we’re gonna do then we’re gonna but then we’re gonna split for tonight and then
I’ll be back later for Ashley shade so movies that are coming out Joker got got
and I wanted to hide this topic from Jordan
because I didn’t want him to get all I wanted to hide this topic from Jordan so
let’s start these are guests so we’re gonna start with destiny destiny and my
destiny you’re welcome to come on the podcast anytime you want by the way that
it looks joking oh no it looks so good like I feel like this this is gonna give
people another a different look at Joker like I love how they go into like the
detail of it how they show his life and how they show like he’s a he’s trying to
do the right thing he’s trying to be a good person and life is just like no you
can’t have it this way and so he turns into this fuckin badass he’s like you
know what if life isn’t gonna give me things the right way I might take it the
bad way it’s just it looks so good it looks so good
nice nice sir excited for if you have like a in terms of height level for like
I’ll take all like the more like DC Marvel where would this fit on your
height meter destiny in terms of where you are hype compared to like let’s say
endgame or games like right here yeah I’m like right here for this okay so
like let’s say n games like a 9 out of 10 you’re like a 8 out of 10
maybe yeah okay so okay a little bit lower but still right there we’re gonna
let Jordan go last cuz I know he’s gonna have plenty to Abaddon I know you’re a
big movie guy – yeah I missed a chair I sorta trailer yesterday but I had a lot
cause I don’t get to see the trailer yet oh you think it’s okay
latest one bomber i watch it while we’re live okay yeah you can we’ll move the
shadow for shadow fox i know you’re a big movie guy big DC guy and everything
– right so so I too missed the trailer but I saw the original trailer so that’s
enough for me okay you’re what would be your height level and in terms of what
are you excited the most about this movie now I got to throw out the shade
so this is a DC movie so for DC movie purposes you have I’m supposing the
Shazam they’re Captain Marvel is gonna be probably one of the highest ones of
right underneath Suicide Squad and then you have Joker which is I don’t know
this sounds quad yeah I think this it will be their equivalent of one a really
good Marvel movie so I think they’re I think they’re in for making a good a
good franchise if they can keep it up so I was sold on his character anyway so I
mean Joker’s like one of the bet one of the favorite characters out of out of
the whole DC Universe yes he the one did they write the one do they wrote you
know a couple years ago is this is the this is the way they should go yeah this
looks like good I like I like little Joker too much my favorite Joker is Jack
Nicholson’s and right now right after I see Fletcher but looking at this right
now I like the build up I like I like the
build up of this is like a good origin story this is like what I’m from where
I’m getting from this if I’m if I’m not mistaken like the inverse of Batman
Begins was what Joker instead mmm it’s like a real Joker origin story and I’m
interested seeing that we’re gonna do in the franchise with this looking at this
this looks really good so far he’s gonna explode here in a sec let’s let Jordan
talk about Joker Jordan can I go yes now you got a bigger
topic that I want to talk about know no one cares about your trash opinions thirty seconds you got 30 seconds go 30
seconds you got 25 we got 20 seconds now you waste any time you have 15 seconds
you’re wasting your type don’t make me come in there powerbomb
the hell out of you okay you got three seconds oh that’s all we got time for pairing
this week safety code so in a trailer right if we don’t don’t don’t see why
everybody’s like so I I think it looked decent I don’t know why everybody’s like
it’s an order story movie so someone come get this guy real quick I can see
what people are excited tell you I’m not really hype the last be ski movies
wasn’t all that gracious and was good I finally seen that that was that was a
that was exception but you know if it has to go through like one I would
probably have to stab myself good that I’m at the end this man’s whole career
real quick okay Jordan go ahead man just talk about the movie though what do I
know you’re the movie guy you got a movie channel – so yeah which I’ll
promote talk about later listen this Joker movie has been one of the most
interesting things to me since they announced it last year all right one
this studio has had so much so much like internal talk about this film because
they’re so impressed with what they came up with that they’re not just having
this movie come out as a comic book movie they are providing this around for
awards season for two specific reasons one they’re gonna definitely go for Best
Actor Joaquin Phoenix who is one of the greatest actors out
there today in Hollywood who commits to a performance and oh my gosh does he
look incredibly lost 52 pounds for this role he looks insane he is perfect for
the character – they’re definitely gonna go for cinematography because I don’t
know if you’ve noticed in both those trailers the shots that they show are
beautiful like the costumes in the time period and the makeup everything looks
like it’s from that time era it is insanely good and this is an else world
story so this is its own standalone thing it has no connection to anything
else in the DC Universe not even the main DC Universe this is just a story
about the guy who the world’s shit to him and he’s trying to navigate it while
he has his own he’s dealing with and I think it’s
fascinating it’s more of a character study on someone who is going psychotic
rather than a villain origin story because yeah it’s the origin of the
Joker but this is not the Joker that you know that Oh Batman die you’ll never get
me you know that’s not bad Joker this is just a crazy guy before Batman’s ever
around which I do have a theory about Batman being in the film and something
terrible that happens in the film but in a good way terrible the film is rated R
which is the best news which that news came out last week and I was like yes
that’s amazing and then the trailer came out of like ooh even better they are
killing it on the trailers on this end I think this is gonna be surprisingly
gonna be one of the best movies of the year I think it’s gonna be talked about
I think the awards season is going to eat it up I haven’t been this excited
for something from DC in a long time I enjoyed Suzanne I was really surprised
with Aquaman I got really enjoyed that one but basically everything else like
even Wonder Woman oh one room was good till that last that note that that third
act was awful but the first the beginning and middle of Wonder Woman
excellent the ending is just too like it’s too much to explain inside movie
podcasts I’m sorry I’ll talk about it later
but uh yeah everything else DC is done dog poop doo dee doo doo what they’ve
done with every character they had I don’t know what they do with Batman
because they had in Batman V Superman terrible movie but they got Batman
correct they had a good Batman than in Justice League they’re like hey why
don’t we just make him the opposite of who he was and now he’s a laughingstock
he falls in the ground I’m gonna feel that in the morning oh that’s what it
feels like no it’s stupid it’s terrible it sucks DC is doing something right
by splitting up their universe and starting things where they want to doing
things how they want Elseworlds stories standalone movies treating them
separately and this is what’s going to make them successful they jump the gun
and they’ve done it wrong and now they’re finally getting it right they
had a good director on board good actors good storytelling the Joker Joker the
movie is going to be a lot better than what anyone’s expecting so I’m very
excited for this this is the first time I can go to a DC film and with
confidence and going I’m going to enjoy it rather than being scared and already
knowing that it’s probably going to disappoint me because Justice League was
probably one of the worst films I’ve ever seen
in theaters and it’s an absolute mess from the trailers to the film to
everything they’ve done well now’s before they even
did the whole universe thing and yeah that movie that movies was they didn’t
have it figured out at that point either Ryan Reynolds he’s always great I just
enjoy Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds but that movie is a Green Lantern movie
get out of here that is no no no good such a contrast though because because
DC animation Mark Hamill was the best joker ever and a universe is really good
can’t they translate that to like live-action and that’s the problem
because they don’t have a tonal direction with Marvel you have Kevin
Feige who is literally his job is to make sure that every movie still kind of
comes together to a specific like and you can do your own thing but let’s keep
it totally consistent all to one vision DC was like okay let’s put out Man of
Steel and fucking put Batman in there oh shit 101 Justice League right away like
no we don’t know these characters yet you didn’t give us our movies you wanted
to make a dark no Superman movie we got that then you want to make a dark Batman
Superman movie cool we got that then you make Justice League which is literally a
film that’s cut in half and redirected by Joss Whedon so half of the film is
dark half the film is light and cheery it’s all chopped and screwed and what
you get was literally reheated food from last week that you just threw together
and said yeah it’s a meal it’s not a meal it’s crap you deserve better the
fans deserve better and the DC Animated Film sometimes they’re not so good but
sometimes they are really good and for the most part they are pretty good and
if they could do that with the actual live films or do what they’re doing with
the Joker and just do these standalone films like I hope the Batman film we’re
getting in 2021 is excellent as I hope it’s gonna be they have a good director
they got good actors on board it really depends on how how good the writers they
have our on board because if they can make a good standalone Batman trilogy
that they don’t have to connect to Aquaman 2 they don’t have to connect it
to Wonder Woman to just do their own things and then maybe once they figure
all that out can come back and figure out how to do justice Lee properly again
then I’ll be happy I think DC has finally figured it out took them too
long but they finally figured it out so I’m happy for that and keep this long
story short Joker looks great I can’t wait I was actually talking about this
last night you seen the new trailer for Joker you see the
so one alright yeah yeah watch this the female interest in the trailer do you
think they make that or hint at that being Harley Quinn so they make Harley
black now yeah well I I think so this is the else world story they could because
they’re gonna because I know for the suicide Suicide Squad movie they’re
working on now margot robbie even though it’s gonna be
a full reboot margot robbie is still she’s still Harley Quinn and even the
birds of prey movie next year she still is but I think that’d be fascinating I
wouldn’t be surprised as you said her name’s Harley the other thing I got from
the trailer in the first trailer do you remember when he’s at the gates and he
he makes the little kids smile like he has like yeah I think that that’s young
Bruce Wayne and I think the Joker actually in this movie kills his parents
and like FS something very fucked up in the movie and then goes up to the kid I
think what that scene is missing is on his hands they digitally took out blood
I think he hasn’t blood on him and he cuz he does that to the kids I because
if it’s rated R and they say it’s disturbing stuff I hope they go that far
with it like if they’re gonna tease stuff like that and make me think about
it I hope that in a joker movie that’s the psychotic they go for stuff like
that cuz I am interested in seeing them pushing the envelope don’t be like oh
you know it’s still like kids know you’re you’ve said it’s rated R and it’s
not about superheroes make it that we need a good rate at our film it’s people
are too scared to make a good rate at our film nowadays and III hope this is
it yeah because it can cost them millions of millions because it kids
know I know how many times have we tried to go straight at our movies I DS I’m
like damn they’re just like yeah you’re just like that you can’t you can’t see
it I mean they’re they could have had so much there’s so many movies that I
didn’t see that they could have had our money if it was ready to pg-13 compared
to our so it’s just it’s almost like video games right uncharted is raging
race yeah uncharted ready team right so they could make a raided or they could
make a mature rated uncharted but why make a mature ready
do you really want to do that sure when but when we’re looking at this where
they can be like okay this isn’t a Batman and Joker story right this is a
Joker story not about the same iconic clown that people knows like the purple
suit and all that no this is a different story where it’s it’s different enough
where I think we get that audience of 17 and older that are really excited for
the kids aren’t really gonna care yeah I know people you know people are just
gonna take their kids because a kid says hey mom Batman new movie The Joker movie
they’re gonna take in ultraviolent probably some nudity in there yeah oh
there’s nothing to be upset about that if there is a nudity with that new love
interest RI riot no no I do think there is Gucci there’s nudity that you
probably don’t want but it’s gonna be in there from one of the trailers me what I
want I just want one there’s the scene there’s a scene where he’s like creepily
he’s like creepily like washing his mom in the tub so I wouldn’t be surprised if
you see an old lady make it in the tub in that film halfway is good it doesn’t
even need to be it but give me something almost I don’t think hey I don’t think
sassy beets is getting nude in the film almost as good as that and I’m okay
that’s a good case of pg-13 nudity right there you know be like what are your
gods in my world you know you know we actually got like watching you up and
everything watching movies where I’m at now there’s so much better because we
got this brand-new movie studio that’s there like where they serve you food and
it’s like to the table yes it’s so good they have like something kind of like
that at one theater in New York somewhere but in Florida it’s just like
they come with the whole big tree and it’s all Bujji and yours cuz it’s
down south and Florida cheap the cost of all of that is like cost of one ticket
in New York City it is she so basically I didn’t know that so basically that’s
just a southern thing because there but there’s a lot of them down south like
they say a lot of them started in Texas and they’ve kind of spread out from
there like the closest one to me is in Virginia that does stuff like that and which would make sense because that’s
where the expansion went they went all the leaders well we’ve got I mean we’ve
got a couple in Los Angeles they have a they have like one or two whom I got a
few here in the Central Valley but I’m yeah I paid for everything I went with
the date it was last year I went with a date we sound like Jurassic Park or
something and I think I paid about like seventeen dollars for everything the
movie tickets and the food so it was I was happy great price you know how much
the IMAX ticket cost here 22 popcorn here what do you robbery
oh I’m spending 70 bucks every time I go but it is more peace of mind more than
anything else anyway night are you look thinner and you you’re you you feel like
you’re gonna get to a fight with somebody because you just want to turn
around and be like shot do my high score I don’t take shit anymore I give I give
people next level and it’s just like ah that’s why I loved Alamo Drafthouse like
if you’re on your phone and you’re talking to get one warning if you’re
kicked out which I like that but at a regular movie theater with like the only
one I have my area I’ll taste anymore if one gets like a little bit of a leeway
like if they get a text they check their phone real quick and either respond back
or put it away cool I get it but they pull out and they’re on the phone the
whole time or they’re talking I’ll and they’re like right in front of me on
stuff like hey please put that away and depends on how the reaction of that goes
then it goes alright so no I’m sorry I’ll start having fun with it I’m like I
guess you don’t know that my father owns this movie theater and I guess you never
come back here again that’s fine that’s fine then we’ll go
home sorry but if they go on don’t we score up
there’s like what you all watch Godzilla silence you said that so do you prefer
quiet movie theaters where people just you know they vaguely react to stuff or
do you like lively movie theaters because it depends on the movie for me
because whenever I watch that whenever I sing fast and furious I had lively
crowds and people with chanting stuff and yelling stuff out and it kind of
helped foot the feel of the movie if it’s an event film and you’re watching
Avengers and you’re seeing like the big scenes happen everyone’s clapping that’s
fine I like a little bit of that people are like oh honey or people’s like yeah
when everyone comes like that’s fine but what I mean is like when I’m watching
when I went to go see the Pikachu movie they were like a group of people behind
it’s just like laughing and kind of having their own conversation the entire
time and it was just like dude this is why I can’t go see any horror films in
theaters half the time like I’m so scared of going to see the new it
chapter 2 in theaters because this is where all the high schoolers are like
the yellow don’t like the 17 year olds like they they get into it they go to
these horror films because they think it’s fun but they talked the whole time
and then I remember being in high school and they all did that still and they
still do it to this day but it’s only at specific movies it’s always the horror
films that come out because they’ll either sneak into it or be 17 and be
able to get into them or it’s it’s like it’s never the comedies but it’s always
the big event films like into words no one’s seeing it anymore but at that
point it’s like it’s like it’s gonna be on blu-ray in a week anyway you know
like it’s that’s how fast the cycle is but like I remember not that I’d loved
this movie or anything but Star Wars Episode 8 right one of the coolest
scenes in that film is when one ship goes through another ship go ahead like
you know like through Lightspeed or whatever and it cuts the ships in half
and it goes all silent and there’s just really cool visual on-screen right the
coolest part the only thing that redeems that movie is that scene right and it’s
all sad everyone in the audience is like except for the guy next to me goes it
makes like a drip sound with like his cheek I’m like brah why the fuck would
you ruin the tension of that scene that was such why you gotta come here be the
sound effect guy did they pay you to sound effect this movie this car here
you guys have bones like our that type of stuff never happens maybe because I
live in like a country type of place people a little more respectful
small-town type of things yeah I have in my town swirl brown potatoes right now
y’all never you ain’t never experienced know her type oh I went in and we were
watching a movie and this couple got into this fuck that they paused the
movie turn the lights on and had them escorted out and then put the lights
back off and continued the movie as if they didn’t pause the whole damn thing
or let it continue why they were fighting I I was part of the people that
was like when I was in Fresno there’s no such thing as a good neighborhood in
Fresno let’s just let’s just establish that Fresno there’s literally no such
thing as a good neighborhood the good place is Clovis and I’m just joking for
those who live in the Central Valley I’m it’s a joke but Fresno is known to be a
little bit on the hood side all right that’s where I went to school at Fresno
State and I went with the date there and she was definitely more on the ghetto
side a lot more on the ghetto side than me and she person daliyah number muffled she’s like loud it like super ghetto I’m
like no respond depression service me off on dates or
what I’m showing like a girl like a movie she’s never seen before because I
collect all this and they come over so they’ll be like you have every movie I’m
like cool pick out something you never seen oh let’s watch Jurassic Park or but
for the example let’s say something right but let’s say it’s something I’ve
never seen before right it’s a brand-new movie I just picked up for something I
just haven’t watched yet we watch it together and I hate when this happens
oh why do you do that Oh what’s gonna happen next oh god I I
don’t know why did you swatch the film just watch the film
same thing with old films why do you want me to tell you just watch the film
just watch the film because what if Elvis formats gonna being a youtuber man
hey what’s this a right here I’m like did you watch my video it’s like why did
that guy shoot that guy I’m like I don’t know we’ll find out soon but why don’t
they just tell us they’re going to like what do you mean it’s part of the fun of
a movie it’s a mystery in my life yeah well good for you apparently every girl
who ever got out with doesn’t understand the concept of how movies work no that
seems just happened cuz the next scenes gonna happen never not understands
marriage and I respect him for it I also hope that’s why I never get
married more too much pressure I’m not explaining everything my watch
Amazon understands that he knows he’s going to get married and he respects
that this point no marriage no kids I got time for any of that
I took a su she was like super her she was like super hood she was like super
hood like black chick to the movies we saw what movie was it it was the movie
with like Tyler Perry movie something like that it was a movie it was the movie where I
can’t remember which one to jail one no it was the movie like couples they go on
like a vacation and like one of the couple are one of the one of the like
the ladies Oh like the rich man yes yes why not get married movie no why did I
get married Chris Rock movie well no it was they go on a retreat somewhere and
the the lady that tall Perry’s playing he’s playing one of the main characters
and like the the chick keeps all you know myself I think that was like
the first one where they went out to the or maybe it was when they went out to
like the ski lodge and no yet Tyler Perry juice cotton Tyler Perry has two
films he has why did I get married and why do I get married – it’s like a ski
lodge and the the bigger woman had to like come by herself because her husband
was like an asshole and he was like nah she was too big to fit on the plane so
we just yeah and like the rock is there at the very end and I think Janet
Jackson Janet Jackson Jackson yeah how do you call Jill Scott ugly what is
wrong with you like they do with smoking serious doping and mood but yeah yeah I
went to go see that movie with her and that’s where she’s like oh no you did it
I’m just like no work like she’ll like I was damn I said her name anyway
regardless of whatever y’all don’t know her last name
oh this is Jill Scott I was just like I was like I was like chill like she was
just acting super ghetto and I was like oh man people were looking I’m like this
is last time I got I take her anywhere but no I mean like that’s how it was my
other people were kind of making noises – like in Fresno that’s how it was like
whenever I went to the movie theater I see my people were always doing
something to present but you know when I kind of went back home and everything
it’s like people a lot more respectful you know I’m more respectful so I don’t
know I don’t have all the horror I go like people being douchebags and like
stuff like that even I love them I uh I don’t what I go see like films about
like older times or like historical films or something like that are about
war or whatever it may be right and I love seeing them there’s like older
people they’re like in their 70s or 80s and I love that like them just
experiencing like a war film how good it looks today what we can do with
technology and whatnot and they’ll just be like oh my god looks like just like
their little quiet commentary because they’re not loud they like sit next to
each other go did you see that that’s like it’s it’s a me like that’s cute
because it’s like Oh like that’s that’s crazy cuz like today I’m like they’ve
grew through it all they watch the black-and-white films now they’re seeing
this shit it’s like that’s a lot of change so I just that’s
kind of cute to me that’s fine that’s harmless it’s when the teenager is going
there like pussy haha throwing popcorn and shit like that’s why I spend the
seventy get out recline receives I get my drink we just sit there it is worth
the time listen if I had one near me which one of the things are going to
invest in is building my own a theater in my area that has the best rules
that’s gonna be the best epic um you know restaurant the best rules you talk
you you pull out your phone you’re done get out the thing is property management
I buy the property so I don’t care how much the theater makes I’m just gonna
undercut everything so it runs the other theater out of business that I’m the
only theater in well I know this it’s a say I don’t want to keep you guys for
the full two hours an hour thirty in stop it because we started up late
we’re accident only an hour thirty actually you know I did pretty much keep
you guys for the fall too so let’s go what’s up yes you say what I’ve got to
get ready I gotta get ready for my actual change stream tonight Oh
so since since we at the end what do you think about that cosplay cuz I didn’t
hear shit you were saying early oh it was fantastic thank you for showing me I
thought that was really cool yeah yeah she was she was eyes she was great
whoever that was but yeah she was awesome great costume alright so let’s
go to around the horn here I’ll let people uh will start with destiny
destiny where can people find you and what do you got upcoming on your channel
for like this is the rest of this week or next week you can find me on youtube
and everywhere else at destiny foam I have a few switch videos coming up on my
channel and as well as some giveaways so you can find all give away information
on Twitter and updates on that on YouTube absolutely yeah I mean that’s
any word teaming up for a octopi traveler giveaway as well
so there’ll be details on that very soon here so where you can
Scarpa our channel and everything it I’ll be on Twitter soon sorry shut up
Thank You destiny for joining us sorry for keeping you a bit late here it was
fun all right next up Abaddon I’m done
working if I get my man you guys can find me at avid on YouTube avid beats
tomorrow I have an asteroid coming out so make sure you guys check that out and
um yeah they taught me ok no problem no problem Baron where can I find you at my
man nowhere he’s muted shadow folks where can they buy you at my man well
you know YouTube / shadow fossa infinite um I probably will stream astral chain
at some point probably maybe tomorrow if not tomorrow probably Saturday and I’ll
have a shadow cast coming up pretty soon now that I’ve figured out some ins and
outs with stream lab so not I got that out of the way and figured out some of
the business side of things I can start doing a bit more content and be a little
bit more aggressive so this was good yeah that’s it deep play games have fun
or to impress other people shoutouts to Ethan are with the dollar 99 he says I’m
not I’m not gonna chew my popcorn super loud now so there you go Jordan Jordan’s
cent French cinema is already having its effect before it’s even built that’s a
wise choice yeah it is it’s a very good investment I want to own my own gym one
of these days that’s gonna be like my thing that I kind of just go out on just
like no one started started out start now
Planet Fitness franchise is really expensive so I can’t afford maybe one of
these days I want to own a franchise like not my old like a franchise much
like a Planet Fitness would be like my ideal I was one of those days one of
these days but though I think they’re like half a million for one like that so
whichever one you get make sure they got no venture spice they you know they
won’t by the way you can never get the bitch no you got to go there at
different like you know it’s 24 hours I gotta go there like really early in the
morning or really late at night or if you go during the regular day also sat before you get the friends I
think there’s somebody here’s Joey NY NYC donated $5 and says who’s the new
girl I don’t know you might be interested in maneuver a little bit
who’s that that’s Chad also Joey thank you so much Matt I appreciate that don’t
have to remember that this is the Internet no Joey Joey oh my see Jordan
where can i buy at my ma’am you can find me on the block chill
no I you can find me online under Jordan fringe basically tick-tock Instagram
Twitter all that fun stuff YouTube all that but would mean more to me is fellow
I’m not sick anymore I’m gonna get back to making content on my movie channel I
just linked it down below electric pop we just crossed 1,400 subscribers on
there so I appreciate it I have one video on there right now about
Borderlands movie that’s in the works but some people saying to make a video
about the Joker film maybe I will maybe I won’t they tuned subscribe to it if
you like the film I’m the film guy I talked about film a
lot so let’s see I’ll do my own I’m gonna do my own weekly film podcast
maybe Jordan get people on there I know you’re busy but I kind of want to do
some collaborations with some film stuff for my one of my some of the stuff that
I’m doing so let’s do yeah I like collabs yeah I think I really want to
get into a little bit more about the film stuff too so alright sounds good
guys yeah Baron Baron where can we find out my man oh we gotta find me uh yeah
come find me on my crazy ass channel shortgrass yeah you know uploaded a
video that they did a little gameplay you know how many commentary so that was
pretty hilarious even if you’re not interested in the game probably watch it
because it’s funny as hell it was great oh no Barry hey Barry just did it did
you know who I know that uh I was watching your your Game of the Year
thing live but you did this week I was watching that on my channel live
so we were watching you live while you were long you actually yell it about
different I like astral shade and fire a moving set you know so we are watching
you live while you were live it was great
oh my god you’re so silly bro you just hit a thousand on tick-tock oh there you
go congratulations now exclusive father’s view doesn’t
bother me I’m just saying but why are you gonna see with you like one of those
dudes hey I’m chillin you got like the car
with the big old rims and everything but you live in like the smallest house and
sorry though it’s nice you what I mean it’s it’s a lengthy explanation if you
really want me to explain it why I still have a crack phone no you don’t got to
all right also follow me on Twitter I got some good stuff coming to you you
know I’m gonna get a lot of you know pitches in video from Dragon Con so
follow me on Twitter for the craziness I’d be saved back safe what are you
talking about swinger parties what we talking about even though even though
sheik was trying to holla you know I got a big what up what’s up what’s he really
gonna holla no was he really I’ll show y’all that drank ass I’ll be there you
know you know I’ll be at DragonCon I also would be a little day weekend if
anybody’s in the city you know I’ll be at those events too okay it’s gonna be a
beautiful weekend man Astrachan comes out the night Astro change
let’s go getting what’s a guy 87 in Scott we going our yeah we got one hour
alright guys thank you so much for watching I appreciate it pretty much
everybody well I am gonna be streaming it Avedon’s gonna be streaming it so uh
tune out two streams support the stream to support us thank you guys so much for
watching to appreciate it thank you for all the guests today and now we will see
you guys back next week for

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