Over 50 Makeup Tutorial | FOUNDATION

Over 50 Makeup Tutorial | FOUNDATION

today I’m going to talk about my top
foundation tips for women over 50 and if you’re a woman over 50 getting your
foundation right is the most anti-aging thing you can do hi I’m Schellea and
welcome to Fabulous 50’s it’s been said that if you want to make a woman look
younger the number one thing to do is even out her skin tone with a good
foundation so that’s what this video today is all about making mature skin on
women over 50 glow and create the perfect canvas for any makeup look
these tips are used by makeup artists on film TV and weddings and shoots but the
same tips apply to everyday women and everyday faces and particularly to
mature skin so let’s get started Foundation applies best to a moisturized
and primed skin so if you’re not used to using anything under your foundation
this tip will really make a big difference this one has been around for
so many years it’s what makeup artists use underneath their foundation and it
is very very very moisturizing but can be used on oily skin as well and this is
so perfect underneath the foundation and if you’ve got dry skin oh my goodness
this is beautiful so put that in and let it sit for a little bit and you can
either apply your foundation straight on top of your moisturizer or apply a
primer I love primers because that’s my thing
and I’m obsessed with foundation so these two things are my favorite and I
have found this Kryolan and primer and it is so beautiful and Kryolan is a
professional makeup artist range and what this primer does is it makes the
foundation stick to it so it gets much longer where the goal of foundation
application is to even out your skin tone while you can still see your actual
skin underneath the foundation you decide what coverage you want
first so you want a full coverage and medium coverage or a sheer coverage then
you apply product sheer out and then layer and that’s the trick with
foundation and it works a treat and I’m going to show you how to do that and
today we’re going to use wax based foundation which is a lot different to
liquid foundation that you may be used to but I say give this a try because
we’re all into trying new things and experimenting but these foundations
these wax bases this is RCMA and this one’s Kryolan and I’m obsessed with these they
are the most beautiful foundations and I think you’re going to love them and the
reason I love them so much is because they’re 50% pigment which means that
it’s all about the color so you’re putting product on your skin that’s a
color rather than a lot of product on your skin mixed with a color so these
ones for example are around 50% pigment and a normal liquid foundation is
anywhere between 18 and 25 percent pigment so with less pigment in your
foundation you need more of it to cover all your uneven skin tone redness
blotchy sunspots and all of that tools that apply foundation is either a brush
or a Beauty Blender or your fingers and technically a brush is for blending and
shearing out and Beauty blenders are for layering you can use either of these
tools to apply your foundation but it’s just good to know what they’re for and
what the purpose is I’ll apply RCMA to this side of my face and the Kryolan
to this side just to give you a comparison and if you buy a palette like
this you can combine the colors you can’t get it wrong because whatever your
skin tone is a combination of these colors will suit you perfectly and when
you find the color that you absolutely love you can buy them in this size which
this will last me a year or more because you need such a small amount I’m going
to combine these two colors for my skin and you just take a small amount and put
it on your hand and these two colors that’s all you need it’s such a small
amount and with a wax foundation you’ve got to heat it up first and it becomes
creamy and then you apply it I apply it with my finger and this is just all
pigment it feels so luxurious and beautiful and it feels different to
liquid foundation I’ll go in on the other side with my Kryolan and this is
my exact shade and if you happen to live in Sydney you can go to the Kryolan
store on Oxford Street and they’ll do a color match for you and if
you happen to go there the makeup artist that helped me was Raja and he was so
helpful he was amazing and full of wisdom and information and his service
was 10 out of 10 so if you are lucky enough to meet up with Raja
ask him to color match you and if you’re not in Sydney I’ll link all the places
that you can get these colors and you can have a test for yourself so this is
the Kryolan one the coverage is so beautiful let’s get
to the technique part now that I’ve got it on my face I’m going to blend out and
sheer out and lay out and this is the way to get that most beautiful look that
the professional makeup artists get when they’re doing you know work for TV or
film and a brush like this that’s dense that can buff out a kabuki
brush this is like a Rea Morris sort of beautiful brush and these kind of
brushes so we’re going to take one and we’re going to start blending out and here’s the kicker with foundation
this is what we can get very very wrong because we’re over 50 with mature eyes
we don’t often see everything and I have to be the first to admit that because we
can be doing our makeup and miss parts if you’re just doing this and when you
go outside your skin is blotchy and there’s parts that sort of have a lot of
pigment and parts that you’ve missed so buffing out your foundation means that
that doesn’t happen and that’s probably the number one mistake I would see with
foundation on older women is that blotchy application because we don’t
know what we don’t know and it’s one of those things that people aren’t going to
come up to you and say hey you missed a spot with your foundation so this is
something make sure that you have a beautiful brush to buff out your
foundation and you can’t go wrong take it down to your neck and if you’re
using a liquid foundation you do the same thing because we don’t want our
eyesight to fail us and we don’t want any bits missed if I want to make this a
little bit more full coverage I would add a little bit more to my hand warm it
up and again I’m going to buff it in and sheer it out
that’s going to give you such a beautiful look as opposed to foundation
that’s sort of full coverage and 24-hour wear and thick and heavy because all
that’s going to do is make us look like we’ve got a mask on and we don’t want to
make that mistake as we’re getting older because we can’t get away with it
because of our lines and wrinkles and what happens is around our eyes and
around our mouth here we’re moving all day and if we’re going to have that much
movement with this heavy mask on it’s going to crack but doing something like
this this sort of technique you don’t get the cracking because you have buffed
and sheered out and then reapplied here’s another tip if you’ve got oily
skin or you’re having hot flushes all the time you can layer that with a
setting spray so you can use a I’ve got an urban decay mattifier and you can
spray on like this and this spray is a layer so sticking with that principle
we’re going to use this for the layering product and we’re going to tap that in
and that’s going to help with oil control during the day and you can also
spray it on your Beautyblender and again layer layer layer layer it’s all about
technique and layering and blending and shearing out if the way to get perfect
foundation and nobody has ever said I want to see a woman with a face full of
thick foundation because that just doesn’t look great now here’s the thing
if you’ve got lots of wrinkles and lines around your face which many of us do you
can’t get rid of wrinkles with foundation it’s it’s it doesn’t happen
that way because wrinkles are crevasses in our skin so unless we’re going to
fill the crevice up with some putty they’re gonna stay there okay here’s
what you do you buff out the area on your face where your wrinkles are so
for me it’s around here and around my eyes and the goal is to sheer out your
foundation as much as possible around those areas so by the end of the day you
don’t have a gathering and a collection of foundation inside your lines because
you’ve sheered it all out another tip is to rather than apply a ton of foundation
in the morning decant some of your foundation into a small container and
then during the day just touch it up it’s so easy you only need the tiniest
tiniest amount rub it into your fingertips to warm it up and then just
apply it so for me I like to reapply around this area because that’s where it
gets a little bit thinned out for me and that’s all I do it takes two seconds and
then because we’re layering we use the principle of layering and using a sponge
and you just tap it in and that’s going to give you a beautiful fresh look
halfway through the day when you need it the most when you’ve got your foundation
to this stage you can add powder and there’s a couple of things I want to say
about powder the first thing is if you’re going to apply a powder with a
color in it or a pigment in it it can end up looking not great at the end of
the day and the reason is if you get oily and you’ve got a colored powder on
your skin the oil and the powder and the foundation all mix in to create a
different color on your skin and that can look really ashy you know halfway
through the day so if you don’t powder here and your powder here this area can
have a completely different color and you can really tell when you’re outside
so I have found this product this is a Ray Morris invisible mattifier and it’s
clear it’s it’s invisible and it’s the strangest consistancy
but it does an amazing job and it feels like a gel no it doesn’t feel like
a gel it sort of between a powder and a gel and it’s sort of soft but what you
do is you put your brush in it’s actually a powder and then you dab it on
to the areas that you’d like to mattify and instantly it takes down the shine so
if you’re someone who gets hot flushes or has oil in this area
this product here works like amazing and that’s all you need to do just a small
amount and it takes away the shine but the thing is it’s invisible so if your
skin continues to produce oil during the day or get very very hot the foundation
that you have on your skin isn’t going to mix with a color and create another
color again and another product that I have is the RCMA which is the same
company I told you about before this is a no color powder and you can put a
little bit of this powder it it appears to be white which it is but when you put
it on your skin it becomes invisible and it completely takes down the shine I
like the shine but I’m just showing you and this is really great if you’re
having hot flushes this one is really inexpensive and look how much there is i
decant it into one of these little containers and then you can carry that
around if oil is your problem you can carry one of these around and this and
this and you’re set you’re going to look fresh all day every day
and to hold your foundation and all that work you’ve just done in place you can
use a setting spray and I love the Too Faced hangover 3 and one but Raja told
me to get this one he sold it to me it’s the derma color
fixing spray and he said that this would give this a run for its money and it’s
true I love it it’s different it kind of feels it’s different to this one as it’s
not as dewy-lookin but it gives just that perfect perfect satin look to your
face this has a sun protection SPF 20 and again this is a makeup artist one
which they would use for a wedding to keep the makeup long-lasting for the
whole day and then on top of my foundation every time I make it 3d I put
a Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter on and it gives a beautiful
dewy luminous glow and I just apply that with a Beauty Blender and apply it here
and that lifts my foundation and makes it look even more dewy and more
beautiful I really hope you got some value from those foundation tips and I
encourage you to try new ways of applying foundation and try some of
these techniques and you can’t get it wrong just have fun experimenting with
new different ways and use the foundations that you have at home just
try buffing and blending and layering and see if you get a different result
please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with your
friends thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week

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