OFFICIAL WIDER HIPS Workout | HIP DIPS FIX | No Equipment At Home Routine

OFFICIAL WIDER HIPS Workout | HIP DIPS FIX | No Equipment At Home Routine

Welcome to this hip-dip, wider-hip workout we’re starting off with some fire hydrants, which means we’re gonna get on all fours, and pretend to be little dogs peeing on something. Let’s go 20 reps, ladies. We got this! You’re gonna start to feel the burn, and that’s okay! That means its working, just keep going. And say buh-bye to those hip dips. Ok now we’re gonna switch to the other side and pee – oh, I mean – do more high fire hydrants on the other leg. We’re doing 20 on this leg as well. Let’s go! Ok! Next, we’re doing some side leg raises. If you need something to balance with, you can hold the wall but i thought maybe I shouldn’t show you my crotch is why I’m facing the camera. But hold a wall for some balance Squeeze your booty! And use your butt muscles to raise your leg. You will feel the burn in that leg that’s on the floor, and that is good because that is what we WANT! We want that side booty to be POPPIN’! Now switch to the other side and lets get 20 reps in as well. For all these exercises we’re doing 20, 20, 20 20, 20, 20! … I dunno why I said it like that, but yeah, just keep going. After this, we have one more exercise and then you get a short break. This next exercise is so interesting. So you wanna get into a squatting position. Try to keep your knees to be kindof parallel with your toes but not past it. And then start stepping side to side just like a crab. Can you see how long my legs are? Yeah. Just – just do this in private ya know, all these butt exercises do them when nobody can see you because… girl… That was good, you did a fabulous job. I’m here rooting for you. Lets take a sixty second rest break When we come back we’re going to do everything, from the top. Drink some water. By the way, a lot of people have been asking me about my leggings; they’re all available on my site Check it out! There are really cool styles there, and also take a second to subscribe because it really helps a lot and its completely free and I appreciate it. I’ll see you after the break Alright ladies! Let’s get back into position for the fire hydrants, Clench your butt, raise your knee and use the leg that’s on the floor to stablize your body – that’s the leg that’s going to be burning This is really good for fixing those hip dips. You can make this harder with resistance bands but ain’t nobody got time so let’s go with 20 reps per leg Switch to the other side and give me another 20 reps. I cannot wait to see your hip dip transformations. See you getting those sexy, wider hips that you’re looking for. It is possible, and you’re doing the work and that’s all that matters. You’re doing a good job! Let’s get up and get into some side leg raises. This is where you start you start having that positive self-talk like I got this! I can do this! I is strong, I is important, I is intelligent! You got this. You’re almost there! We’re almost done with this workout, I promise! And you’re doing so good. I’m so proud of you for getting this far. Now switch to the other side and bust out another twenty reps, girl. You – you’re doing so good! This- after this- we have one more exercise, and we’re done, can you believe that? And. We. Are. Done. 20 crab walks, ya’ll, and we’re done Buh-bye hip dips! Hello, wider hips! Hello to my beautiful ladies! I’m so proud of you. You worked out today. Good job! Just step side to side 20 times. That’s all you got to do. Thank you so much for working out with me today! Make sure you subscribe, and I’ll se you in my next video!

100 comments on “OFFICIAL WIDER HIPS Workout | HIP DIPS FIX | No Equipment At Home Routine

  1. Jamaican Logan Post author

    Wtf I tried to smile but i couldnt 😂😂😂😂 this is like my mom beating my ass and telling me to smile

  2. Zoe Stevens Post author

    I have the biggest hip dips ever so I’ll update this everyday with results
    Day 1 – Hurts a lot but can definitely tell that it’s gonna work
    Day 2 – I did it once in the morning and did the hip abductor at the gym still hurts
    Day 3 – Oops forgot to hit done 😂 but it’s starting to not hurt
    Day 4 – Slight difference but not huge
    Day 5 – did the workout twice today didn’t hurt as much
    Day 6 – little bit of a difference i’m gonna keep doing it

  3. Cordelia Bluntinski Post author

    I hate my hip dips , I’m really insecure about them and I’m gonna be trying these 2/3 a day and I’ll update if u guys want 😌

    Okay so day1- it was pretty easy tho it didn’t hurt after , I did it twice , once in the morning and once in the evening

    Day2- honestly I woke up and couldn’t even move properly literally everything was hurting so I only did it once

    Day3- unfortunately I couldn’t do it because I went out with my mom and arrived really late , my muscles are still sore and hurt a little so I guess doing nothing was a good ideia , u know to rest a little but tomorrow im gonna do it harder 🤜🏼

    Day4 – I did it , and it was pretty easy

  4. l1l1aa Post author

    I‘m doing it for a week now.
    Day 1:
    Wow I started doing it today and it BURNS LIKE HELL but the burn feels so good if you think about all the curves.
    I am literally dying now..
    But I am trying to do it tomorrow.
    Oh and no I don‘t see a different
    but my body feels a lot better!
    I did the workout today after I woke up and It‘s still very very hard but I can do the exercises a little bit easier, that‘s really good .
    And omg I see a little difference that‘s crazy
    Day 3:
    It was pretty easy to start today but it got so hard in the 2nd round.
    Nothing has really changes but I feel a lot of better like on the 1st day
    Same as yesterday.
    Day5: Well I kinda see a diffenerce but It’s not really how I imagined.
    I will update the last 2 days and after that I’ll do it for another week and Update after the week.

  5. Hannah Gonzalez Post author

    Okay so imma be trying this for 17 days till school starts and let’s go!!
    My Routine
    Repeat the whole thing 4 times lol😤😪
    Day 1- No I feel so tired but so good at the same time. I’m gonna try to be doing the leg raises whenever I can too.
    Day 2- I see no different yet but it do feel a big burn🥵

  6. Olives In a jar Post author

    hi i know you probably came to this video to fix your hips dips but can i just say YOUR HIPS ARE BEAUTIFUL ANYWAY THEY ARE BUILT LOVE YOUR SELF <3

  7. ChristyMercury Post author

    This is day 2 for me! Additionally ive also been doing a minimum of 100 squats, and ive thrown in some glute bridges. I'm very determined to fix my hip dips and flat ass! 😬🍑

  8. Mariam M Post author

    Omg I’m done.

    Imma update y’all for 4 weeks and use this as my motivation to exercise.

    Please help MOTIVATE ME!!!!

  9. kowtse Post author

    day 1: this burns a lot!! i did this 2 times and ill probably do it everyday. no changes though

  10. Jade Adriana Salazar Ortiz Post author

    16 year old girl updates:

    July 28- did it and obviously there weren't any changes. Got a leg cramp. But sweated a lot. Probs burnt some calories.

    July 29- did it. Didn't sweat that much but had cramps from the day before. It was horrible. I couldn't walk down the stairs.💀😂
    Ovbiously no changes. C'mon, its only day 2😩✌.

  11. Min Stella Post author

    I have really bad hip dips, so finding this video really makes me feel better! I'll start doing this exercise today.

    DAY 1: Burnt a lot the first round, but I had a break for a few hours and that made the pain a lot better the 2nd round

    I'll keep you guys updated!

  12. Mabella Hannum Post author

    Heres another tip to get rid of hip dip is try not to put your underwear strap or whatever its called in the same place everyday or it will make a hip dip your welcome 🙂

  13. EmilysSuperCoolVideos Post author

    Wanna try this but does anyone know if it will make your thighs bigger because I really don’t want bigger thighs

  14. Alina Varghese Post author

    Anybody looking for a pair of jeans, I rlly recommend the bershka lifting jeans, also pockets on jeans rlly help with the illusion of not having hip dips

  15. Tamar Vargas Post author

    starting today, gonna actually keep y'all updated for like a month
    Day 1: I'm sweaty and gross but the burn feels nice I feel like I'm actually getting something done (:
    Day 2: not gonna lie I got lazy over the weekend but I got back into today and GIRL it was a bit harder this time but I got through, haven't seen much of a difference but I think that will come with time
    Day 3: I'M SO SORE MAN but there is starting to be a slight difference, the dip seems slightly less deep 😀
    Day 4: sorry I'm late but I did do it and for some reason I felt even more sore than usual but I feel good

  16. 200k subscribers No videos Post author

    Guys I know a lot of people say they gonna do this but give up DONT give up cause this works it’s hell but I have been seeing results

  17. ines mendes Post author

    Wtf….this video is a lie, it's not possible to get rid of them…if you lose weight they will actually be more prominent, this is a stupid trend you shouldn't feel self conscious about. The only way to actually get rid them is with plastic surgery to fill them with fat. But who am I to tell that, try it for yourself and see the results

  18. Hollykins Earthlyc0mf0rt Post author

    I love your videos! I've been doing this one and the 100 reps of glute bridges and my booty is looking great! With this video I did it many times without a band and I've been starting to use a band for two months now and I really feel on fire now. 🙂

  19. - Bliss - Post author

    I'll post daily about how this works for me!

    Day 1: burns like heck lol I'm not very fit lol but I can rlly feel the burn! Would suggest you drink lots of water while doing this!

  20. Caitlin Post author

    I think that hip dips look just as good as hips without them. But I have a hip dip on one side, and on the other side I don't, it kinda makes me look weird and asymetrical

  21. yippee kai aye Post author

    i'm going to be doing these daily for a month. i'm very consistent and i don't give up easily. i'll update u guys!!

  22. Easy Lyrics Post author

    i’m going to do this everyday🌕

    Day 1:this was not so hard for me,because i do exercises 3-4 month ago,but this was so tiring because before i do this i did emi wong’s kill this love kardio(ps you should do that👌).see you tomorrow

    Day 2:

  23. lilly price Post author

    okay I'm doing it!!
    first day: I'm okay, it's not that bad
    second day: good
    3th day: yasss let's goo
    4th day: i feel burning

  24. Elle •hârrįš Post author

    Can I just say how beautiful she is??? Her body and face xxxxxx
    Can I also say the muscles are small in the area of a hip dip so you need to push urself!!!!!!!!!!!! My recommendation is a daily motivation.. pics songs videos quotes whatever you want and look at it every morning

  25. Slav Dannydevito Post author

    With me being somebody who does several sports I have always been around quite slim people. Now yes I am slim but I have always had hip dips and they have always made me self conscious on how I look. This workout was not as hard as I was expecting it to be and I thank you for that haha. I am going to update in a couple of weeks or once my hip dips are gone if this worked❤️

  26. Pxxi Hellen Post author

    I’ve been watching this for 2 good months now and let me tell you it’s the best out of the best 🤩❤️

  27. Kierra Harrison Post author

    I did this video 5 times in one day cause anit nobody got time for a week and omg!!!! I see the diff!!!!

  28. Vsco Revision Post author

    Day1: Did 10 minutes of this exercise today at 1am.. I’m going Canada for two weeks though and I really wanna do this but I’m going to my cousins house😐😭😭

  29. Pretty little monkey Post author

    for every like I will do this work out a day!
    I really want to keep on doing it this time!
    So gimme motivation!!💗

    btw I started yesterday and I will be updating:)
    (I will keep doing it also with no likes but it would motivate me hehe)
    follow @my.glow.up.diary to see my results 🙈

    Day1: Omg this was hard !!!
    Day2: burned like hell
    Day3: still hard but I don’t want those hip dips anymore!!! So I will keep going !
    Day4: ✅
    Day5: ✅

  30. Jacky Wacky Post author

    I have your type of hip dips but I want my hips a bit bigger so yeah first day trying this and it didn't hurt a lot because I exercised on my abs before this 😌

  31. Sarah Martinez Post author

    Building muscle around your hips is what causes hip dips. Hip dips aren't a bad thing. But if you don't want them, you need more fat and to do less fire hydrants and squats 🤦

  32. iiNiyahAy Post author

    I'm going to be testing this out. I will update you guys for 2 weeks!
    Please send motivation! <3

    DAY 1 –

    DAY 2 –

    DAY 3 –

    DAY 4 –

    DAY 5 –

    DAY 6 –

    DAY 7 –

    DAY 8 –

    DAY 9 –

    DAY 10 –

    DAY 11 –

    DAY 12 –

    DAY 13 –

    .+*!!!DAY 14!!!*+.

  33. jecherchemoncookie Post author

    Updates and I REALLY update:
    (i'm not that good at english so sorry if i do some errors)
    I did it once everyday with some others workouts and i don't change my nutrition (i eat a lot but i'm gonna stop eat junk food)

    Day 1 : feel the burn but it's not as hard as I thought. any physical changes.
    Day 2 : burn af and feel cramps on my legs and my butt.can barely walk omg need help. any physical changes.
    Day 3 : it's a bit more easier but always burn as hell. really slight changes.
    Day 4 : like yesterday.
    Day 5 : i do it and it burn more bcz i (always) have my cramps but i see a slight changes 🙂
    Day 6 : i don't have cramps anymore so it's more easy to do my workout.any physical changes.

  34. kenn lee Post author

    starting this again hhh will do my best to try and update

    day 1: I was working out before this so it was hard to finish this but i did it !
    day 2: managed to finish again even though i was mentally exhausted lmao,,, nothing is different yet

  35. wut ? Post author

    Really love your workouts. I love how you interact with your viewers, it really helps me when someone does this with me. Your support words helps me a lot. I hope that i can improve my hip dips with ya❣❣

  36. Bernice Kyeremaah Post author

    Hello sis, thank you for this workout. It's been a week already and I'm seeing changes.

  37. Anette Michelle Post author

    So two sets of fire hydrants, side lefts, and crab walks of 29 reps each? If so I can do that ir is it more sets?

  38. Holly Whitestone ASMR Post author

    Thank you for these tips.. I really just got my ass up and started work out. I'm not a sports or fitness person but I really hope this'll work. I'll continue tomorrow.

  39. You don’t want Smoke Post author

    Im gonna start doing starting today I’ll keep u guys updated 💁🏽‍♀️.

    Day 1: it burnt like hell n then I did 10 squats after

    Day 2: my body was sore but I felt good after I was done the workout n I kept my regular diet

  40. 🌟 MORNING STAR⭐️ Post author

    You’re the shit for actually doing it.. these girls just talk and talk and don’t show us.. it’s like you suck! Soooo you rock for this video!

  41. Rawan Post author

    I really want to thank u for this i have always been insecure about my hip dips and I never thought that anything can fix it i have been doing this exercise for a week now it was hard the first 3 days but it gets easy I promise and im so happy that i can finally get rid of them hip dips my body is getting more healthy and pretty💙

  42. 엑소exo Post author

    i have a question !!!
    does it really works ???? and how many time should repeat this workout per day ??

  43. ailam ch Post author

    Hey guys my back to school is soo freaking soon it's one week left … and it's almost 3:30 am and this video did motivate me as hell I would never imagine my self working out at 3:30 am … I just want to thank you soooooo much for your smile and all the beautiful things that you sad your a such an amazing person you motivated me as hell soo guys I'll try to update for a week and tell you what happens
    Day 1 :not really tireful.. felt something going on


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