-What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to
Rackboyz Fitness. Now there’s a juicer wars, or
whatever you want to call it, going on. Let’s call it the
extractor wars, because that’s what
they’re calling. They’re extractors now. OK. But you got the NutriBullet. And now you have
the new Nutri Ninja. So they’re both the 900
series for both brands. And we’re here to compare them
to see which one is better. Now I already have
individual reviews for both. I will put them on the screen. As well as the
unboxing, so you can see they each come
with the different cups and the different stuff. We’re not here to get
into that right now. We’re here to get into which
900 series is the best. Because clearly, they’re
competing with each other. NutriBullet was out first,
for anybody that doesn’t know. And the Ninja just came out with
their own little small version. They’re trying to bring
it to NutriBullet. So we’re going to
get right into it. This is a big ass banana. So– damn– we’re going
to take this, break it up. Now they each have a big
cup, 32 ounces, pretty good. The blades– I have a video
up on the different blades, so go check that out. But you can see the
difference in the blades. Not going to get
into the details. I’ll put that video
up on the screen, too. Now I’m going to try to
split this up evenly. Now one big thing is if anybody
had the original NutriBullet, they know blackberries
and raspberries, the Bullet did not
blend them up very well. So I did another
video also– I’ll put that on the screen– showing
how the Nutri Ninja blends that up. And it actually did pretty well. It got rid of a
lot of the seeds. So watch that video, too. Now it’s going to
be pretty much even. So I’m going to put the
contents, like I said, even, so nobody can say, oh,
you had this much in one. It wasn’t fair. Oh, your reviews are biased. Listen, I’m a NutriBullet fan. I’ve been using the Nutri Ninja
for about a week, maybe a week and a half. And I honestly gotta say,
I like this Nutri Ninja. I really do. Now for anybody else
that don’t know, that hasn’t been
following my channel, I did the review on
the NutriBullet 900, but I didn’t keep it,
because I have the 600 still. And despite its little
problems, it still works, it’s still holding me down. And I’ve had it over a year. So I’m going to probably
stick with it until it dies. And I might keep
this Nutri Ninja, because I really do like it. So we’re going to
see what it is. All right, now they both
come with the 32-ounce cup. This one is the
Ninja, Ninja blade. Now people have been
asking me already, are the cups interchangeable? Are the blades interchangeable? No. And they did that on
purpose–whoa, whoa, I forgot my water– but
they did that on purpose, because they don’t want you
using one for the other. See, the NutriBullet
has 3 rivets in it, right here, right
here, and right here. This is where it
pops in and you turn. It starts the motor. The Nutri Ninja has 4. So, no, they’re not
gonna fit each other. And that is definitely
done by design. For anybody that
doesn’t know, you definitely need a little
bit of water to get it going and get it blended. And I was doing that
wrong in the beginning. I had videos up there. And I was screwing up,
burning out my motor, not realizing what
I was doing, just making a whole
bunch of mistakes. You live and you learn. Read the directions, people. All right. I don’t never read directions. Thing is with this
one, the NutriBullet, when you press it down,
it goes automatically. You can let it go. The Nutri Ninja,
you gotta hold it. And it won’t blend
unless you’re holding it. So we’re going to see
which one blends faster, which one blends better. So it’s a quickness test,
as well as a taste test. Because like I said,
with the berries, we’re going to need to get
those berries chopped up, the seeds chopped up
as much as possible, so it’s not real
all in your mouth, you don’t taste any seeds. So you’re probably like, bam,
cups came out of nowhere. It’s the miracle of editing. So by the way, I just
came in out of the rain, so if my shirt’s
looking kind of crazy, I’m all wet, I had to get
this done for you guys, because people
are asking for it. I didn’t even bother
changing my clothes. I came right in the
house and I’m doing this. So I’m making a sacrifice. I might catch a cold,
I might get sick. But it’s all for you guys. So let’s get down to business. All right. I’m going to try to do
this at the same time. Let’s do it. [WHIRRING] OK. That’s all it takes. So for anybody that
doesn’t know and haven’t used these things,
that’s all it takes. I guarantee they’re
completely blended. You don’t have to do
much longer than that. I could have actually
stopped before and it would have been straight. So they both do blend
very well, very fast. Now let’s check the consistency. I just made a mess,
but it’s all right. So this is the NutriBullet. Just saw a couple of
clumps fall out of there. All right, let’s see. Not bad. I actually don’t
taste the seeds. Caught a little
clump of something. But not bad. We’ll see about this Ninja,
see what the Ninja did. Let’s get it. Looks like it’s pouring
out a little bit smoother. Let’s see, though. Let’s taste it. Let’s give it the taste test. I know. It does taste good. That’s all I– All right. The Nutri Ninja is a little bit
smoother than the NutriBullet, as far as this mix. Yeah. Yeah, this obviously is
a little bit smoother. This isn’t bad at all. And if anybody
tasted this, I don’t think they would have
a problem with it. But when you do it side by
side, there was a difference. Yeah. It’s a slight edge goes to
the Nutri Ninja, definitely. All in all, my personal opinion
is they’re both good machines. Whichever one you
go with is going to get the job done,
at the end of the day. -So here’s the juice
I just made today with my NutriBullet 900 series. The one thing I noticed that
as soon as I took the blade off for the first time,
this is what happened. This popped out. I’m a little bit
worried about that. I guess I have to try
and push it back in. It could be just an accident. You know, I’m always open to
give everything another try and see. But as you can see, I think
that’s the rubber that goes around it to seal it
came out and popped out. So I have to be honest and
share everything with you guys. I’ll keep you posted
with anything new and I’ll let you
know how it goes. Mmm. -All right. Look what just happened. I tried to pull the
top off, the blade. And look, the seal fell
out right into my drink. This is the second
time in two days that the seal has come off
after using the Bullet. This is not good. This is going to
be very annoying. This is not going
to work for me. This is an issue, people. -I think this is a little bit
better, construction-wise. I haven’t had this long enough. But it feels– it just feels
a little bit stronger when you’re using it. I can’t really explain it. It just feels better. But at the end of the
day, they both work. I got to give a slight nod,
though, to this Nutri Ninja. And everybody knows, if
you follow my videos, I’m a big, big NutriBullet fan. But this Nutri Ninja’s
not bad at all. So I hope this helps. Til next time, stay
focused, stay fit. Please hit that Like button
and show your support. Share the videos. Spread the videos. Let everybody know that
there’s a war going on outside. And no juicer is safe. Rackboyz Fitness. All right. I know everybody’s
going to ask me, so I’ve got to throw this
back in there before. All right, the
NutriBullet, the 900 series is going to cost you about
$160, maybe a little bit more, from Bed, Bath and Beyond. That’s where I
picked it up from. The Nutri Ninja was
around $80, under $90. Can’t remember the
exact prices, under $90. So there is a definite
price difference. You do get a little bit
more with the NutriBullet. You get two blades. You get more cups. You get the flip top. This one, you get
two– I think two– I got too many cups
around here– I think it’s two cups,
no extra blade. But you do get the flip
lid and all of that. So just know that
you’re going to pay more for the NutriBullet. And it’s pretty much what it is.

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